Stone kitchen countertops - Practical guide to help you choose


Today we present you some very original ideas of stone kitchen countertops to inspire you to choose this material for your modern kitchen.


Stone kitchen countertops


But today together we will try to understand the factors that should be taken into account if you are inclined towards this or that material. As always the professionals, architects and designers They are the ones who guide us. We listen and draw conclusions. Kitchen work surfaces should be aesthetic and practical, wear resistant and comfortable. However, not all attractive materials are practical and reliable.


Therefore, one of the best ideas is to choose stone countertops, in which the magnificent appearance is combined with high resistance indicators. The stone to create kitchen work surfaces can be artificial or natural, this affects both aesthetics and technical characteristics.

Natural stone countertops: pros and cons


Natural stone is a beautiful material



The natural stone is cold to the touch

And although this feeling is not to everyone's liking. It is especially important to consider this fact, if you are planning a stone countertop, that you are going towards the breakfast bar (where you place your bare hands often) this can be an inconvenience. Although, again, everything depends on where you live: in a warm climate, the stone kitchen countertops will only be a pleasant and refreshing advantage.


The undeniable naturalness of the stone

A living natural stone, created by nature, has vibrations. Lately it is very modern to decorate with stones that thanks to their vibrations can help them to lead a healthier life. Nature has a beneficial effect on man, it is important for harmony and internal balance.


The resistance

Of natural stone, traditionally they make interior objects, that do not imply an aggressive operation, - tables of coffee, windowsills or coatings of chimneys. However, with a kitchen countertop, not everything is so simple. On the one hand, natural stone is resistant to heat (you do not have to fear the immediate proximity to the stove). Tabletops made of natural stone are quite strong and have a longer lifespan than other materials (eg slabs).


The leader in resistance is granite: it can be used both naturally and polished. Quartz is also known as one of the hardest rocks.


Natural stone thanks to its varieties is a material rich in shades

There are certain stereotypes about granite. But if the question is analyzed, it turns out that in addition to the brown and gray colors, it has a fairly wide palette: emerald, pink, gray-blue, etc.



The accusations about the total radioactivity of the granites are very exaggerated. While granites can have it, quartz, on the other hand, almost always has a certain radioactivity. Another thing is that these indicators are generally within the limits that are safe for humans. That is, first-class granites can be used safely in interior design.

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As we all know well-known suppliers of stone countertops always have certificates, according to which the granite slab is first class (others can not be used in the house). But, in addition to the certificate, pay attention to the price: the second and third class granites are quite cheap, and this is the case when you have to think twice.

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Marble is easy to spoil

Marble is traditionally considered the most appropriate material for kitchen countertops. In fact, from the point of view of ecological purity, there are no questions for marble. But the performance characteristics of marble countertops are not for all designers. The marble for the countertop in the kitchen does not work, it is too porous and absorbs moisture. But the granite looks great and you can put a hot pot on it.

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The ability to absorb moisture and the tendency to be stained by wine, tea, oils, etc. It is the weak point of many natural stones. But if he still wants marble, what should he do? Our advice is to choose marbles of dark hue: they are more practical than whites.

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Properties of the texture of the stone

The stone kitchen countertops can not be perfect. Therefore, its installation requires more attention. Which means that you must find and entrust this job to experts who have the right experience and tools.

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The stone requires care

Like, any natural material the stone ages. The surface of a natural stone countertop should be treated regularly with special compounds.

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Price problem of natural stone

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of natural stone is a high price compared to other variants of countertops. In this case, it is not only the price of the countertop, but also the kitchen as a whole, since the solid weight of natural stone requires more resistant furniture, so that its design can withstand it.

Kitchen countertops made of artificial stone: pros and cons

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It can be similar to natural stone

The artificial stone, which is used to build a kitchen countertop, can be of two types: acrylic and quartz compound. Therefore, such composite materials are considered the closest analogue to natural stone.


The agglomerate almost does not differ from natural stone. Then, from the point of view of the price and practicality relation with natural marble, it is better to prefer an agglomerate surface.

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You can choose from a variety of colors

The artificial stone has its aesthetic advantages, the main one of which is a more diverse palette of colors and shades: they are much richer than those of natural stone. Delicate tones of green and blue or other five hundred tones.


No problem! And you can be absolutely sure that you will find the tone you are looking for, but finding and finding the stone of the desired tone is still a task not too easy.

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The artificial stone can be restored

The acrylic stone is a mineral filler and pigments in acrylic resin. It is believed that counter tops made of artificial stone are easier to scratch, but are less likely to break down. However, both types of artificial stone are easily restored even after serious damage.


You can do any design

The artificial stone, as we have already mentioned, is different in composition, and therefore, the curvilinear acrylic stone countertops are easy to produce, if they are composed of quartz they are more expensive and difficult to produce, although it is possible to make them.


Among the advantages of countertops made of artificial stone is also the time of manufacture. As a general rule, such material is available at least most manufacturers have it available, which greatly accelerates the process.


What can not be said about natural stone. After all, if the natural pattern does not fit, or is not in the right amount, you have to wait for months, until the stone slab is extracted from the quarry and processed.


Indestructible material

In favor of the artificial stone, there are also many practical arguments. It is not porous and therefore, it is water resistant (which means you can not stain it with wine or tea). Mold does not have the opportunity to seize the surface of the artificial stone.


If we talk about temperature differences, the artificial stone will resist just like the natural one, but only in the quartz compound can the worktop be damaged if it places a hot tray.


The artificial stone kitchen countertops are more accessible, one of the reasons is that they are much easier to install but they do not look different from natural stone kitchen countertops, but as we said the choice of color of surfaces is much more espacious.

Stone kitchen countertops - Practical guide to help you choose

The price of artificial stone is lower

The cost of natural and artificial stone depends largely on the country of origin and the brand. Sometimes it is comparable to the price of natural stone. The price of artificial stone kitchen countertops depends directly on the thickness of the coating layer. Which, in turn, affects only one operational factor: the possibility of repeated polishing.

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It is difficult to choose among hundreds of materials to not regret later. In addition to aesthetic requirements, stylistic convenience and cost are important to us. The choice is yours we hope that this article of stone kitchen countertops will help you.

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