Semi-combed hairstyles with braids for very modern weddings

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In today's article I will dedicate myself to talking about the semi-combed hairstyles with braids for weddings. Among the photos that I have selected you will find images of hairstyles for both brides , as for the guests.

Some of the hairstyles are quite natural, so the appointment at the hairdresser becomes unnecessary, since they can easily be done at home. I hope you enjoy the ideas presented below.

Semi-combed hairstyles with braids for weddings

semi-combed hairstyles with braids-elegant

Lately and in many of our articles we have talked about braids as an interesting component and, sometimes, even indispensable in hairstyles. The truth is that there are so many types of braids that our hairstyle can look different every time if we use a different braid.

semirecogidos hairstyles-modern women

On the other hand, in wedding hairstyles braids in combination with other elements of the hairdressing world create unique and impressive hairstyles. In addition, the good thing about braids is that they can turn the natural hairstyle into elegant and, at the same time, can increase the naturalness of hairstyles.

half-collected hairstyles-women-wedding

In turn, for this article most of the photos I have selected illustrate some hairstyles half collected and this feature also plays in favor of naturalness. This is curly or wavy hair, often with a braid that passes through the upper part of the mane or that has been used to create a bow or some other adornment.

Let's experiment with semi-combed hairstyles with braids!

hairstyles with side-wedding braids

After you have seen the ideas I offer you, I encourage you to experiment and try these models. It is possible that to get the effect of one of the half-combed hairstyles have to make a change of look, which should not scare them. The haircuts or wicks the only thing they will do is not only give a new touch to your image, but also improve it.

hairstyles with side-modern braids-weddings

It is very important that you keep in mind the following: if you want to make a special hairstyle for a wedding or for any event, before proceeding with the hairstyle it is advisable to cut the ends. In this way, the hair will gain more life and movement, which on the one hand makes the task of the hairdresser a bit difficult, but on the other hand, the hairstyle will look much better.

modern hairstyles with braids-weddings

Also, if you choose one of the bridal hair styles with volume and movement, the wicks will be in your favor. All these things do not have to be forgotten because these are some very easy key points that will help them improve their hairstyle and their image. On the other hand, this is extremely important when it comes to a semi-recruit, since then a large part of your hair is visible.

hairstyles for brides-hair-picked

On the other hand, as you can assume in the hairstyles collected with braids or without braids, the hair is much more hidden and imperfections are hidden. In spite of everything, if you want to increase the naturalness of such a hairstyle, my advice is to leave some strands or loose hairs on the sides of the face and also on the nape of the neck.

Semi-combed hairstyles with braids in a long hair

semirecogidos hairstyles with braids-women-weddings

It is not a secret and for all of you it is very clear that a long hair allows many more variants in hairstyles and hairstyles than a short hair. In the vast majority of cases, when the hair is shorter with it, hairstyles are collected, if extensions are not added. On the other hand, as you can see in the images with long hair you can play with the shape and volume and, in addition, you can take advantage of them.

hairstyles for brides-semirecogidos-braids

In these photos you can see some simple hairstyles with braids in which the maximum difficulty is in the type of braid and the technique of creating it. A hairstyle for which the side tufts have been used to make a semirecogido is very well and is very natural. On the other hand, originality in the hairstyle can be introduced by making a braid with two thicker tufts. It is important that the strands are thicker because otherwise the volume of the braids in their hair will be lost.

semi-combed hairstyles with braids-women

At the same time, from the semi-recruits we can go to the hairstyles with side braids also collected for girls who have long hair. Do not forget that the curls, braids and to some extent the undulations will make them lose the length of their hair. Therefore, in these cases it is very important that your hair is long so that the braid can rest on your shoulder and fall freely towards the arm or chest.

Semi-combed hairstyles with braids and collected with wavy hair

semirecogidos hairstyles with braids-brides-modern

However, having shorter hair does not have to discourage you when choosing modern hairstyles with braids. In this section you will see some very modern and beautiful collections that will make you have a very elegant image on your wedding day. On the other hand, the element of the undulation in hairdressing can also appear in its appearance. See how you can combine them.

semi-combed hairstyles with braids-brides

Keep in mind that when the hair is curled slightly or wavy before proceeding with the collection, it will look very different. In the photo above you can see two very similar collected that differ especially for this detail. In the case of ripples we have more style and a much more sophisticated hairstyle, we could even say: a very different hairstyle. On the other hand, in the photo on the left, the lack of undulations turns the collected into a hairstyle that is closer to those collected from newspapers.

semirecogidos hairstyles with braids-women-wedding

Do not forget that when we add fashion braids to hairstyles we can do it so that it becomes a decorative detail. In the photo above you can see an example of this statement. In addition, this hairstyle is also highlighted by the volume that has been given to the hair at the roots, before picking it up, and by the thick lock that has been left loose to one side. If your hair is shorter, the strand that can be left hanging can be located on the side of the hairstyle.

