Shabby chic - 25 ideas for a sublime style

Style shabby table roses objects

Awesome and really adorable. We present the style"Shabby chic"for the Decoration of interior spaces . Now you can turn your home into a real retro dollhouse.

We will see the importance of the smallest details, everything can be decorated in a way that stands out to the eye.

Shabby Chic style decoration

Deco painted boats beige

Let's start paying attention to the colors. Pale pink predominates, and we will try not to get too much out of the pastel color range although we can always complement our shabby chic decor with a lot of white. That is to say, lighting In abundance, we seek the sweetness and purity in the environment.

Shabby Chic Style Bathroom Decor

White bathtub shabby chic chair

Looking somewhat childlike at the same time as vintage, this style is overloaded with Ornaments of all kinds . We see everywhere flowers, laces, lace and prints that make the little girl we all carry inside want to go out to play again to make tea in her beautiful porcelain tableware.

Shabby chic style items with flowers

Shabby style flowers flowers

The peculiar and extravagant of this style is that according to its literal meaning are mixed and transformed old and worn elements. With them it has managed to create a very feminine and pleasant aspect, although we understand that it is not suitable for everyone. We can also beautify some old furniture to give them a touch Shabby chic personal.

Shabby chic style flower boxes

Shabby chic flowers round boxes

Using for example furniture linings with prints and floral motifs we can decorate some larger objects. If we paint some old picture frames and white mirrors leaving imperfections we will get a more special and retro look. And of course, without forgetting the ties. They serve everything practically, so we can improvise without fear.

Bed with pink mosquito net with cushions

Adorable Pink Bed Cushion Bedding

As a suggestion we will add that in antique dealers we can buy the perfect pieces for a shabby chic decoration. Wooden furniture with metal parts that we will later paint and varnish to become the objects of a pretentious lady of the old aristocracy.

Retro style decoration with wicker basket

White decoration shabby chic basket

Great room with wooden ceiling

Super loft with wooden ceiling Pale pink girl's room

Pink girl room Vintage style lamp with stickers and bows

Shabby style lamp stickers Various white shabby chic lamps with lace

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