Zen meditation and Western philosophy in your garden

Meditation zen garden gravel ripples

Zen meditation is a method widely used in the West to find peace and tranquility. Zen is a school of Buddhism with roots in India And seeks wisdom beyond rationality.

It is not known very well from what year the origins of the Zen philosophy date. If you need a place to find peace of mind and relax you can do it on your own garden .

Zen meditation you can do in your own garden

Meditation zen gravel stones shrubs

The zen meditation garden is also called dry garden as gravel and stones are the Components More common with what is done. Depending on the taste they can decorate it with plants, flowers, lawns and statues or even make a pond or a fountain. The garden for Zen meditation requires very little care so you will have enough time to feel calm and harmony while meditating.

Zen meditation garden with different areas

Garden gravel sand lawn stone columns

For this they need a space not very big that this outdoors to create a landscape composed of stones gravel sand. Another idea is to decorate it with moss, mold, fern or bonsai. Carefully choose the most appropriate space where you will not be disturbed by noises to experience the wonderful calm that this meditation garden will give you.

Zen meditation garden with a pond

Garden rocks meditation flowers zen pond rocks meditation flowers

The sand or gravel covering the main part of the surface is a representation of the sea with a rake can make different ripples on the surface. Being free to change the ripples whenever you need sociego and tranquility you can also change the place of the rocks everything depends on you. These hondulations will show their state.

Zen meditation garden with a palm tree

Stones decoration palm tree meditation design

The zen gardens are attracted especially by its simple lines and the lack of complexity in the decoration. Cultivate your mind escapes the problems that arise in daily life and do it in and place created by you and for you.

A Buddha Stuff Decorates Zen Garden for Meditation

Garden zen statue buddha decoracin rocks

Zen meditation among dense vegetation

Meditation zen plant variety shrubs

A buddha statue surrounded by stones and grass

Decoration statue buddha flowerpot stones

A quiet place to meditate

Design garden meditation zen tranquility

A bridge and flowers decorate the Zen garden

Philosophy zen vegetation gravel bridge meditation

Lake surrounded by plants for large gardens

Philosophy zen design garden mold lake large

Garden philosophy zen meditation plants view

Garden gravel stones different sizes

Zen meditation garden sand stones philosophy

Zen garden meditation philosophy gravel large rocks