The fashion of this season in one hundred fantastic models

Spring dresses many color prints

What will be the trends for this spring summer season? Here we show you what clothes are the most current for every occasion and style, do not miss these one hundred fabulous ideas to take a look to the last.

For those who prefer to always go to Fashion We will present our collection of the most impressive models.

The most current fashion for this spring

Shorts-high boots

Whether for a casual style or for any major event, we will see that the vivid colors abound. As for the fashion of specific types of garments, the long skirts are not too tight with a row of buttons in front. They have also returned the pichis or the breasts with some air cowboy.

Spring-summer fashion with high boots

High boots gray shorts blue

We will also see that boots High skin have been transformed slightly presenting changes in form and cut becoming an essential element for some styles. To achieve a casual and daring appearance, remember that broken jeans are back in style, but this time more broken than ever.

Casual fashion with broken jeans and sneakers

Golden party bag

Very important are the flowery patterns of various colors in dresses and blouses. The materials are light and flying for the most casual models, always matching a very fun and youthful touch. Summer long tunics in combination with the right complements are perfect for daytime meals or informal gatherings.

Desigual Collection for Spring - Summer

Desigual Collection Spring Dresses

In the image above we see the last collection of the well-known brand Desigual. Floral prints that attract attention for its original combination of shades and also light and very light garments, a clear example of fusion of style and comfort full of color. We can compare some garments and styles with different couture designers such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton .

Collections spring - summer of different designers

Big fashion designers

As we mentioned before, the skirts with front buttons are the most viral novelty, the predominant colors are the shades of ocher but also the khaki and olive green. The current cuts are somewhat wider than usual allowing greater mobility and freedom of movement.

Original short dress with prints

Luis vouiton car skirt

The original prints take center stage in practically all the garments. In addition to floral motifs of all kinds, we will see many shapes and drawings. And continuing on this thematic line we remember precisely Moschino and his controversial past collection inspired by some of the most famous brands worldwide.

Black Moschino Dress with Prints

Moschino colors short black dress

In the picture above we see examples of the most striking and colorful Barbie line models. Then the designer Alessandro Dell 'Acqua shows us his creations in shades of green and khaki. Very feminine garments but with a certain military touch form a unique and original style.

Models of Alessandro Dell 'Acqua in Olive Green

Blond military short green pichis

It has tried to capture in them the image of a free and independent woman but at the same time very sensual, and the result obtained is really spectacular. Now we see a great model of another of the most prestigious designers in the world of fashion, we talk about the famous Donna Karan.

Great dress from the Donna Karan Collection

Donna karan dress black white

We see in the image above a beautiful skirt of very elegant cut tube and different embossed and embossed embellishments. It is combined with a short cross top with a very wide neckline and part of the bare back. In short, this spring's models come more elegant and feminine than ever.

Silver Sports Feather Jacket

Dkny jacket silver plumes inside

However, here is a Donna Karan jacket model from one of her casual and sporty style collections. As we can see, any occasion is perfect to show off the style and Glamour Which will attract all eyes. Then this gorgeous red two piece suit with burgundy pants and blouse by designer Elie Saab.

Superb burgundy set by Elie Saab

Elie Saab red burgundy suit

Once again a perfect balance between style and comfort, has been highlighted the feminine lines maintaining an elegant and classic appearance and making this a suitable model for more than one occasion. However, we can find examples with much more colorful in the spring summer collection of this famous designer.

Four different styles of current fashion

Different styles of fashion

The innovating in this year's fashion may be the prints of all types and in any garment. Also featured are models that combine T-shirts or sneakers with bell dresses with flying, becoming perfect sets for a casual style this spring. Mixtures of styles from the seventies, eighties and nineties characterized mainly by the complements.

Blouse with prints of red roses

Shirt red roses black background

The beautiful blouse of floral prints in photography shows us the essence of the most current fashion. Light and broad materials but with contrasting colors and romantic prints, this is where we can see that comfort does not have to interfere with the beauty and the most modern style.

Casual look with t-shirts and gray jacket

Casual We must add that there is a touch of masculinity in many of the garments and looks of the current fashion. We no longer look for the pants to be extremely tight or the blouses that mark the outline at all times. It is time for the widest garments of an androgynous and unisex appearance very influenced by the fashions of other times.

Casual style with yellow jeans and t-shirts

Casual jeans yellow hipster

This is the so-called hipster fashion. Everything in it seems to be improvised and spontaneous, although in fact it is strategically devised. The great thing about this urban fashion is that it encompasses endless possibilities and always prioritizes the person against fashion, it is a style based on comfort

Long dress with floral prints

Celine long dress flower print

Going back to the prints and the spring colors, we will point out the enormous importance of the long dresses during this season. Again the silk and linen robes will be worn in somewhat lighter shapes than in past seasons. We see that the dresses take on the form of a bell as the cut goes down the waist.

Black blouse with colored bands


The fabulous black tunic blouse with several colored bands may confuse many, it is a garment that perhaps meets all the characteristics that we have already mentioned. The colors are very contrasted, and the prints give a somewhat sporty style to the piece. The wide cut shows the masculinity of the garment, but the neckline and the length of the blouse contribute the most sensual and feminine.

Great yellow jacket with prints

Yellow velvet long drawstring jacket

Pay attention now to this fabulous long yellow velvet jacket with prints on one side. In itself the garment presents a very elegant style while young and daring. It's great how you mark the contour of the body of the model highlighting certain areas with the prints and buttons, but also the detail of the looped tulle belt creates a final look of long, really great dress.

Very intense orange blouse

Orange blouse open jacket bag

The warm colors will be much seen during this season, but these will also be very intense. We will see reds more lighted than ever, bright oranges and bright yellows. In turn, the more neutral ocher variants will appear in conjunction with these intense colors so that the contrast between them is also warm.

White Casual Style Set

White embroidered jersey set

But we will also see many targets. The summer clothing of more natural materials like cotton or linen will be essential during this season. Also with prints of all kinds, although in this case embroideries and lace will predominate with small holes that maintain the freshness during the hotter times. In conclusion, the summer spring fashion for this year comes with surprises for everyone, catch up and renew already your closet bottom.

Summer set of white color

Set white straw hat shorts Set of skirt with jacket in fashion

Set square skirt blue jacket

Flower patterned set

Set pantalomes flowers printed heels

Sporty look to the latest fashion

Sporty look man shorts tracksuit

Pichi long pale yellow

Casual Style Yellow Chicken Skirt

Light white dress with cutouts

Super white short dress

Long red spring dress

Super long dress red black white

Yellow tulle long skirt with khaki shirt

Yellow tulle skirt brown shirt

70s style yellow skirt

Yellow skirt chicken knees jacket

Black and white plaid skirt

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