Wall decoration - tapestries, vinyl and posters

Children's vinyls clipped animal panda

Are you tired of white walls and no character? Do you need a touch of color in your living spaces? Here we offer 16 of the most original ideas for decorating walls and walls making posters, wall vinyls and crafts for different types of rooms and states of mind .

Flowers made from cardboard of paper rolls

Wall decoration flowers carton

We will start with this simple but stylish model created with toilet paper cartons. As we can see, this material allows great flexibility and requires very few expenses. We can place the shapes directly on the wall or use templates.

Wall decoration with homemade objects

Ideas for decorating walls wrappings overlapping cupcakes

With a little imagination we can turn these objects or waste so everyday into elements that make our home. In this particular design have been used Wrappers Of muffins or pastry overlapping creating images and geometric shapes. Based on this idea, we can use different materials to create our own design for wall decoration. It is possible to place the wrappings randomly or create shapes, and glue them on pieces of glass that we will later place on the wall.

Silhouettes of painted and framed objects

Decorate walls silhouettes painted spray on paper

Another fabulous ideas for wall decoration very simple and affordable are painted silhouettes. Using a paint spray and objects of our taste, we can shape silhouettes on paper, which we will later frame. In this way we can even create series of different shapes and colors.

Also we can create silhouettes on paper to cut them later with a pair of scissors and enough patience.

Cardboard Crafts on Canvas

Wall decoration flowers carton toilet paper molding on piece paper

Finally, we are going to pay special attention to vinyl, since it is a material that allows to fantasize in terms of shapes and colors, giving a touch of distinction to any space. As we can see in the initial image, it is possible to play with the decoration of walls creating multiple shapes that we will later stick on the wall creating in this way an illusion of mural painting. We currently have a wide variety of vinyls for each individual taste.

Home Paintings with Geometric Shapes

Wall decoration geometric shapes cardboard paper

Disposable materials or household objects to decorate a wall

Decoration walls bedroom objects home crafts

Individual colored and glass framed sheets

Wall decoration colorful circles

Mosaic made from pieces of broken objects

Home interior mosaic wall decoration

Framed Art Prints

Wall decoration pieces world map laminate

Plaster molds

Decoration walls salon molds different sizes

Decorative panels paper shapes geometric Templates for decorating walls pictures crafts

Decorative wall panels Decoration walls salon moldings

Walls decorated silhouettes hand-cut