Shabby chic: romantic ideas for your bedroom

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The shabby chic style consists of combining decorative elements or modern contemporary furniture with old ones that are used and restored. Born in the great country houses in Britain to this day has followers of this style that has become one of the most popular in the world not only in rural areas.

The shabby chic inspired by the idea of ​​commemorating the romantic past and achieving an overall elegant effect by recycling old furniture and fabrics.

Shabby chic gives a romantic air to the bedrooms

Shabby chic white pretty romantic shabby chic design style

These decoration ideas have as fundamental purpose to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere inspired by happy memories. It is a form of design that impregnates the softness of femininity, the harmony of the pastel color and the charm of the old elements. Shabby chic is distinguished by the use of light colors like pink and blue water although we can not forget that white is the key element. Also used a lot of the sophisticated whimsical style wallpaper elegant and idiosyncratic the most used floral pattern.

Shabby chic with leather bed

Shabby chic bed comfortable comfortable white style leather

Accessories of all kinds you can use to blush your bedroom in this style. Thematic accessories also enhance the image of the place. Blankets flowers and stripes combine to create an impressive unified pastel shades of lilac, pink, yellow or intense in the flowers borrowed directly from Mother Nature will please anyone's taste. Use mirrors or shelves to create the focus of the bedroom and from there adds the other accessories.

Very comfortable and spacious bed

Shabby chic comfy bed floral pattern decoration pillows

The range of vintage utensils is very spacious lamps mirror shelves old glass bottles all you can wear are in the shabby chic style. Mirrors as we have said can not miss the shape and the frame no matter how simple and subtle or bold and energetic the important thing is that you like it. There is plenty of heart-shaped variety for your romantic bedroom or oval, French-style square with trimmings. An elegant mirror mirror panel can perfectly replace the back of the bed that can give character and personality to any white bedroom.

A lovely bedroom very romantic wing style shabby chic

Shabby chic bed backdrops colors champagne bright furniture

The main feature of the furniture that you should use for your romantic bedroom in the shabby chic style is that they are aged. You can choose furniture that by age has a worn look or you can achieve it yourself. The furniture and the period decoration bring a harmony and a fantastic atmosphere. Choose furniture with history and personality The best place for this are the antique shops but that is not mandatory as this style is created for people who do not like stores.

Bed with silver edges very distinguished

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Entering the garage or store of your house another idea is to visit your grandparents in the village, we assure you that you will find true jewels with a little restoration will create the perfect decoration for your bedroom. The antique furniture can be easily adapted to any new and modern interior. For the illumination forget the boring lamps and let your imagination fly bird cages converted into lamps also the crystal tears lamps when bigger better.

Pink bedding matching with wall lamps

Shaby chic combination modern old style clothes bed pink floral motif

Shaby chic is a very feminine style keep in mind that we should share it with guys so we can not pass. The things that should decorate this space are lace cubes laces or tin cans birds and flowers decorative lamps and decorative clocks and sinkholes. We have to be careful not to abuse with the pink floral prints furniture too worn because it is very easy to fall in the style of a grandmother's house.

Mirrors with carved stone frames and shabby chic style pendant lamps

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Wallpaper with floral prints

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A very fine simple romanticism

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Bed that invites you to settle and rest pleasantly

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Furniture with mirror very useful in the bedroom

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