Stylish tattoos - The 2018 trends in tattoo art


Each year, the most talented tattoo artists create new tattoo styles and change tattoo trends. By 2018 we have the craziest collection of tattoo designs with all the brightest colors. Traditional tattoos have new forms perfectly suited to the needs of all people. Today we present you some pictures of elegant tattoos and we will guide you to the world of the best tattoos 2018 all to help them make their choice.

Smart Tattoos - The trends of 2018

Every new year there are totally new trends and amazing tattoos for all tattoo lovers and tattoo addicts. The tattoo trends of 2018 are ready to inspire you for your next makeover. Sit and get ready for the best selection of elegant tattoos and tattoo designs of 2018.


Gone are the days when tattoos looked similar and had few colors. Today you can see the palette of the brightest colors and tattoo tattoos that have nothing to do with a casual and boring look. The tattoo trends of 2018 have taken a step forward in the future by presenting some great ideas for tattoos, such as watercolor tattoos.

Stylish tattoos - The 2018 trends in tattoo art

Stylish tattoos in watercolor

These popular watercolor tattoos combine simple lines and abstract images with touches of colors. In fact, they are the most unique styles because you would hardly find the second identical watercolor tattoo with the same touch of color.


2018 modern watercolor tattoos offer three ways to use it. One of them offers to combine the colors with images and minimalist symbols. In this way, you can get a geometric figure like a triangle or a circle and decorate it with splashes of colors in a chaotic way. This looks great, regardless of its shape.


This is one of the types of popular tattoos that look perfect on any part of the body. The abstract tattoos look fantastic on any part of the back, while the small watercolor tattoos will look amazing on the wrist, shoulder, foot and thigh.


Elegant tattoos of the new school 2018

The New School tattoo style that began in the 70s is now considered one of the most popular tattoo styles. It has all the features that the modern tattoo needs to have; It is colorful, it is bold and it is not traditional.


The signs and symbols of the tattoos of the New School are fantastic creatures and heroes of cartoons, zombies and vampires and all the amazing symbols that have nothing to do with boring reality.


One of the key features of the new school's 2018 tattoo style is that traditional tattoos and symbols now have a new look. They are definitely bolder and more eye-catching and you will definitely catch all the flashes. Tattoos and images will continue to maintain their meaning and symbolism, even if they are depicted in the most insane manner.



Stylish Tattoos - New Tattoos 2018

If you have never heard about traditional Neo tattoos, this part will be very interesting for you. You have definitely heard about the Old School tattoo style. In fact, the neo traditional tattoo is the reinterpretation of Old School tattoos with brighter colors and several new details.


We love the Old School tattoo, whether it looks new or has retained its retro look, but when we talk about the tattoo trends of 2018 we can not skip this part.


Along with traditional nautical symbols such as anchors, compasses, ships, mermaids, roses and hearts, the neo-traditional tattoo style includes images of popular sailors, tigers tattoos, sugar skulls, etc.

elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-neo-traditional-tattoo

Elegant minimalist tattoos 2018

In addition to these bright and bold looks of New School tattoos and traditional Neo tattoos, we have a completely different tattoo trend that has nothing to do with daring colors and styles. The minimalist tattoo is about clear lines and minimal turns.


We deal with small geometric figures, dots, lines and flowers, and we have no other color than black. The minimalist tattoo can be considered one of the styles chosen most often thanks to its less dramatic appearance.

elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-minimalist-ideas

elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-minimalist-options

elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-minimalist-tattoo

Black Stylish Tattoos 2018

You have definitely seen those sleeves with black ink and you wonder what they mean. This is the new trend in tattooing. Blackwork tattoo in English is the new word in tattoo art that represents amazing designs.

elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-tattoo-black

The concept of black tattoo is a large part of the body completely inked in black. More often it has no meaning and only has an aesthetic significance. On the other hand, traditional tribal tattoos are now inked in blackwork style. For girls, the black tattoo is combined with the flowers creating a deep contrast between elegance and audacity.


elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-tattoo-black-ideas

Dotwork elegant tattoos 2018

Another tattoo style that tends to be next year is the dot tattoo. This is a kind of light version of the blackwork tattoo still looks no less impressive and elegant. The Dotwork tattoo is one of the most complicated arts that requires professionalism.

elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-points

All new trends of tattoos can be dyed in dotwork, which makes tattoos look even more open-mouthed. A similar tattoo on dotwork carries the meaning and symbolism of a sign tattoo, so you just have to choose a symbol tattoo.


elegant tattoos-trends-style-modern-points-mandala

Elegant tattoos of 2018 lines

If you are looking for something less dramatic, we have very special trends this year. Linework or line tattoo is an exquisite style that combines elegance and delicacy even if it is a small tattoo. The line tattoo is made in a single line without shading and coloring. It looks extremely elegant and even if you have tattooed yourself in a visible place, you will never look bold.