Sandals - secrets about how you should wear them this summer

fashion sandals

Let's talk about the fashionable shoes of the spring-summer season 2018! We believe it is time to draw your attention to our favorite sandal designs that you can easily use in your daily life during this summer season (or maybe not at all). In this collection, we have put together fabulous wedge sandals and heels, heeled sandals, as well as all kinds of flat shoes, including elegant shoes without laces and more.

Sandals for women of summer 2018

Fashion Sandals 2018

In other words, here are more interesting shoe designs, from shoes flat to high heels, from classic headdresses in neutral colors to bright and wooden embroidery, from neutral and nude colors to bright colors. As you can see, there are many colors, patterns and textures to choose from.

fashion sandals platforms

Like it or not, wedges and platforms are back in fashion. They come in crazy designs, colors and prints. We love the strapless versions that look so stylish in the 1970s. Make an amazing appearance with high wedges and bright heels, make any summer outfit look great! So, what are you waiting for? Be inspired and look at what is fashionable this evrano!

Spring / summer 2018 shoe trends

Spring / summer 2018 shoe trends

We saw all kinds of shoes to suit any style preference, with lots of practical flat and sports shoes, as well as all kinds of high heels that span the gamut from elegant and sophisticated to wild and spectacular. If you deal with rainy weather, you have a lot of boot styles to choose from with modern and retro designs, while the 2018 summer shoe trends for the hot season offer a variety of simple and delicate sandals.

Refined shoes designs

Refined designs

We talked about shoes with heels, soles and lots of what were basically thin leather cords. This type of footwear for the spring of 2018 is quite fragile, and is more suitable for occasional events when you need to look elegant, windy and without having to walk too much.

Refined designs with strips

In Y / Project, the straps of these heels climbed up the calf like a vine, an idea reinforced by the red flowers with which the strips were decorated. Delicate black numbers were also displayed on the Saint Laurent track.

Finally, in Altuzarra, the leather cord is threaded through a central panel, and wrapped around the ankle and calf, similar to Y / Project but with a darker border.

Heeled Shoes with Strap 'Em On

Heeled Shoes with Strap 'Em On

Much more reasonable than their thinner cousins, we saw many shoes with straight straps as part of the shoe trends of the spring of 2018, especially with straps that go beyond the ankle and up to the calf, gladiator style. The straps are a classic shoe design element that can be casual or more exclusive.

The models hit the Altuzarra catwalk with one of the clearest examples of this summer footwear trend of 2018. The shoes were made entirely of flat leather straps (with a variety of color options) that go to the middle of the calf

At Alberta Ferretti, we saw strap heels with a key twist around the ankle, made of more traditional leather and with a very elegant look.

Wrapped around the ankle

Wrapped around the ankle

Straps were everywhere, but this specific version of the strappy shoe designs was prominent enough to merit its own category. As part of the spring / summer 2018 footwear trends we saw many designers choose to wrap ribbons or ribbons specifically over the ankle, to better secure the heel but also to add an elegant element that makes the shoes more interesting but appropriate for any chance.

Some designers implemented this trend simply, with a strap fastened around the ankles. Those fashion brands that continued with this design included Nina Ricci and Dries Van Noten (along with beautiful boots inspired by the 60s).

Socks and sandals

Socks and sandals

It is basically mandatory every season for at least some designers to break the most basic rules of footwear, and to combine socks with sandals in various ways, none of which is the leather sandal of the garden and the white socks combo that you may remember that your uncle once used. Instead, we saw models who wore fashionable high-heeled sandals with all the sock manners, as well as some flat sandals.

Socks and shoes

At Miu Miu, we saw low-heeled shoes worn over bright neon socks, as well as flat sandals with a similar style. The socks often reached knee height, which contributed to a school girl effect that was cheeky and youthful.

Colorful half-height socks were combined with heels on the tracks of MSGM and Burberry, while dark socks made of a panty material were combined with all kinds of sandals and heels were opened in Erdem and Missoni.

Finally, we saw socks with the thick and sporty spring sandals 2018 at Marc Jacobs.

Brightness and more brightness

Brightness and more brightness

Another way to increase the shine is with leather covered in glitter. It is the equivalent of the footwear of a sequined dress, shining and catching the light in a fun way that does not seem as expensive or dangerous as having a shoe covered in jewelry. It is a perfect party choice for spring shoe trends of 2018.

In Victoria Beckham, the shine came from an abundance of glitter on the balls of her feet, and it worked very well with the softer pastel suits we saw on the runway. A lot of gloss was also used in the decoration of the boots up to the ankles with a thick wooden heel in Coach.

