Two tutorials on how to make giant soap bubble wands

giant soap bubbles-photo Making soap bubbles is one of the games Children's favorites during the summer. And if these bubbles are giant, the fun and pleasure of the game are even bigger. In the present article we propose two tutorials To make the soap bubbles bigger than ever, experience an unforgettable visual delight and a few moments full of fun with your children. soap bubble Making a wand for giant soap bubbles is a fairly easy DIY project that gives impressive results. bubble-of-soap-colors You may have seen tutorials to make giant bubbles on the internet that you found too difficult to make or that require buying hoops for children and other things you probably do not want to buy and that cram your house. bubble-of-soap-huge However this DIY project for bubble wands is very easy, cheap and most importantly - it does not require the purchase of bulky items that you will not know where to store afterwards. bubble-soap-giant Also keep in mind that although some toy stores sell giant soap bubble wands in most cases they do not work and buying them can cause more disappointment than joy in their children.


This is another reason why the best thing you can do to get really impressive and relatively durable bubbles is to follow our instructions.

soap bubbles

How to make a wand of giant soap bubbles

Make your magic wand

All you need are two sticks (of any size), two eyebolts (of any size), a washer or other smooth weight (of any size) and a little thread (of any type). See how easy this is?

pretty soap bubbles I could replace the clubs with bought blocks, but: why use blocks when you have natural clubs? In addition, the sticks are free and grow in your garden. (Or in your neighbors' yard...) giant soap bubbles 24 (from 30 to 60 centimeters) each. soap bubbles game At one end of each branch, place an eyelet. (Pre-drill the holes with a small drill bit to facilitate this). how-to-make-big-bubble Make some bubbles!


How to make soap bubbles?

Second, submerge the thread.

make-soap-bubbles 1 Completely submerge the thread in the bubble solution. (The first dip is the most complicated). wands-for-soap-bubbles Walk slowly back against the wind and watch your bubbles swell to a spectacular size! play-with-soap-bubbles You can release smaller bubbles (still big!) By putting the thread back together to cut a bubble here and there. many-soap-bubbles Note: If your solution for soap bubbles becomes frothy on top due to use, wait a few minutes to calm down. It works better without foam. Also, put only one wand in the bowl with the solution at a time unless you want to spend time untangling the strings of the magic wands.


How to make bubble wands?

Second tutorial

These are very simple instructions. The whole process will take only a few dollars and a time of approximately 10 minutes:

child-making-soap-bubbles 2

Instructions to make a giant bubble wand

Materials: * Wooden sticks (can be purchased at craft stores or at the home improvement store.) If the sticks that are sold are too long you can cut one or half. (Home improvement stores will for you for free).

* Rope or string - try to find something like a jump rope, not tape or string. You can find something similar in craft stores.

* Eyebolts (optional): found in every home improvement store

* Washers (1-3 depending on the size of your wand)

* Painting (optional)

* Bubble solution (look for a homemade recipe for preparation)

giant-bubble-wand You can paint your wooden blocks just to make them more fun, but that's completely optional. You can also wrap masking tape around the handles if you wish. Painting the sticks is a good idea if you want to include the children in the work process. For example, some larger child can paint the sticks while you make bubble solutions with another.


Now cut the rope into two lengths. The length depends entirely on you: you want it to be manageable for children but big enough to make big bubbles. The first string should be longer than about 80 inches and the second shorter: I cut about 37 inches. The measurements are approximate and are given as an example only. So you have to follow them to the letter but in any case make the second string about twice as short as the first string.

girl-with-soap-bubbles We hope that our tutorials to make your own magic wands for giant soap bubbles will be useful. Keep reading our website for more tutorials and original tips.