The best vegetarian restaurants in all of Mexico

The best restaurants

We already know how difficult it can be to find vegetarian food in Mexico City. Mexican cuisine is known worldwide for its flavors, but it is not exactly known for its vegetarian options. Fortunately, we have not had problems finding meatless options in Mexico City. In this post, we will share some tips on where to go and what to eat, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, fisherman or just looking for the best vegetarian restaurants to experience a change.

The best vegetarian restaurants in Mexico City

the best vegetarian restaurants

It's not just the characteristic guacamole of Mexico City, vegetarian food is great! Let's start with this: yes, you can find vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Mexico City. If you are vegan, they will often be your best choice for dinner, since you can be sure that everything you eat will stick to your diet.

The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Mexico City

The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Mexico City

Two of the best areas for vegans and vegetarians in Mexico City are La Roma and Condesa. They are the hipster areas of the city, here you can find many vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The added bonus is that these are good places to base yourself before heading out at night, as there are many options with excellent, quirky and fun bars in these areas.

The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants

It could be said that the best restaurant here is Forever Vegan, which has vegan versions of traditional Mexican dishes, as well as a wide variety of international dishes. We recommend the chilaquiles and chilango if you are looking for Mexican food. The vegan desserts are also very good!

vegetarian hamburger

Chilaquiles are an incredible option as a vegetarian in Mexico City.

Pan Eaten at La Roma is another rather impressive option, serving vegetarian sandwiches, falafel and Mexican dishes. It is also important for the sweet tooth because it has a variety of cakes and cookies, and right next to it is Chomp Chomp, which offers brownies, cookies and vegan milk shakes.

The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Mexico

In North Rome you will also find a small super-cheap vegetarian restaurant inside the Aurobindo Excellence yoga and wellness center which has a vegetarian and vegan menu daily during the week for $ 58 pesos which includes a salad , soup, main course, dessert and drink. And on weekends they have vegetarian and vegan tacos for $ 10 each. Definitely no frills, but delicious food! One block from here you will find La Gateria Cat Cafe, a perfect place to take a big piece of cake, and also make friends with the kittens!

The best vegetarian restaurants in Mexico

If you are in Rome, it is also worth going to a small complex called Casa Quimera between Orizaba and Guanajuato streets. There you will find a small and vegan area with a variety of small establishments: a bakery that sells organic and vegan cookies, a Japanese vegan place, a juice stand and a delicious vegan taquería - La Pitahaya Vegana. There are also many vegetarian juices in Mexico City.

Vegetarian street food in Mexico City

Street food is a big part of Mexican culture and cuisine. Unfortunately, tacos for the most part are dominated by carnivores. At street stalls you can sometimes find (or request) cheese (cheese) or potatoes (potatoes) as a filling, but you may raise your eyebrows unless you are in a specifically vegetarian place.

The good news is that you do not have to miss this important part of Mexican life completely, you can also find vegetarian tacos in Mexico City! Forever is an incredible vegan taco stand that will satisfy all cravings, and is open until midnight also from Monday to Saturday.

Fortunately, quesadillas are another story, and they are much more friendly for vegetarians! Apart from the obvious cheese filling, there are two particular vegetarian options that are popular and delicious. While in Mexico City, be sure to try huitlacoche and pumpkin flower.

The first, huitlacoche, is actually a fungus that grows in corn, and is also known as a corn mushroom. Unpleasant as it sounds (and it looks), this is quite delicate in Mexico City and definitely worth a try. Pumpkin flower, on the other hand, are pumpkin flowers, flowers that grow on zucchini (zucchini for Americans) and other pumpkins, and are an excellent filling option for vegetables.

The best options for vegetarians in Mexico are appetizers, literally little whims or cravings. These quick and inexpensive snacks can be found in street stalls or taquerias, which are served from breakfast until late at night, depending on the position. Most of these are based on corn tortillas and you can usually get vegetarian versions, even if it's just cheese, and then cheer them up with common ingredients like sauces (red and green, cooked and raw), chopped onion, cilantro (coriander), lettuce , cabbage and cream (Mexican sour cream).

Vegetable toppings to consider include rajas (grilled chile poblano strips, often mixed with cream and cheese), mushrooms (champiñones), beans (bean), cheese (ricotta), cottage cheese (ricotta), flower pumpkin (pumpkin flower), nopales (cactus), potato (potato) and huitlacoche (corn charcoal, a fungus that grows in corn, similar to mushrooms).

The main meal of the day in Mexico is between 2 and 5 in the afternoon, when the restaurants serve meals that consist of soup, a main dish, dessert and fresh water. Most of the main courses are meat based, so we never bother with the food run, although it is possible to find a vegetarian option like chile relleno. For us the snacks were faster, cheaper and more friendly with vegetarians.

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the beans are cooked with lard. You could ask about that or choose to turn a blind eye like we did, although we ate beans much more often at home because of this. Mexico is ideal for self-service if you have access to a kitchen. A kilo of fresh, hot corn tortillas costs just 14 pesos ($ 1.10) for a tortilla, fresh vegetables and fruits are cheap and of good quality, and you can prepare large quantities of refried beans in cheap bags of dry beans.

