Women's clothing, the fashion return of checkered garments


Fashion does not stop spinning and returning with new trends, showing a different style that fits our conceptions of modernity and current affairs.

One of the trends that is returning and, moreover, is going strong is the womenswear checkered Therefore, in this article we have collected the latest in what refers to this fashion and let's see where it comes from and, really, what its name is.

Women's clothing plaid, fashion Vichy

women's clothing-checkered-shirt

Probably, many of you have seen the new collections of the season through the stores, with prints full of paintings. However, probably many of you do not know that this pattern is called Vichy for the city from which it comes.

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Vichy is the name of a French city that is located in the department of Allier in the region of the Alps and belongs to the former province of Borbonés. This pattern appeared for the first time on napkins and tablecloths and therefore has a close relationship with the picnic.

women's clothing-modern-paintings

At first, it was known as a provincial print, and even rustic, and after the Second World War it began to be used on women and men who lived in the country. In this way, little by little, the Vichy square was imposed as a trend in men's and women's fashion.

The evolution of the print on women's clothing

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The women's clothing we know today had its first outing thanks to the actress Brigitte Bardot. When this woman married Jaques Charrier, she chose a dress wedding Checkered in pink and white with white lace on the sleeves, pockets and neckline. Thus, the actress not only imposed the Vichy stabbing, but also broke with the nuptial tradition.

ladies-shirt-checkered clothes

Another very interesting thing about the actress is that, in addition to imposing this trend, introduced in fashion very short pants and long hair and loose. In this way, Brigitte Bardot introduced the Lolita style we know today of young and daring girls.

women's clothing-blouse-paintings

The design of the actress' wedding dress came from the hand of French-born designer Jacques Esterel. Thus, women's wedding clothes have a totally different character and were conceived as a symbol of the feminine in women. At that time the paintings came out of the kitchen and domestic environment of the field to gain space in the world of fashion.

Vichy women's clothing and the type of fabric used

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It must be borne in mind that the Vichy paintings on women's clothing with these patterns are characterized not only by the type of paintings, but also by the type of fabric. The fabric is made of cotton and can be of different colors set on a white background. However, not all the prints with pictures that we see in the stores are the paintings we have been talking about now. Therefore, would we be able to distinguish one from the other?

women's clothing-red-checkered

Nowadays, in fashion clothes for women, different types of black and white or different colors predominate. The main difference that must be made between Vichy and Scottish paintings is that the first fabric is made of cotton, while the second fabric is made of tartan.

women-checkered-red clothing

The tartan fabric is distinguished by a set of paintings and lines of different colors. The reason for this printing also has a historical sense that dates back to the eighteenth century. Currently, many designers use this type of fabric with the Scottish pattern to design their garments.

Some clear differences in women's clothing with paintings

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In the photos of this article you will see different types of designs with pictures and you will be able to recognize not only the Vichy painting of the Scotsman, but also another series of paintings in fashion. In this way, in stores you can recognize each of them and choose your style.

women's clothing-squares-colors

The Scottish style in women's clothing has a variant consisting of smaller squares that are usually black and white. These paintings are reminiscent of a mosaic and are four-pointed. The name that has been assigned is Pata de Gallo or Dog's Tooth. The reason is that the four points are reminiscent of the teeth of a dog's bite.

clothes for women-dress-squares-colors

On the other hand, when the previous print is mixed with some very fine lines that, even, it is possible that they are not appreciated, they give rise to another style in the pictures and in the prints of the current clothes. It's about the Prince of Wales paintings. You can easily recognize it by the large number of fine lines it presents that are hardly appreciated.

Ways to combine checkered women's clothing

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Currently, we see that these patterns appear on shirts, dresses, skirts, etc., and that there are two-part sets. When we want to combine a checkered garment we have two perfect variants that will always look great: bicolour clothes and jeans.

fashion clothes for women-elegant

The jeans are very good when we combine them with some shirts with pictures and in addition and we can also choose a denim shorts or classic long jeans. The second option, meanwhile, you can combine with a high bowl shoes and so the clothes to go out at night women can consist of these elements.

women's clothing-square dress

On the other hand, you can also bet on a two-color checkered garments. When we say bicolor, we do not refer to the classic black and white print, without other modalities that are available to your hands in stores. In this way, this lady's clothing can be combined not only with cowhide, but with another garment to one of the two colors that already appears in the print.

