Small bathrooms: start the day with a smile

Small bathroom purple modern bath tub

If you have decided to decorate your bath little Today we are going to show you the best ideas to do it. Small bathrooms should contain all the elements that are in a spacious bathroom but in less space.

That's why remodeling a small bathroom is more difficult. It is necessary to think of accessories and storage functionality taking into account the amount of space with which we have.

Small bathrooms in light colors that make them pare larger

Small bathroom

One of the most important things is to make sure that the shower is at the right height so that all the members of the family can raise their hands when they wash the hair And have enough space to crouch down to pick up the soap or shampoo. Clear colors on ceilings and tiles will make your bathroom look more spacious or glass doors transparent shower cubicle that also unify space.

Small bathrooms in which two colors of tiles are combined make them interesting

Small bathroom compact white color black modern bathroom tiles

You do not have to be bored when taking a shower since in the market there are many faucets and appliances that will turn it into a spa place. There are plenty of options when it comes to tiles and tiles for the bathroom to combine them to get the look that you like. You can also use wallpapers that are water resistant and you can choose the right size for your bathroom.

Small bathroom narrow but very comfortable

Small bathroom white tiles black

There are a few options you have when choosing furniture for bathroom basins, faucets, mirrors and lighting. The most common materials used are wood in the tropical variety because it holds up well moisture and is resistant to changes in temperature.

Here's another idea to combine black and white

Small bathrooms black tiles

The crystal of different colors or the marble Of life will always be a good idea. Find a bath here that will give you the first smile of the day.

Put plants in the bathroom to give it a natural touch

Small bathrooms white subtle modern

Yellow gives freshness to this bathroom

Small bathrooms innovative yellow color

A bathroom idea in dark brown

Bathrooms small brown colors

Colorful towels for your bathroom

Small bathroom colors orange green

A metallic sink for your bathroom

Small dark colored modern bathrooms

Divide the shower area with transparent glass door

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