Tablecloths that brighten our eyesight

Center table bowl three plants fruit candle

The table in our dining room also needs to show its splendor with a suitable table center that is noted, as its name indicates, should be the center of the table, but also our attention.

We offer ideas from the most classic to the most alternative and bold, always providing beauty and comfort for our meetings with guests or more special occasions.

Natural table center with plants and vegetables

Natural table center artichoke vegetables

Without having to go shopping, we can create fabulous original table centers with objects that we will find at home. Let's look at some examples of decoration for tables with pitchers, vases or glass or porcelain bowls. Such designs allow us to play with the imagination and to add as much fruit and flowers as any other object of our taste.

Tablecloths with pumpkins inside a glass bottle

Tableware pumpkins crystal bottle

If we use transparent glass containers we can create the feeling of closeness with the objects inside the vase or bowl, but at the same time does not interfere with the harmony of the dining table, for this, it is very original the use of closed glass containers Or with cover.

Centerpiece with animal figurines and Christmas ornaments

Center table motif figures animal balls

However, we want to show some ideas for more alternative centerpieces for a more youthful and dynamic atmosphere. We see examples in photographs that reject the classic and eye-catching centerpiece model; And opt instead for small and individual details for each of the diners.

Fun centerpiece with animals and plants

Center table funny animals bears plants

Such an idea can Dining room decor For special occasions; Using for example smaller containers like glasses or cans, of equal or different size. Centerpieces with natural details are always well accepted

Center table with a natural plant and moss base

Center table natural plant base moss

Since they inspire us tranquility and are very simple to combine. Depending on the season or the expected event, we can choose the most suitable fruits or plants for that season.

Classic table centerpiece with old candelabra and candles

Center table classic jarron sober chandelier

Center table with a large vase, flowers and fruits

Center table flowers fruits jarron clasico

Center table with great flower lamp

Center table lamp flowers metal

Centerpieces with porcelain vase and yellow flowers

Centerpiece yellow flowers daisies

Original table centerpiece with blue and white details

Original blue table centerpieces Table settings classic vase pumpkins Table centers glass bottles green Tableware Center table fruits basket wicker