Vintage furniture - incredible ideas for any space in your home

vintage furniture large living rooms

Vintage furniture has been part of current designs for some time. All that spirit of the old has been incorporated even into modern designs.

Many ideas abound that make it difficult to reach a conclusion. That is why we have assembled a few that use a variety of vintage furniture to create this style. We are sure that these ideas will inspire you to get the most out of your decor.

Vintage furniture to create functional spaces

vintage furniture wood contrasts

To start creating a vintage accent at home, some detail or piece of furniture may be enough. In several images, the use of suitcases or trunks is recurrent. As a positive point it should be noted that in both cases you can make very functional vintage furniture with them. For example a folded trunk is a perfect coffee table and it will become a functional and beautiful piece.

vintage refrigerator furniture pastel

Just this is a sample of how with the vintage decoration you can add personality and artistic accents. To give a feminine touch you can add furniture with curved finishes in your decoration. Vintage furniture is also the perfect choice for you to play with the textures. Many elements such as old wooden stairs can be given a second life in a simple way.

vintage furniture retro concept

Turning them into large pieces of decoration or something functional to place plants or any accessory. There are many ingenious configurations to take advantage of wooden stairs. Best of all, anywhere in the house will look perfect. In the bedroom to organize clothes, in an office or simply in the living room.

vintage furniture creative ideas

In vintage decoration many times the key is in the combination of everything we find. Furniture, displays, suitcases, vases, everything organized in the right way will be the key to our success. It is without a doubt something fun to mix each of our findings. Nor should we miss a bouquet of flowers to fill the atmosphere with freshness.


The potential of vintage furniture can not be ignored, however the walls are a point of reference in any environment. That's why we recommend taking advantage of them in the best way. The walls with some period pieces are embellished economically and effectively. Several pieces combined will change the style to the stairs or any corridor.


The key is to be creative, with wooden frames or recovering an old window that can serve as a frame for our family photos. We have several DIY projects that will be of great help to you. Similarly, for vintage walls, the use of plates is a classic. Different types of dishes of various sizes form a set that can not be ignored.


It is always possible to combine it with other accessories on the walls, taking care not to overload the space too much. In particular they look great in areas such as the dining room in an open space. The dishes are as peculiar as the use of vintage suitcases to create our own side table. In an apartment, studio or room they are creations that at all times will look perfect because they are peculiar.

Vintage furniture for kitchen decoration


If we think of the kitchens, there is nothing better for a vintage or rural air than the open shelves. You just have to complete the scene with the right accessories. Every corner of the house is perfect if you decide to add some old furniture or accessories. Let's say even in the dresser with some simple pieces of furniture that add the beauty of the old.


It is important that the chair mixes well with the whole environment and follow the line of the vintage next to the dressing table. Another important detail in the kitchens are the appliances that are used and their style. At the moment a great infinity of models is available that has precisely a different and retro air in its design. Above all, the refrigerators are impossible to ignore.


In a vintage kitchen they are responsible for completing the personality of the whole place. Something interesting are the colors, because of this great variety we will always find the one that will be perfect according to our kitchen. Any of the pieces we see in the photos is possible to combine into apartments that have a contemporary look. If we also had to mention some material, it would be copper.


His presence is really interesting and in furniture like the tables he looks great. Many recycled tables are perfect, some objects such as vinyl can be used in the same way in the creation of DIY objects and reinforce the decoration. In a general sense, the key lies in creativity and the way we combine everything we find.


It will be a fun process and with surprising results. With only some old drawers we will achieve the perfect organization space for any place in a few minutes. Whether for the office, the bathroom or the kitchen, the effect will be magnificent. The use of the right colors is something that always has a broad effect in these cases.


For the vintage style there are some colors that are characteristic. Using them is a guarantee that we get a true vintage style in the decoration. We must start with the red that we can use with a lot of discretion. It is an intense color that must be combined with softer colors. We can use these colors in carpets, curtains or even in carpets.


Even for a small wall it is magnificent as an accent. Orange is another great example and it is possible to use it in a great variety of shades. Starting with the cakes until the strongest ones that can be used in the same textiles that we mentioned. With a little experimentation it is even possible to risk with some furniture of this color.


A sofa is not a bad idea either, which in the end will surprise us. The yellows are others that we can not escape. It is a really important color within all the vintage style. It is easy to use and the combination with other colors of this style has very good results. On a gray background wallpaper with yellow elements will be perfect. It can be said that it is a classic of vintage decoration. The contrast that is achieved is unique and adding it in other details will fill our home with joy. Enjoy these photos and find new possibilities.


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