Yellow eyeliner - tricks for an impact look

yellow eyeliner

When there is a heat wave and your face is just a puddle of sweat and grease, the last thing you want to do is make up. Summer is the season of minimalist makeup, yes, but it is also the season of palm trees and flamingos, and everything bright, and all that full-color dreaming also applies to makeup. The key is to look a look of little effort and high impact. Example: the yellow tendency of the eyeliner devastates Instagram.

Yellow eyeliner

Yellow eyeliner

Yellow is a tone that communicates loneliness, happiness, lightness, vivacity. It is really an ideal proposal for summer. Because it is so bright and slightly unexpected, using it also means that you should not do much else on the rest of your face. Neither do you have to use a lot of yellow eyeliner, nor use any technique too complex.

Yellow makeup eyeliner

The sunny tone looks amazing with a makeup of natural appearance: a naked face, bright lips and bold eyebrows. Think of it as your aesthetic for the rest of the season.

Yellow color eyeliner trends

Another advantage? The trend is flattering for all skin tones. Next, compare products to get the look and learn more examples of yellow double-eyeliner looks.

fashion makeup

Like it or not, yellow is the eye makeup trend that is here to stay in the spring and summer. Splashing all Instagram, on the catwalks and in tons of eyeshadow palettes, this bold burst of color is growing enormously in us. It does not necessarily look like the easiest color to use, but it really is. Here we show you several incredible ways to use yellow eyeliner or eye shadow to suit your style, skin tone and makeup vibration.

Modern yellow color eyeliner

Be bold, subtle or make a graphic; The yellow eyeliner is super versatile and easy to use. We love the new yellow gel eyeliner from Kylie's collection: it's the perfect bright yellow pop for your eyelids and lash line.

Very pigmented yellow

Very pigmented yellow

Like yellow, glitter is also having its moment on our eyelids. We love how fresh and beautiful the two trends are combined. To make your own yellow glow at home, first apply a yellow eye shadow on the entire cap, and then gently apply a lip gloss on top. We love how the yellow tone of an electric pallet looks. Eye glosses are not naturally long-lasting, so you should first apply an eye primer first.

Interior corners of the eyes

Interior corners of the eyes

Be dramatic with a burst of bright yellow in your inner corner, natural makeup and groomed eyebrows or be more subtle with pale yellow tones and a sexy delineated with wings.

Yellow wash

Yellow wash

The yellow eye shadow does not have to be intense, we love the idea of ​​bringing this subtly mixed with a soft and spongy brush on the eyelid for a daytime and fresh appearance.

Impact eyes

Impact eyes

Pack the yellow color on the eyelid, cut the crease with it, or use it as an intense spot on the entire eyelid. The yellow looks amazing with golden details, mixed with sunset tones (take a look at the beautiful Sunset Palette by Natasha Denona), or simply combine it with a winged line or white eyeliner. To really stand out, use a white or nude eye shadow first to make the yellow pigment more intense.

makeup ideas

This is a really nervous and intriguing way to use the yellow eyeliner. Gently apply yellow on the lower lash line along the entire path, or use a yellow pencil liner to line up the water line and the inside corner.

Gold shine

golden glitter

If you are still cautious when experimenting with yellow, use a golden glow to soften it. Start with a yellow eye shadow and then add golden glitter or shadow on top. The Killawatt Highlighter by Fenty Beauty in Trophy Wife is perfect for this look.

Are you going to try the trend of yellow eyeliner?

trend of yellow eyeliner

After applying the usual foundation makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, etc.), cover the entire eye with a shade of powder that is a little lighter than the tone of your skin. This will help the color eyeliner stay in place and not drip if your eyelids become greasy.

yellow eyeliner trend

Align the inner bottom lid with a yellow liner. We have discovered that the Revlon Photoready Kajal collection is as pigmented as the high-end lines like Stila, but it is much more economical. Here it was used in Matte Lemon.