Other ideas of combinations of pictures in women's clothing

current-square-women-young clothing

You have to bear in mind that the position of the paintings in your wardrobe can be altered or it can be inverted. This means that you can opt for checkered pants. In this case, the ideal combination will be with a white shirt or another color that already exists in the pattern.

women's clothing-skirts-short-frames

It is important that when you go to make combinations with clothes, do not forget a basic principle: what garment, color, style or pattern is considered as basic. This principle is very important because thanks to it you can make the perfect combinations, especially when you want to combine patterns.

modern clothes for women-daring

The lines and the pictures are considered basic prints on women's clothing when compared to floral or other patterns. Therefore, we advise you to bet on the simplest variants of combinations that will also give you a more modern and elegant touch.

The combinations of dresses in women's clothing

clothes for going out at night women-skirt-paintings

Although you do not believe it, there are two problems that arise when putting on a dress with pictures or a shirt dress with pictures. The big problem with these two garments is that when they wear it, it does not have the effect that we expect and many women define it as a robe.

ladies-skirt-checkered clothes

In this article we will give you a series of tricks that you can try and use in the combinations to see the result they could have. To disguise that effect you can bet on a series of accessories or auxiliary garments such as vests, skirts, belts or long sweatshirts that will reach you up to the knees.

clothes for women-skirt-paintings

Let's start with the belts: this accessory can be used for both dresses and skirts. In addition, the belt will always allow you to choose and adapt the variant that best fits your body, since you can choose narrow belts and wide belts.

Different combinations with accessories on women's clothing

women's clothing-original-skirt-paintings

On the other hand, if you opt for a longer or wider garment can disguise the wide effect of shirt dresses. In these cases the best thing is that you opt for a longer vest that reaches you in the area of ​​the knees or if you do not like the option, you can change it for another open garment in the front.

clothes for woman-young-skirt-short

When you combine this type of dress with an open garment in front you leave the print with pictures in sight. This style is very appropriate for girls and young girls because it combines ideally with their youthful image.

fashion in womenswear-modern

At the same time when you choose a checkered garment in which the color red and black are combined, the most appropriate variant would be to wear a black garment. If you choose a red shirt, you will create a striking appearance. On the other hand, if you combine the pictures with a white blouse you will add too much color.

Checkered women's clothes at school

clothes to go out at night women-skirt

It is quite possible that fashion in plaid women's clothes reminds you of school uniforms in which the fabric used was precisely this, but a predominantly green. This fact also encourages the idea and youthful touch and, in addition, you can choose different combinations of pictures.

fashion clothes for women-paintings

In the photo above you can see three variants of the same skirt with the same pictures but different colors. You have to bear in mind that this type of clothing imposes a certain style of shoes and jerseys, when worn in winter.

lady-skirt-long-checkered clothes

On the other hand, you can choose skirts of different lengths. Usually, the longest reach the area above the ankle. This style is vintage and has a classic and antique look, so the rest of your clothes have to match with it.

The modern touch in checkered women's clothing

women's fashion-checkered clothes

However, nowadays there are the same pictures or similar ones expressed in another type of fabric so that it can be combined with shirts and jackets and create another style. Modern women's clothing includes in its wide range these checkered Vichy skirts that you can use in your day to day and even to go to work.

wedding clothes for women-elegant

Thanks to the new lines and designers, in stores we can opt for an elegant skirt up to the knees with a pattern of plaid. In the photo above you can see this type of skirt combined with a black shirt and a black jacket. However, in this case, the combination with white and gray will also look great.

women's clothing-elegant-modern-paintings

On the other hand, in this photo you can see a Vichy tricolor check skirt that combines perfectly with a red shirt. You have to bear in mind that in this case, the belt with the same pattern of the skirt gives the final touch to the image of the woman.

Fashionable women's clothing and combinations that can be made

women-american-checkered clothing

One of the strengths of the checkered prints is that you can find all kinds of clothes. In this way, this allows you to choose a checkered america and make the necessary combinations with styles and colors. The combination you see in the photo above can also be done with the color white.

women's clothing-coat-paintings

The fashion print can also be found in raincoats and coats. In the photo above you can see some paintings called Prince of Wales. These are the paintings of which we have spoken before and which are very thin lines that are hardly appreciated.

women's clothing-squares

On the other hand, the paintings that you see in the coat are Diente de Perro and are those that resemble a mosaic. Next, we will leave you with images of checkered prints so you can see them in different accessories and garments, such as scarves.

Modern clothes for women-scarf

fashion-elegant women's clothing

lady-scarves-checkered clothes

Fashion in women's clothing-scarf

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