Scandinavian interior design styles, its most significant characteristics

Interior-Scandinavian design styles

For the elaboration of today's article I have been commissioned to collect some images with which to show them the hiding places of the style Scandinavian and its use in the interiors. For that, we are going to focus on its most significant characteristics, thanks to which in a few steps and with few efforts will achieve interior design styles Nordic very modern and original. Keep reading to discover its secrets.

Scandinavian interior design styles and their characteristics

colors for Scandinavian-house interiors

Before starting to get into the style itself, let's briefly summarize the key points to which I will refer below. In the case of the Scandinavian style, the first thing that we have to take into account are the colors that predominate in the interior, both in the walls and floors, as well as the colors of the ornaments and accessories.

colors for interiors-Scandinavian-style

Other very important elements of this interior design are the furniture and materials used for the decoration of the house itself that also includes the material of the furniture and other surfaces. On the other hand, windows are also very important, as well as lighting, and other decorative details and accessories inside.

Interior design-Scandinavian style

Let's see below with more details the reasons why the Scandinavians have chosen to introduce precisely these decorative elements in their homes and discover the ways in which you can do it.

Scandinavian interior design styles and color

colors for interiors-Nordic-style

First, the color Most used and with more mastery in Nordic interior decoration is white. In addition, we can affirm that this is the color par excellence of this style. There are other shades that appear in Scandinavian homes but the common among them all is the pastel hue. This means that the colors beige, gray and light blue, green and light brown are very appropriate to decorate.

Interior decoration-Scandinavian style

However, the dominance or presence of these colors as basic tones does not mean that they should leave the interiors with this aspect. Once they have decorated the interior space with a clear tone they have to choose another juicier color with which they will be able to give more life to their home. A good option for this purpose are the red color and the blue and green tones.

interior decoration-nordico-style

It is very likely that they ask about the reason for the use of such colors for interiors. In fact, the reason is very simple and hides in the following characteristic of this style that is the lighting and hence the presence of large windows or the presence of many windows.

Some styles of Scandinavian interior design and the importance of windows

designed interiors-Scandinavian-style

When we talk about Scandinavian housing par excellence, the presence of natural light is mandatory inside. To do this, the owners of these homes choose large windows through which they can make the most of the sun's rays.

interior designer-Nordic-style

This is the reason why the colors that dominate in these interiors are claritos. The white color and the other light shades have a reflective effect on the large surfaces of the interior and increase its light. In addition, it is also essential that they bet on naturalness not only in the lighting, but also in the decoration and the materials they use for it.

interior design-kitchen-style-Scandinavian

When it comes to walls and floors, you can bet on some wooden panels, in the case of walls, and a laminate for the floor. All these horizontal boards will increase the feeling of comfort inside the house. At the same time, if you want to revive a little inside you can do it by placing a carpet of a single color on the floor.

The use of materials in Scandinavian interior design styles

indoor-white design styles

As I mentioned above, the use of natural materials in Scandinavian interior design and decoration is very important, since naturalness is one of the main characteristics of the style. Of the photos that you can see in this article you will surely realize that the most used material is wood and they are correct. However, the Scandinavian style enjoys other decorative materials.

interior design styles-colors

Among these materials you can also find metal, which appears less frequently, but it is very good especially in the kitchen. You can bet on hanging lamps that include the metal element. In addition, for the same purpose you can choose the lamps for the decoration of the living rooms and the living rooms where they will also look great.

interior design styles-lighting

On the other hand, glass is also very suitable for decorating and can be inserted inside with a coffee table appropriate for your home. On the other hand, for the furniture you can opt for materials such as linen and cotton, while some ceramic figures will also bring their Scandinavian touch to the shelves.

Furniture in Scandinavian interior design styles

design styles of interiors-Nordics

After talking about the materials, it is not also necessary to mention the furniture theme. It is important that these are above all functional and practical. Our advice is to choose furniture that does not take up much space, since the Scandinavian style seeks maximum space inside. At the same time, their naturalness can be seen reflected in the materials from which they have been made.

Interior design styles-salons

The most commonly used materials for furniture of this style are light tree woods such as beech, birch, pine and spruce. Do not forget to include the plants in the decoration and in the colors for Scandinavian house interiors. These can be larger and can be placed in a corner so they do not take up too much space.

interior design styles-windows

As you can see, they do not need an interior designer to decorate their own home and to choose the most appropriate interior paint. They should only know what style they want to create and from there follow the steps and characteristics of the specific style.

interior and decoration-style-scandinavian

interior design and decoration-Nordic-style

interior-style-scandinavian painting

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