Pull the upper eyelid and slide the eyeliner along the lashes

yellow makeup trend

Then, move from the outer edge inward and upward toward the fold, so that it has a little V shape. Continue with that line until it is halfway up its top. Complete the space between the line of the tabs and the fold with the yellow eyeliner. Mix a bit with your finger, so that it looks like a yellow wash on the outer three quarters of your eyelid.

yellow makeup trend

Apply the MAC chromatic pencil on primary yellow to the lower waterline (within the lash line). With a brush of eyeliner at an angle, apply the shadow on it. Apply mask to the upper and lower lashes. In medium skin tones, this basic shake of color is a great advantage. In light or darker tones, the look is electric!

yellow makeup

Yellow can be replaced with bright colors such as violet, turquoise or green, but necessarily caused directly above the black cat line. Therefore, the look becomes much more expressive and the eyes look bigger. Start impeccably. Smile and apply blush on the convex part of the cheekbones, extending slightly towards the temples. To create a suitable dry eyes makeup environment, apply a light coat of shade in some neutral color or other light shade.

yellow eyes makeup

Apply the black eyeliner as a pad, but use a fine brush. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and slowly pull towards the edge and up. Then apply the yellow line of the eye in the same way. To compress the lashes, you can use a set of artificial lashes. Retouch with a brush with matte shadows around the eyeball and the lower eyelid. Now you should apply a layer of black mascara on the artificial eyelashes - in this way the sections agglomerated hairs and give the density of the eyelashes. For even more striking eyes, combine and highlight your eyebrows with a brush and a shadow in your natural eyebrow color. Finish the makeup with lipstick or lip gloss in a lively tone like some pink candy.

Elle Fanning wore a yellow eyeliner on Comic-Con

eyes make up

By now, you'll know that actress Elle Fanning wore a yellow eyeliner for Comic-Con. Each beauty blog on the planet reported on the risky choice of the young actress. So, why are we constantly talking about that? Because we've been busy tracking down your make-up artist to find out exactly what's on your eyelids. In this way, if you gather the value to copy its appearance, you will know exactly what to use and how to use it.

neon. Ayanian also drew a very thin line of black along the upper lashes and ended up with a mask: an integral step if you want to look cool and not crazy.

So, what the hell do you do with the rest of your makeup? Ayanian kept everything soft and pretty, using pink creams on Fanning's cheeks and lips (Chanel Le Blush Crème de Chanel in Révélation and Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Color in Dédicace). Also, do not overdo the base, do not overdo your hair and do not forget to smile: after all, you're wearing yellow eyeliner.

eye makeup ideas

A festive and more elaborate look that includes shades of intense yellow is the one that appears above. Two yellow stripes intersect, including a thinner black line and a thicker white line. The lower part shows a black smoke, a subtle golden stripe at the root of the eyelashes and a chocolate color on the water line.

original eye makeup

For this look you can use diffused eyeliner or yellow shadows. If you opt for shadows, apply them with a damp brush on your eyelid previously treated with pre-fixer and some powder. It should not cover the entire mobile eyelid, just draw a thick line in the lower half. Once you have dried and used an aerosol fixer to accelerate the process (optional), you can proceed to draw a thin line with black eyeliner on top. Retouch the wings and define your lashes with a mask.

neon yellow eye makeup

If you prefer an impressive but natural look, this option is the ideal one. A touch of yellow comes well to brighten up an outfit or a look that is simple in itself. A day out with friends, a walk in the park or a field trip, do not be afraid to experiment with the yellow eyeliner. In this case, proceed with your skin care routine. What the image suggests is to leave a clean and moisturized complexion natural. If the idea does not tempt you, you can use a BB cream or some makeup base that is light, if possible liquid and in very little quantity. No contours or sculpted noses, you have to focus on the yellow, nothing more. Finish the job with a black mascara so you can see the contrast.

simple eye makeup

This style is very similar to the previous one, but without the wings and with lines in the lower part of the eye as well. The secret is to use an eyeliner that is quite pigmented and connect the corners of the eyes. In the lower part, cut the line leaving holes in the center of the eye, this way you will be able to highlight your lower lashes, which you will later cover with black mascara.

colorful eyes makeup

You can also use the yellow eyeliner combined with other colors to create a multicolored line, perfect for summer. The themes of unicorns, rainbows, mermaids and everything colorful and bright are the order of the day. To create this style opt for a combination of yellow and pastel blue.

eye makeup tricks

Back above we can see a more natural and youthful version of the combination of yellow and blue. Draw a yellow line on the upper eyelid with one wing up. Next, draw a small light blue triangle on the outer corner, but pointing down.

fashion makeup for eyes

In this style there is a smooth smoked contrasted with a yellow eyeliner, and the result is great. This look is perfect even for informal dinners or celebrations, but be careful, not everyone looks good on this look. The rest of the makeup is quite soft, without blush and with lips of a very creamy nude tone.

modern makeup

For a look that impresses everyone, opt for this combination of shadows holographic effect, eyeliner in the eyelid socket and a very well marked inner corner. The lower lashes are covered with a gold mask.

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