Small and beautiful houses - 8 small houses with spectacular designs


As we all know, it is not easy to buy a large house and then be able to afford to live in it. This was one of the reasons why many Americans, instead of buying large houses, opt for small, beautiful homes and, most importantly, respecting the environment.

The mini houses are the new favorite of the environmentally and economically conscious. Not only are they innovative, but they also respect space with us and pollution. You can buy one to live in or you can retire to one for the weekend to charge the batteries. In any case, the micro homes came to stay. Here is a list of 8 houses small and beautiful, houses designed to give you the best of the experience of living in a limited space.

Small and beautiful houses Muji's project

How about a small portable residence with a perfect view towards the mountain? In a little less than 10 square meters, these brand cabins japanese of minimalist Muji home furnishings should be your choice if you long to escape your hectic daily routine in the city.

small and beautiful houses-ideas-Muji

It is comfortable enough to house four people. They are built in the traditional style of Japanese shipbuilding, with burned cedar wood to increase durability. The exterior with burned wood cladding has antiseptic properties. The large sliding door and the additional window welcome natural light in the cabin.

small and beautiful houses-ideas-Muji-interior

After exhibiting several prototypes of the cabins the designers of Tokyo the minimalist brand muji released their expected and tiny cabins, which are on sale in Japan from the fall of 2017.

small and pretty houses-ideas-Muji-interior-ideas
small beautiful houses muji-house-small-design-original

Small and beautiful houses the Podmakers project

The round house 'Escape Pod' by Podmakers. As you can see it looks like a pineapple and is perfect if you want to take a break from the family, read or write something in solitude. This prefabricated unit made of birch plywood with European oak can be customized in terms of design and placement of windows, built-ins and heating sources.


This small house has a unique entrance through the door to the airplane style with a wooden hinge. The spheres can be equipped as an office, guest house, living room in the garden or meditation space.

casas-pequenas-y-bonita-ideas-casa-redonda-podmakers casas-pequenas-y-bonita-ideas-casa-redonda-podmakers-diseño casas-pequenas-y-bonita-ideas-casa-redonda-podmakers-design-original

Small and beautiful houses Chu Van Dong's project

In these photos you can see a small cabin located in the mountains of northern Vietnam. The objective of this project is to create a simple temporary residential space, with an easy and low cost construction. The forest house provides a temporary space for 2 people to experience the outdoors and enjoy nature.


The project is expected to inspire temporary housing projects because of their simple construction and low cost. La Casa del Bosque is a micro-room designed by architect Chu Van Dong. Its glazed façade helps you enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains of northern Vietnam.


The architect received instructions to build an easy-to-build, cheap home for two, but his success has now made it part of a master plan that involves other identical homes around him.


The place includes bedding for two people, air conditioning unit and stove, along with a small bathroom. There is even a jacuzzi in the back of the property.


Small and beautiful houses the Rook Tiny House project

If you want to live the American dream in a small cabin, quite similar to the style of the first settlers changing places, this should be your choice. Not built for urban living, this Chattanooga residence in Tennessee has vertical sliding doors with exposed stainless steel screws, which create a strong environment.


Despite its size, the place has a full bathroom, a laundry unit, built-in bookshelves and desks, loft and a host of other features to make it a perfect residence. The design gives the loft feel of a modern industrial artist, but it also has the touches of a high-end apartment and can be moved with you.


The company has been working since 2013, and they work on a variety of aesthetics, this particular construction is reminiscent of the loft of a New York artist, with its components and intelligent storage systems incorporated. In fact, the only thing that differentiates it from the typical New York apartment: there is a washing machine in the attic.


The small house Rook is built with extra durable materials to enjoy a long life and be as useful as possible. With a base price of $ 62,000 that increases, the more personalized the cabin.


Small and beautiful houses the Getaway project


If you have ever been curious about the lifestyle in a small house we are not talking about the many small apartments in the city you are lucky. Getaway, known for its tiny cabins made to measure, has installed one of its projects.


Getaway currently has campsites in Catskills, in the state of New York, and outside of Boston. Each of its cabins is designed for two people, and comes equipped with a two-burner stove, a shower (although it is a fair warning, it will only throw water at room temperature is good for the summer), a refrigerator, and a toilet .


The cabins are also equipped with things that will serve us during the summer, which include refreshments, chairs to rest and a fire with wood.


Small and beautiful houses the KODA project of Kodesma

The Kodasema Koda house has as main attraction its small space designed by Kodasema based in Estonia has a side made of glass. The rest of the three sides are built with concrete, and it takes only 7 hours to build each unit. It comes with a bathroom, a laundry room and a bedroom space in a loft.


It is also designed to save energy, making it less expensive than your home. You can take advantage of the energy of the solar panels and glazed windows. Kodasema is also exploring ways to build offices and commercial spaces using similar construction methods.


As the wide open spaces where people once lived disproportionately shrink quickly, architects face a new set of questions. Are construction costs more important than long-term materials? The Kodasema team in Estonia designed KODA as a multipurpose prefabricated system for those who want to find a simple but smart way to live, learn and work.


The rectangular volumes are covered with concrete on the outside and wood on the inside with slabs of composite panels between them to promote isolation regardless of the location of KODA. There is a balance in each unit: modern technology is combined with timeless style and durable materials are combined with avant-garde designs, all in a mobile and modular housing solution.

casas-pequenas-y-bonita-koda-kodesma-interior-options small-and-beautiful-houses-koda-kodesma-interior-salon small-houses-and-beautiful-koda-kodesma

Small houses and beautiful modular house ÖÖD

ÖÖD is another cottage in Estonia, ÖÖD has these is one of these little houses, which are easily among the most beautiful on the list. This house is built in 8 hours, these houses have glass facades that not only reflect the exterior environment and provide privacy, but also allow light and views from the inside despite the location.


Some of the other interesting features of the place are wifi, floor heating, Bose sound system and a large television screen. The ÖÖD house can be sold as a complete game.


However, manufacturers and buyers must consider the negative criticism that this design has received for being a deadly trap for birds, which fly without suspecting anything and then die due to an impact on the collision.


Jaak and Andreas Tiik of ÖÖD, have designed this prefabricated modular house that can be installed in any space. Functionality and comfort is the main objective of the ÖÖD projects, since they are intended to be located in several places for short-term accommodation.


Inside, the space has been intelligently decorated and organized to emphasize the different areas within the interior. In the bedroom area, a trundle bed can be pulled out under the wooden frame bed for additional sleeping space. A black chair and a black and white floor. The lamp at the end of the hallway provides a good place to read and relax.


Small and beautiful houses POD Idladla

If simple life means living happier, you will find bliss in the POD-Idladla, a compact prefabricated home for two that can be moved to almost anywhere you want. The South African-based architect Clara da Cruz Almeida collaborated with local design firm Dokter + Misses to create the modular, solar-powered nano-home that can be customized to customer specifications.


The minimum and lovely mobile capsule is shipped in a flat package and is built in the blink of an eye. The façade painted white and mint green reflects the strong sun to keep the interior cool, while the multiple openings and operable accordion doors promote natural ventilation.

POD-idladla-house-small-interior Pod-Idladla-modern-options