If you want to take it to the next level, check out the food market in Coyoacán (Coyoacán Food Market) and take some delicious and unhealthy fried quesadillas from one of the food banks there.

If you are vegan, you will need to specify that you want your quesadillas without cheese (without cheese), since despite the name, you can have a quesadilla without cheese.

Esquites are another great street food for vegetarians and vegans (without cheese and mayonnaise!), Where corn is sautéed and served in a polystyrene cup with cheese, chili powder, mayonnaise and lime.

Similar, but a little more disordered are the ears of corn. This is corn on the cob that you can spread on mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder and eat straight up.

You will find tamales (steamed corn masa in a plantain leaf) with several fillings, often meat, but also with mushrooms, hiutlacoche and cheese. Keep in mind that tamales are made with butter (lard or animal fat), so although they may not contain meat, they are still made with products of animal origin.

We are going to talk about the availability of salads for vegetarians. But honestly, they can be a good option. Prohibited Fruits is a particularly strong healthy food chain, with a variety of salads, wraps and delicious fruit juices. It has a group of restaurants scattered around the city, including Condesa, Narvarte, Rome and the historic center. If you arrive before 1pm and you do not want the salad, your breakfast and your brunch range are also impressive, especially the delicious vegetarian chilaquiles, which are tortillas in hot sauce covered with cheese and drizzled with cream. There are more healthy options available in Forbidden Fruits than these chilaquiles!


It is worth mentioning the fruit in Mexico. Apart from the tropical fruits we already know, such as mango, pineapple and papaya, there are many other fruits to try, some of which you may not have heard or seen before. Some examples are saramuyo (sugar apple), tuna fruit, guava (guayaba) and pitahaya (dragon fruit). It is easy to pick the best local and seasonal fruits from street vendors or markets. The best juices and smoothies are also popular here, and are available at street stalls throughout the city.

Sweets for a vegetarian in Mexico City: Chocolate and cakes

Now that we have overcome the healthy, let's talk about chocolate! If you are not a vegetarian and, therefore, you have a little more flexibility with chocolate and what baking ingredients go into your croissant in the morning, you are in luck. In every supermarket and bakery you will find a great selection of the best cakes.

If you are a vegan, Countess and La Roma are probably the best places to pamper you. Milkella, in the Casa Quimera complex mentioned above, is a particularly good place for delicious vegan cookies. Take an afternoon taking an ingenious fruit juice from the Naat juice stand, some tacos from the vegan taquería and then complete it with a biscuit (or two or three!).

Now, let's take a closer look at some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Mexico:

Vegetarian Yug

Yug Vegetariano has been tempting people to explore vegetarianism since 1963. With years of experience, Yug Vegetariano is a restaurant that will not disappoint, serving tasty and healthy food that completely dispels the myth that vegetarian food is boring and bland.

Yug Vegetariano, Warsaw 3-b, Col. Juárez, Mexico D.F, Mexico, +52 55 5533 3296

The Papalotl Bread House

With two locations in Mexico City, La Casa del Pan Papalotl has created an individual menu for each of its restaurants. The best organic vegetarian ingredients of local origin are indispensable when it comes to your kitchen. The priority of the owners is to ensure that their customers can enjoy their tasty food in a positive and pleasant atmosphere.

La Casa del Pan Papalotl, Av. Mexico No 25, esq. Xicoténcatl, Col. Del Carmen, Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 3095 1767

Cate de mi Corazón

The menu at Cate de mi Corazón offers old Mexican favorites that are highly nutritious and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. From soups to salads, tacos and desserts, the original menu offers a wide variety of dishes for all tastes. Despite its small size, this restaurant, with its delicious cuisine and cozy atmosphere, has become famous for being among the best vegetarian restaurants in Mexico City.

Cate de mi Corazón, Eje 3 Sur (Avenida Baja California) 295, Countess, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 4444 4768

Forever Vegan

eat. Burgers, pancakes, ceviche and tacos are part of the innovative menu.

Forever Vegano, Guanajuato 54, Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 6726 0975

The Interior Garden

When passing by a health store, you will find a generous garden, blooming with plants and home to a turtle tank. This area belongs to El Jardín Interior, a wonderful café-restaurant dedicated to vegetarianism and offers several items on the menu that are vegan. Apart from its garden, the Interior Garden has a cozy interior space, a friendly staff and perhaps most importantly, a delicious menu.

The Interior Garden, José María Velasco 63 bis San José Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5593 5660

Echoes of the World

Ecos del Mundo is an organic restaurant in Coyoacán where the chef transforms the kitchen into a creative art, giving life to the traditional Mexican recipes fusing them with flavors of international cuisine.

Echoes of the World, Higuera 25, Coyoacán Centro, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5658 7192

Vegetarian Food Bread

Colonia Roma is the home of Pan Comido Vegetariano. This restaurant has been transformed from a small place with three old ramshackle tables into a privileged place in Mexico City where you can relax and enjoy a vegetarian meal. The Vegetarian Bread menu offers everything from burgers to curry and falafel, and also serves vegans.

Pan Comido, Calle Tonalá 99, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte., Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 4398 4366