Wallpaper... to give very good color!


We present the return of the painted paper Wall, ideas that will give thousands of possibilities for To their interior spaces.

It's great to see how we can customize rooms to become real works of art. As we can see there is a wide variety, just look for the perfect wall paper or even order it on request, anything is possible.

Stylish wallpaper

Noble wall paper

This fabulous Striped wallpaper Will give classrooms to bedrooms or living rooms, as we can see in the example, in addition to R very current. We can also choose from different textures and materials that allow to be treated with cleaning products, perfect even for children's rooms and preferred by many to respect the environment.

Purple wallpaper

Purple wall mirror sun

As for tastes; colors. The trend is the variety and the original. Of course, depending on the type of space in question we must create. Let the walls also speak and express, or believe something new from what we already have. Wallpaper Can combine with the design of the furniture marking its style.

Wallpaper with colored bands

Paper wall bands colors modern

Or, on the contrary, be the protagonist. See how we can highlight one of the walls of the place with accents of color and shapes, and leave for the rest of the walls the smooth colors. In Rooms and dormitories The wallpaper can also act as a tapestry. We really liked the wallpapers for the central wall of the bedroom, behind the head of the bed.

Wallpaper for pink children's room

Pink children's wall paper

A daring choice but at the same time nothing compromising. We can improvise and choose more colorful colors without fear since at bedtime we would not be so forced to see them. The little ones of the house will also enjoy a fantastic bedroom and brimming with colors with the wallpapers, find the ideal for everyone.

Wall paper painted with quilting effect

Wallpaper wall painted quilted bedroom

Wallpaper book sheet painted

Paper wall painted leaf book Wallpaper painted with colorful polka dots

Wallpaper Wallpaper in cold tones

Paper wall beautiful green trumpet

Wallpaper with pattern

Large pink flower wallpaper Mosaic wall-mounted wallpaper

Wallpaper Wallpaper blue drops leaves Wallpaper Lime green paper crosses plant Paper-red-wall-room