Types of modern blond - Blonde tones for 2018


Why do gentlemen prefer blondes? The girls with hair Blonde is associated with the lightness of being and tender femininity. If you are currently bragging about short blond hair or long, beautiful curls, you probably stand out and call the attention of men. The modern blond types are the embodiment of grace and the beauty of women . This season offers a wide variety of types of blonde hair.


Platinum blond hair has caused a real stir! Blonde strawberry and dark blonde hair are still popular from previous seasons. Blonde highlights are a trend, applicable to any hair base. Remember that a solid hair color always loses compared to modern dimensional color solutions.


The blond ombre hair is a worthy choice in this relationship. Infinite and elegant ideas for blonde hair and gorgeous shades of blonde are waiting for you on our page so check out our beauty section!


The color of the hair is another important component that forms the image of the woman. In the new season, stylists insist on cold blond tones, and also offer focus on the color of ash and platinum hair.


And today we will discuss the most popular blonde and tone types of 2018. The blonde hair color wheat is one of the most popular in 2018. This is not just another fashionable blond tone, but also a modern hair color that refreshes the image.


The hair color of the wheat tonality is part of the warm tones. These hair colors combine perfectly with brown eyes and brown skin. However, if you have bright eyes and clear skin, you can experiment with lighter shades of hair. Remember that this year, at the peak of popularity, was the 3D color of the hair, which implies a saturated color of 2 or more shades.

Types of modern blond - The trend of balayage


By the way about the fashion techniques of dyeing hair. If you have not experimented with the Balayage style staining technique, it is time to do so, as it is at the peak of popularity. This season, stylists insist on natural tones, which means that the trend includes all warm colors.


Balayage provides shine in the hair. This technique of dyeing the hair allows you to create the most vivid images. The hair looks natural, burned in the sun, with the strands grown. What shades of hair are the most popular to create dyes in the balayage style? Choose trendy shades, such as blond wheat, blond pearl, platinum blonde.


Types of modern blond - Platinum Blonde

The blonde platinum is one of the most popular ringtones this year. If you want to create a vivid image, this option is for you. Like all cold blonde tones, platinum is perfectly suited to girls with blue eyes. Hairdressers make hairstyles for this fashionable tone with luxurious volumetric curls.


natural, so you can create beautiful variations on the hue of the dye.

Types of modern blond - pearly blond

types of blonde-modern-2018-ideas

Pearl will be an ideal solution for owners of fair skin, gray or blue eyes.

Types of modern blond - Pink blonde

types of blond-modern-2018-ideas-originals

A trendy shade for hair this season - a blond blonde. Pink hair colors did not always enjoy such popularity. In 2018 stylists emphasize bright images with the help of a wide variety of shades of red, among which the first place in popularity is the color of pink hair.

types of blonde-modern-2018-long-beautiful

The pink blonde dye has a number of advantages. This is a bright image and a rich hair color perfect for girls who do not want to go unnoticed. Who will do it? Pink blond will be an excellent solution for women with brown skin and blue eyes.

Types of modern blond - Candy blond

Candy hair shades, undoubtedly, are very popular in 2018. As one of the most popular hair shades, candy enjoys great attention among women of all ages and tastes. What should I look for?

First, the right combination of trendy hair shades. For example, in this season it is fashionable to combine colors of caramel hair and sand. Who will do it? Caramel blond will be an excellent solution for owners of olive skin, gray or brown eyes.

Types of modern blond - Rubio ash

The shade of ash blonde hair is one of the few that has been a well established trend since a year ago on the podium of fashion. It is not difficult to explain, because it is the ash color that looks very elegant and seductive! Stylists recommend combining ash blond with light skin and blue eyes.

This year it is fashionable to combine a light blond with shades of wheat hair and a blond platinum with ash tones. When choosing a fashionable color, remember that the right combination of cool and warm hair is important here. Therefore, in the first place, we must think of a harmonious image!

The image of a blonde can be soft and romantic or bold and of course sexy. Useful tips for blondes: The asymmetry in straight hair on the shoulders seems luxurious and is perfect for girls with blonde hair.

Light waves, short hair below the shoulders: this is a universal haircut, which benefits almost everyone, and especially the blondes.