Ways to introduce the braid in semi-combed hairstyles with braids

modern hairstyles with braids-women

On the other hand, the element of the braid can be introduced in many ways in their side hairstyles or in any type of hairstyle. One of the ways you can add it is with a bow made with a braid. In general, the easiest way to make it is to make a pigtail, braiding it and then winding it into a bun. To make the hairstyle look more interesting and original can add some decorative detail such as ties or hairpins.

hairstyles collected with braids-women-wedding

At the same time, the braids are very good when we separate the hair into two halves: one upper and one lower, and we braid the upper half. The originality of this hairstyle is observed when the braid is made interestingly. In the photo above you can see an example of an original braid and the look it gives to the hairstyle. In addition, two much smaller ones have been made on both sides of the braid.

hairstyles collected with braids-women

On the other hand, there are hairstyles for which the ripples of the hair have to be made in a specific way. It is a light ripples that, at the same time, are very close to each other. There are many models of hair irons that make this type of ripples, however, another way to make them is with braids. For that, they only have to braid their hair when it's wet and sleep with braids. The next day, when they are removed, they will see the result.

Semi-combed hairstyles with very original and interesting braids for your weddings

fashion braids-hairstyles-wedding

Next, I have selected a series of photos of collected with braids that are surprising and incredible. It is a great professionalism to make these hairstyles and you can check that in each of the images the level of difficulty of the hairstyle is increasing. In the photo above you can see three different types of braids. Choose the one you like the most for the occasion.

simple hairstyle with braids-weddings

On the other hand, in this photo you can also see three different hairstyles with the element of the braid included in them. In the first photo, the braid has been used to make two bows with half hair. In the second forum, the braids are two, one on each side of the head, and have been rolled up creating a bun with a lot of volume on the underside of the head. And, third, we see a braid on the side with a series of ornaments in the center of the braid itself.

wedding hairstyles-women-hair-long

On the other hand, in the image above I offer you a hairstyle in which the undulations of the hair are combined with a large braid. The hairstyle and the braid are made in a loose way which does not allow us to clearly differentiate where one ends and another begins. In the upper part of the hairstyle, the braid is easily distinguished, however, in the lower part the elements are melted.

More ideas of semirecogidos hairstyles with braids for a long hair

semi-combed hairstyles with braids-weddings

One of the things that fill the natural hairstyles when we have long hair braids, are the locks loosely. In this way, apart from the natural touch we give to the hairstyle, we also give it volume at the top. In addition, the strands seem to come out freely from the hairstyle, as if the hairstyle were its natural state.

hairstyles half-picked-brides

On the other hand, the semirecogidos hairstyles with double braids are also very original. These are two braids, each of which is made on one side of the head, and are on the back. However, when the hair is longer, the braids do not have to be made until the end of the strands, because afterwards they will be loose. Ideally, make them to the point where both braids are crossed back in the head.

semirecogidos hairstyles-weddings-brides

When we talk about two braids, made on the sides of the head, a very interesting variant is when once crossed, both braids form a single one. An example of this hairstyle, you can see in the photo above. However, you can also observe that the two braids are made differently, they follow a type of braids inverted inwards. Instead, in the braid that fall towards the back we can see the detail of the knot made with the hair.

A diversity of semi-combed hairstyles with braids for weddings

semirecogidos hairstyles with braids-weddings-brides

Now, you will see some photos that show them a great diversity of semirecogidos that use the braid as an element of the hairstyle. In the photo above, the hairstyle they see is quite similar to other hair we have seen above. However, in this case, the braids do not start from the roots, but close to the point where they are.

side-braids-wedding hairstyles

On the other hand, in the hairstyle in these two photos the braid has been used to make a kind of basket on the back of the head. In contrast, in the frontal area we can see two curly strands that fall near the face. This hairstyle is very reminiscent of Roman films in which women often wear it.

braids long-modern hair-weddings

At the same time, the braid can also be made so that it follows a straight line down the back. On the other hand, when the length of the hair allows it, we can place the braid on any of our shoulders to modify its trajectory. The front strands can still appear in the hairstyle to complete your total image.

hairstyles half-collected-women-modern

Now, I'm going to leave you with more photos of semirecogidos hairstyles with braids to give you more ideas about some hairstyles that someday will do. I hope you liked the collection.

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