Step-by-step makeup to contour the face naturally

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On many occasions we have asked ourselves the question how is it possible that faces of the actresses and celebrities have such a perfect shape and such an impressive texture and during the last years the answer has come to light and is now available to all women.

In this article we will talk about the secret of famous figures and we will focus on the step by step makeup to get contour our skin considering the shape of our face.

Step-by-step makeup to contour the face

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Before we start with the makeup holder and determine the shape of our face, you have to bear in mind that in order to create a perfect face you have to take into account if the makeup we need is day or night. This fact is very important, since a daytime make-up will make us look pale, without color and, even, tired at night. On the other hand, if we use night makeup during the day, the final effect will be overloaded.

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The tools we need are also very important to be able to apply the base and the powders correctly. When we talk about contouring the face, it is best to apply the base with sponges and powders with broad brushes. You may not believe it but the painter's tools greatly help the painter's work.

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And the last step we have to take before we start with makeup step by step is to define the shape of our face. This is also very important, since the shape will determine the way we have to apply the base and the way and the area in which we have to combine the tones. Our eyebrows have to be perfect and we have to leave our skin clean. Before you start, you can use a little moisturizer because it will maintain the state of the makeup for more time

Make-up step by step, a play of light and shadow to outline

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When we talk about contouring as a natural makeup technique, we have to remember that it has as purpose the combination of light and dark tones: the light tones will serve to illuminate those parts of our face that we want to highlight and the dark tones will create a shadow that will hide our imperfections. The way we have to determine the shades of the base is taking as a reference the tone of our skin. Therefore, the light tone has to be at least two shades lighter than our skin. The same goes for dark shades.

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In step-by-step makeup, the clear base is usually applied in the center of the face, which includes the upper line of the nose, the eyelids, the central area of ​​the forehead and the chin. These areas can change according to the type of our face. In this way, when we find an oval face, the lightest shade we can apply also in the part of the jaws. On the other hand, if the nose is wider and we want to narrow it, the fins will have to be reserved for the dark base. step-by-step makeup-tutorial-outline The dark tonality we have to apply in those areas of the face that are free and in the lower part of the cheekbones making a diagonal line that starts from the highest point of the cheekbone and continues towards the mouth, ending in the center of the cheek . To get a professional makeup you have to blend the tones very well so that no cuts are formed.

Step-by-step makeup finishing contoured


To finish with the base of your makeup you have to use powders. The idea of ​​powders is that they give a nuanced finish to the skin and these also have to be two-tone. The way you have to apply them in the step by step makeup is using the clear tone for the areas in which you have applied this tone, the dark tone for the corresponding areas.

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In the market you can find different types of powders that give a peach effect to the skin, a pink effect, tan, etc. To be able to choose the right ones you have to know that the peach tones are very appropriate for the night makeup step by step, since they illuminate the face. On the other hand, if you use it during the day it is possible that you get a slightly more yellowish effect.

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On the other hand, if you want to achieve the effect of a natural makeup step by step, you have to use some tones that are closer to the tone of your skin. In this way, if you chose a bronzing powder, these will help you to have a spectacular image during the summer.

Completing the makeup step by step with the other areas of the face

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To complete your makeup, you must also pay attention to the other focuses of the face that are the eyes and lips. When we want to make a step-by-step make-up, we have to follow the same tricks that we have followed to create the basis for not overloading it. This means that we have to bet on naturalness and we have to avoid dark and strong tones.

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In the makeup of the eyes, light tones can be applied on the inside of the eyes, in the area of ​​the lacrimal. Using this technique, we will be able to separate them, whereas if we apply some dark tones in this part, we will create the opposite effect.

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Something similar happens with the lips. However, in order to choose your tone we have to take into account the entire makeup. This means that in order not to overload it we have to choose a clear tone or a gloss if we have made up the eyes in a way that they stand out. On the other hand, if the eyes remain in the background, we have to highlight the lips so as not to create a pale effect of our skin.

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Finally, to complete the makeup step by step, we can apply a makeup fixer. It consists of a sprayer that we apply on the skin and leaves our makeup intact throughout the day.

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Step-by-step night makeup-contoured

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Step-by-step, irresistible night makeup

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