Slate paint to decorate your wall easily and original

Double bed room

Every day offers something new to remember. We propose great and original ideas to decorate bedrooms with paint slate. Ideal for jotting down dreams in the morning, shopping list, or just playing with the imagination by drawing.

Slate paint for dining room or living room wall

Paint slate wall living room living room

We can have a different bedroom every day if we use slate paint to decorate walls. Another of the benefits offered by this type of painting is its easy maintenance, we all remember how simple it was to erase with a rag or sponge what written with chalk on the school blackboard, slate painting is therefore ideal for children's bedrooms, but Not exclusively, as we can see in the photographs of bedrooms Of adults, living rooms or even offices or offices.

Slate painting on several asymmetrical walls

Painting of slate several asymmetrical walls

In workspaces, the blackboard allows the saving of paper, in addition to giving a more informal and pleasant. Also in the adult rooms is very current. At the same time it reminds us of our childhood years, it brings a touch of privacy, depending on our choice for the type of wall.

Paint slate for ceiling and wall Paint slate colors ceiling wall slate

If we place it at the head of the bed, it will immediately catch our attention when entering the bedroom, so we can take advantage of this situation to put on the board the most striking elements of our decor . Instead, if we choose the slate painting for some of the side walls, the effect will be different since we will probably be able to contemplate the slate from the bed, seconds before entering the world of dreams.

Plain slate wall paint

Paint slate wall flat love

Hence its importance, since what is written in it may be what we see in the first place just wake up and the last thing before bed. Ideal for the most creative people, the Board It can become the favorite spot for artists in the house. We offer below some of our favorite examples for spaces decorated with slate painting.

Slate panel for central salon wall Paint slate wall salon television

Small slate sheet on the wall Paint slate small picture wall headboard

Table-shaped slate for the bedroom wall Blackboard

Black slate paint for the bedroom

Painting slate lamp hanging bedroom

Colored slate paint for the wall Painting

Paint slate colors on side wall of bedroom Paint slate colors bedroom side wall

Colorful blackboard paint for wall with high contrast Blackboard

Paint slate colors ceiling wall slate Blackboard Paint slate large side wall Paint slate several walls room