The tree: find peace under its shadow

Magnolia flowers garden beautiful environment

If you walk in the park in summer you can not not realize that under the shade of the trees the temperature is at least two degrees lower. In addition the feeling of tranquility and peace that you will feel under the shade of a tree after spending time in the sun is unforgettable.

You can experience that feeling on your own garden .

Magnolia tree creates a dreamy environment in your garden

Tree magnolia shadow pink flowers

The Trees Are an essential component of the natural landscape because they prevent erosion and provide and protect the ecosystem that lives under them from the harshness of time. We can not forget the important role they play in producing oxygen and reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With a tree in the garden you not only gain your own but also help the planet.

Under the shade of the tree in summer a great idea to spend free time

Bushes decor create shade garden shrub

Depending on the space you have there are plenty of options the most frequent trees in gardens are: the cherry tree blooming in white red and pink and because there are some species of cherry with a small size, the acre is a tree that grows very fast and leaves Combine white green and reddish colors in autumn. Fruit trees are a great idea for your patio since not only will you enjoy your precious flowers but also provide you with a dessert or snack.

A tropical air for your backyard

Tropical palm trees patio decoration backyard

One of the most cultivated trees in the world is the magnolio that besides having wonderful flowers will spread your garden an intense aroma. An exquisite aroma will give off the orange blossoms of an orange tree or lemon in your garden and you will have fruit rich in vitamin C. If your garden is small a bonsai will be the best choice that also will give an exotic touch and if you like the tropics choose The palm. With these ideas you will turn your garden into a little paradise.

A corner of rest under the shade

Create peace rest under shade garden

The green color will reassure us in this garden

Tree back garden natural green

An orange tree shades in this spacious garden

Orange tree big back garden

Garden decorated with small trees

Back garden bonsai bridge dense vegetation back garden

Dense vegetation surrounds this rest space


Variety of trees give natural air to this garden

Variety species trees natural garden

Oriental natural garden bonsai wall bamboo

Lawn garden palm trees flowers plants

Small trees patio fruit pots

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