Synthetic multipurpose WD-40 oil, 10 uses that you did not know until now

Synthetic oil WD-40
Synthetic oil multipurpose WD-40 It is not just a lubricant. Surely you will be surprised that you can use it to protect and clean all kinds of things in your home. Look these tricks little known!

Little-known uses of synthetic oil WD-40

1. To clean the toilet in the bathroom.

Cleaning the toilet is perhaps the most unpleasant domestic work and we always look for the easiest and fastest ways to do it. Try this one!


Clean your toilet with WD-40. aWD40-oil-multipurpose
The solvents in the WD-40 synthetic oil will help dissolve any dirt and traces of lime in your toilet. Spray the toilet bowl for a few seconds and use a brush to remove dirt from the toilet. It seems easier than using a specific detergent for bathrooms and toilets. Do not?


2. Clear the crayon marks on the walls and clothes.

Young children like to draw a lot, but they are often quite negligent and often leave scribbles on their clothes, walls and home furniture. We can not stop his artistic activity for these reasons but anyway we have to find a way to clean everything and for this purpose the WD-synthetic oil can be quite useful.

Remove the crayon marks on the walls and clothes with WD-40.
Use WD-40 to remove crayons or markers from walls. (but, use it only on the walls with glitter paint: the oil in WD-40 can stain the matte paints!) Clean the stain with a clean cloth. Synthetic oil WD40-use
The WD-40 will also eliminate the scribbling of markers, markers or pencils on furniture and appliances!


3. Remove water spots from the glass walls of the shower enclosure.

Glass shower cabins are generally very beautiful and practical, but if you do not clean them after each use, your walls will be traces of water droplets and may seem dirty. To ensure that your shower enclosure is always impeccable, use the WD-40 multi-purpose synthetic oil that will keep water stains out of the glass shower walls


4. Get rid of the stickers and the adhesive tape attached.

As we have mentioned, children tend to develop their artistic and design activities not only on the objects intended for them, but also on every surface of the home that looks smooth and boring like furniture, walls and even floors. But you do not have to be angry with them anymore. With the synthetic oil WD-40 you already have an easy solution.

How to remove stickers with WD-40?
Spray WD-40 over the stickers you want to remove and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Then, use a sponge to remove the glue and paper.


5. Remove the jammed rings.

Do you know the feeling of having a ring stuck in your hand? Surely at this moment you will have thought that I would never get out of there and you will have to cut the ring or in the worst case the finger. If you have WD-40, you do not have to worry more if you fall into a similar situation. It simply sprayed WD-40 around the jammed ring and it will slide easily.


6. Clean tea and coffee stains from countertops.

When someone leaves their cup of tea or coffee on countertops often unpleasant traces are left in the form of circles. If you do not clean them your furniture will look worn without really being it. It turns out that WD-40 multi-purpose synthetic oil can solve this problem as well. Spray some WD-40 on a sponge or damp cloth and clean the stain.

synthetic oil wd-40-scissors

7. Keep the scissors working without problems.

Scissors are a very important tool and used frequently in every home. However with time they start to move with difficulty and work badly. You can always buy new scissors, but this is not necessary if you have WD-40 at hand. Simply spray the metal parts with the lubricant and the scissors will again work like new.


8. Prevent the accumulation of snow in the windows.

Avoid the accumulation of snow in the windows with WD-40.
Snow in winter is something very beautiful but it can also be annoying when it sticks on the outside of the home or car windows. To prevent this you can use the WD-40 by gently spraying these surfaces

wd40-remove chewing gum

9. Clean chewing gum remains.

Chewing gum is perhaps the most difficult thing to clean when sticking a carpet, carpet, hair, etc... In these cases you think that there is no choice but to take drastic measures that cut the affected part. However, synthetic oil WD-40 offers a much better solution.
Do you have chewing gum stuck in your carpet, shoe or hair? It sprayed WD-40 directly, let it fragment for a few minutes, then remove the gum with ease.


10. Make common shoes, waterproof shoes.

The shoes of natural leather in general are not usually waterproof since the leather has a porous structure and is easily soaked when there is rain. If you want to turn your shoes into waterproof shoes, the WD-40 is the solution
WD-40 not only creates a waterproof barrier in the shoes, but also helps eliminate salt stains on the boots during the winter months. Simply spray over the stains and wipe with a clean cloth.


Some fun facts about the WD-40

A bus driver in Asia used WD-40 to remove a python, which had been wrapped around the frame of his bus.
Police officers used WD-40 to get a naked thief trapped in an air conditioning vent.

The WD-40 book that features many user testimonials and Jim and Tim's crazy humor, The Duct Tape GuysTM, was published in 1997. The well-known blue and yellow can has also been featured in other books.
WD-40 has a Fan Club with more than 100,000 members.

We hope that our article about the uses of WD-40 has been useful to keep your home clean more easily.

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