The kitchen window as a dashboard, ideas, advantages and disadvantages

modern-kitchen-design The kitchen window is often the focal point of this room and the view it reveals creates a relationship with the outside world for those who spend more time within this space cooking or doing other household chores. And a window that works as a kitchen dashboard is a pretty elegant and modern solution in interior design. kitchen-white-with window In this publication we will present photos with ideas How to organize the space in the kitchen so that the window has the function of a dashboard and is right in front of the person who is working to inspire you.

kitchen-white-with window dashboard

What is a kitchen dashboard and what functions does it have?

A kitchen dashboard is not only a functional element, but part of the decoration that highlights the ethyl of the interior. There are currently many trends in the design of kitchen countertops and you may have seen numerous ideas using different materials such as plaster, glass, metal and many more. However, the idea that we are going to try today became popular several years ago and is gaining more and more popularity: dashboard windows


Pros and cons of windows as kitchen backsplashes

The ventanas dashboards are really a unique idea. If you opt for this solution you can be sure that not many people have the same in their homes. This type of dashboard guarantees incredible views and plenty of natural light, which will make your kitchen more inviting. In addition, this dashboard easily adapts to many styles of decoration, from modern to industrial.

kitchen-with-view Regarding the disadvantages, we must recognize that glass is not the most durable material to make a back wall and also requires maintenance: you will have to clean it every day since the splashes are clearly seen on the glass.


A window that works as a backsplash means you will not have much privacy especially if your window faces another nearby building, which can create significant discomfort.

kitchen-minimalist window

In addition, although this solution is considered quite versatile, it may not combine well with some of the styles, for example shabby chic or rustic. Below we will give you examples of windows-dashboards that you can use as a starting point for your own kitchen designs.

kitchen-neutral-with window

Window splash guard

A window splash guard is always an option that deserves to be considered if you have incredible views or if you have a private garden or patio. Grow lots of vegetation in front of the window to refresh the kitchen and make it look more lively. This idea is especially great for a contemporary or minimalist monochromatic space.

window dashboard-design

A black and white kitchen that looks cool with a window splash guard

design-de-cocina-con-vista A kitchen made with light colored plywood and white kitchen cabinets, stone countertops that look fresh and modern. In addition, outdoor plants that are seen through the window refresh the kitchen kitchen-design-with-window There is a lot of greenery outside that you can enjoy through the splash window dashboard-window Continue the exterior green decoration with indoor plants to complete the view and create a union between the spaces. dashboard-kitchen-white A contemporary white kitchen with touches of yellow and wood with kitchen window-splashback window with-view-in-the-kitchen A contemporary white kitchen with elegant cabinets that allows you to see the inner courtyard dashboard window-beautiful view A contemporary black and white kitchen is decorated with yellow lamps and a window splash guard kitchen-minimalist window dashboard A matte black industrial kitchen with a window-dashboard. The greenery seen through the window refreshes the space. dashboard-kitchen window A minimalist kitchen in white with window-dashboard that gives a touch of color to the space view-from-the-kitchen A minimalist white kitchen with a dashboard framed in black that creates an elegant and peaceful appearance window-dashboard-kitchen-minimalist A minimalist white kitchen with a backsplash that provides natural light and allows you to enjoy the views dashboard-kitchen-black A neutral kitchen with elegant wooden cabinets and window-dashboard to let more light into the space window dashboard-with-view A minimalist white kitchen with touches of wood and a backsplash of windows for lots of light in space dashboard-kitchen-modern window A completely white interior could be boring, but the window splash guard that gives onto a lush green courtyard achieves an elegant balance between nature and minimalism.

kitchen-splash window

The windows as kitchen backsplashes

The window is another popular option that can occupy the entire wall and simply connect the kitchen to the outside space. In this case, the views will be better than with a simple window-dash and you will get the maximum natural light from a window or a complete glass wall. You can also make a sliding window to serve the food outdoors easily.


A black and white space with a window that allows you to enjoy the views of the garden

window-dash-in-the-kitchen A contemporary kitchen in white and rich colored wood with a window as a backsplash


A contemporary white space with touches of wood and a window overlooking the garden vista-al-verdor-en-el-jardin A dark plywood kitchen with stone countertops and a panoramic window to enjoy the views of the private garden for a feeling of peace and relaxation.

A sliding window that works as a kitchen dashboard can also be a good idea to connect the kitchen to the outside space and easily serve food outdoors.

In conclusion the idea of ​​using the kitchen window as a dashboard is quite original and especially suitable for some types of homes and styles. The fact of being able to enjoy a magnificent view to the outside while you prepare the food is a good reason to consider such a solution when designing your kitchen.