Suits for men - Do not miss the modern trends for 2018


The men's suits always give the man an extra charm and elegance. The concept of a fashionable outfit at all times was very subjective. Fashion is changing over the years but a suit male It is always a good option. In ancient Rome, the most fashionable men's suits were costly armor.


In the Middle Ages in France, the menswear was not associated mainly with masculinity, so all kinds of bandages, ties, etc., that came from a women's wardrobe, became fashionable. In 2018, men's suits are designed to emphasize the strength, courage and strict elegance of a modern man.

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All modern mens suits are more or less classic. The classic men's suit has been the king in fashion for many years and the times when things change are not even close. The costumes are the ultimate style statement for men of all ages.

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The perfect outfit will make you stand out impressions and improve your working life. The basic aspects to keep in mind are that the suits must be tight. A wide suit will make you look bulky and unprofessional. Apart from that, what you must remember is that the size should be such that it suits your body type.

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Fashion colors in suits for men 2018

Let's list the most elegant colors of the mens suits in 2018. The most fashionable color in 2018 is the emerald green. Many famous designers presented brilliant models of this beautiful color, as well as models with calmer nuances, so to speak, that perfectly complement the everyday style.

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The blue suits will not lose their popularity in 2018. Any special event can not happen without at least one male guest in such a suit. In addition, this suit is very versatile. The cranberry color will be the original version for a man's suit.

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You can choose a suit that combines colors such as black and red, one of a single color or a brown suit. The gray color will give the image more impartiality than sentimentality, and it is another color that is worth considering. But it can not be overlooked, the models with stripe on their pants look great. The colors of all the models are almost identical.

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The collections of 2018 also present the traditional gamma in black and white, abstraction, oriental ornaments, psychedelic motifs. The squares are presented as prints in suits for men in a multitude of variations.

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In the fall season of 2018 it is presented in very interesting solutions: yellow-black, red-black. Jackets, coats and red pants show a spectacular checkered print in all fashion collections.


Suits for men velvet

The trends of men's fashion for 2018 show a diversity no less than the trends of women. It seems that the designers finally decided to break the stereotypes: a modern man can and should look bright, luxurious and flashy.


Men's fashion can now be called a bohemian fashion: the main trend in 2018 is aristocratic velvet. The soft overflows of this cloth forced to design in a new way suits and jackets that before could be called strictly classic.


The main fashion houses offer a wide variety of male velvet suits to not be limited in colors and shades. The black velvet, no doubt seems to win-win, but also leaves room for rich shades of green, wine, brown and purple flowers.


The designers managed to adapt this capricious fabric to the modern cut. The velvet suit can be used for a night party. At the same time, velvet penetrates more and more into the casual style segment.


Suits for men 2018

Parts for men are usually called the traditional version of the attire of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, which is used for various ceremonial occasions, as well as for daily business attire. For a long time, this outfit is not considered a wedding attire, as young people increasingly buy modern models for everyday use.


Throughout Europe, office workers prefer to go to work in an elegant suit, as this attire gives them a solid appearance and an excellent image. Such a suit appeared in the twentieth century. From this moment, it is considered the embodiment of charm and determination. The traditional version consists of trousers, a jacket and a vest, created of a fabric type in the same color, mostly gray, black or blue, and a shirt white as snow.


The trio usually includes a chest jacket without side cuts, but in 2018 the designers experiment, creating various variations of shape and color, picking up unexpected details and combining original details.


Plaid man's suits

For many, the checkered outfit is exclusively associated with the aristocracy of Great Britain. If you look at a young man dressed in a checkered suit, you can say 100% to you is a person with excellent taste. In addition, each man has his own style and it is good to follow fashion.


The checkered suit not long ago was not at the peak of popularity. But in recent seasons, this style in men's clothing has experienced a new boom. Most people prefer a light gray suit, but this season dark shade is your choice. In addition, camouflages wrinkles much better than the light gray suit. This suit is great with a white or salmon shirt.


However, brown also works very well. This is not your most common suit and, therefore, if you want to cause an impression, you can opt for this suit color. Also, this is a more mature aspect, especially if you want to impress your new clients or boss and want them to take it more seriously. It is a very serious suit and suitable for all formal occasions.