White kitchens design and solutions to add color details

white kitchens special different design

The white color in kitchens is something that fascinates many people. Every white kitchen is a clean space, modern and that will always look elegant.

White kitchens design and the style that is given confers a great versatility. The tricky thing is to really keep all the brilliance of the white color in this space. It is a job that can often become exhausting.

White kitchens lovely cool design

white kitchens traditional design

Visually a totally white design becomes even boring. That is why in the white kitchens design and decoration we want to propose some forms of color accents. With a white backdrop each color accent will stand out at all. Best of all, we will not have to alter our decoration in any way.

white kitchens metal design

The visual interest can be increased in the same way by playing with the white color. In practice there is a great variety of shades of white. Bone or floral white are some examples of this. It is always possible to select some of these tones and place them in interesting areas. The dashboard, furniture such as stools or some small accessories are a great start.

white kitchens design colors

Another good idea is the solutions with metallic finishes. Once again the dashboard is one of the favorite areas. Thanks to the great variety of tiles it is possible to find them with metallic finish or to add some protector of this material. The idea is to have some metallic detail that does not create much noise in our decoration.

white kitchens bright design

Doing so is a smart way to add a different color detail. For many spaces beyond the kitchen the metallic tones are very fashionable. So we can not exclude the kitchen from this trend. In the same way the metal stools or the handles of the cabinets will give a touch of brightness to the space.


They are subtle details that will brighten and fill the kitchen with vitality. A different resource that is very practical is upholstery, especially in chairs or stools . If we follow the same line of metal stools a color detail is the same d appropriate. The stools with upholstered top are easy to combine and would stand out.


Something similar happens with the chairs. Any fun color will give a complete twist to the kitchen image. The best of all is that we can change it anytime we want. Some fabric for upholstery in a simple pattern will add color in a fair dose and the right place.

White kitchens design with carpet


The color trends have also taken over the sink. The fundamental difference instead of a sink of a different color is just the accent of color inside. Fundamentally a tone of intense color that only occupies the mentioned area.


For the white kitchens color design and style will be perfect. Some materials are another good addition for kitchens. Both the appearance of the color and to highlight the elegance of the space. Marble is a perfect example, it is clear and extremely elegant as we mentioned.


If it is accompanied by a white environment, its potentials stand out even more. The way to add color with marble is by using and contrasting its natural veins in gray or silver tones. Dedicating it to the countertop or the islands is a way to take advantage of it. Its subtle beauty is unmatched in any finish or kitchen area.


The natural variants for the color details is always welcome. The size of the kitchen is not important as long as it is a vibrant solution. It is important that all the decoration remains cohesive and harmonious. If we think about the natural, plants are the first thing that comes to mind.


On the other hand they are something that can be changed at any time or play with different contrasts. Whenever they take care of them they will keep the kitchen fresh and full of vitality. Ingredients or fruits are other interesting options.


In the countertops has the ideal place to stand out in all its splendor. The bowls full of lemons, oranges or different fruits combined turn out to be a carnival of color. Combining them with flowers is another smart outlet that does not go out of style in kitchens. Everything white is broken when these points of color are added even if they are soft tones.


We also advise you to pay attention to the style of hanging lamps in your kitchen. Metallic designs or some soft color will become real attractions for the kitchen. We also recommend a striking color for the hanging lamps in the kitchen. For lovers of neutral tones there is nothing better than copper finishes.


The metallic finishes in white will keep the warmth of your white kitchen. To extend these color solutions there is nothing better than combining them with the dashboard. The use of tiles in gray tones, some pale like blue, yellow or green result in a fantastic atmosphere.


Next to the lamps is an idea that will maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and look modern. As it is evident a kitchen without utensils is nothing. However why not choose those colors when we select some models of our preference.


Each of them is a great start for several bursts of color in the kitchen. Exposed in an organized manner will be something that any visitor will immediately notice. The appearance of the walls in the same way has evolved a lot nowadays. In the kitchen environment, the slate type has been imposed.


Its versatility is indisputable, completing a touch of exquisite color. If you are looking for a wall Accent is the perfect idea that will become a decorative wall. You can constantly update them with colorful notes and change the environment in a simple and fast way. We invite you to enjoy these beautiful options with color solutions and select the best ideas to transform your white kitchen.