In Anna Sui, the designs had to do with the magic of Narnia, with bright shoes combined with socks for a unique and youthful effect. In Libertine, the comma heels became even more striking with the addition of bright fabric in a patchwork style. We also saw some shiny shoes on the Balenciaga catwalk.

Shoes with punk ornaments

Shoes with punk ornaments

If you are part of an old-school alternative group, you will be happy to know that there were some really cool punk options as part of the shoe trends for the summer of 2018, both in high heels and boots.

For example, in Prada, the black shoes were adorned with classic punk tips. In Moschino, everything revolved around the rocker boots, covered with leather straps with tacks that reminded us of the popular belts of the early 2000s.

If you really want to get to the extreme, look no further than extreme peaks at the pumps in Balenciaga. Some of the cowboy boots on Fausto Puglisi's show had a decidedly punk edge, and although we do not want to think about how country punk music sounds, that combination was great on one shoe.

Strange ideas

Strange ideas

Although these are the warmest seasons, the spring / summer 2018 shoe trends included shoes and furry boots.

The most emblematic aspect of the trend of leather footwear was seen on the Saint Laurent track, where the high boots were yeti-chic, covered with bright and colorful feathers from the ankle to the knee.

The Marco de Vincenzo shoe collection was equally emblematic for the summer season, with models wearing high-heeled and colorful sandals, except for the addition of texture in the skin path that covers some of those strips. Other labels to use leather items in their footwear collections include Marni, Roberto Cavalli and more.

Sneakers and sports shoes

Gym addicts and avid runners, the shoe trends of the summer of 2018 have you fully covered, with plenty of incredible options that will keep you in style when you exercise.

Contrary to the name on the label, the dark white runway models sported white Nike. We saw running shoes in Versus Versace and Louis Vuitton.

Sneakers and sports shoes

Both in the Emporio Armani and Valentino shows, we saw sneakers that were not sneakers, while their soles were sporty and solid, and the colors were the neons appropriate for any runner, they had a solid upper part made of a breathable material . , without seams or laces.

Loewe receives an honorable mention for the shoes that seemed to have a solid construction, with only one element that we are not sure is so practical: tips of the feet that curved upwards, perfect for the sports elf.


Oxfords shoes

The Oxfords are elegant in an androgynous style, I bet that is totally perfect for the deconstruction of the gender binary that is on the precipice of becoming something totally common.

The white oxfords with a brown sole were super stylish on the Thom Browne track, while the oxfords toasted had a similar effect on Bottega Veneta.

Dangerous snakeskin shoes

Dangerous snakeskin shoes

What better way to exude danger and ferocity than with a pair of shoes made from the skin of a poisonous creature? In our opinion, it should be done with a false version to avoid cruelty to animals. Anyway, no matter what type of snake skin you choose, it will be in style with the spring / summer 2018 shoe trends.

At Chloe, we saw all kinds of boots and shoes made of snakeskin in different colors and patterns, including a particularly beautiful pair of colors. There were snakeskin elements on the toe and behind the heel on the cowboy boots at Givenchy, while at Elie Saab we saw ultra-tight snakeskin heels.

On the Salvatore Ferragamo catwalk, the snakeskin thighs made a great impression, thanks to a retro atmosphere that was both ridiculous but sexy.

Boots with front laces

Boots with front laces

Adding laces to the front of a boot is a great design element, even if the laces are purely decorative. The laces soften the boots and make them feel more classic. It was wonderful to see many different types of boots sporting laces in the spring / summer 2018 shoe trends.

In Chloe, this design was applied to a shoe made of snakeskin, a unique combination that we would like to see appear elsewhere. The fun, modern lace-up boots come from Emporio Armani, where we saw boots with pointed toes with a colorful geometric pattern, and from David Koma, where elegant, bare, white boots were the height of sophistication.

Other brands that designed boots with front laces include Acne Studios, Celine, Ermanno Scervino and Antonio Berardi.

Buckled with buckles

Buckled with buckles

Like what happens with laces, buckles are also a design element of shoes with a long history that can be used for a retro effect, or simply in a classic shoe design. They can also be used in more avant-garde designs, of course, so in the end... it can work for anyone, and it's easy to incorporate it into your wardrobe as one of the footwear trends for the summer of 2018.

sandal with buckles

In addition to the abundance of buckle elements that we saw in all the different retro inspired shoes in shows like Miu Miu and Anna Sui, we also saw many modern designs with buckles. The white planes were doubled in John Galliano's show, while in Creatures of Comfort it was a comfortable dress with a Mary Jane style buckle.

At the Michael Kors runway, the models sported a darker heel with lots of straps buckled on the foot, as well as the opposite in comfortable-looking white sandals covered with buckles. There were some great buckles that really reminded us of the belts of Monse and Blumarine, although the effect was achieved in totally different ways.

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