Salt of the Himalayas and its effects on our body

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The concern for the quality of the food we consume has increased in recent years. Foods organic and the search for a healthy and balanced diet is today a motivation for many.

Details even as salt have become aspects of remarkable relevance to our health. In this sense the salt of the Himalayas has gained in popularity.

Salt of the Himalayas and its effects

Himalayan salt healthy effects

For some time its popularity has increased due to its quality and the effects on our body. Even in terms of quality, it is above table salt or sea salt. In comparison with the salts that we have mentioned, the benefits are greater. The first thing we must emphasize is the great variety of minerals that compose it. It also has a superior cleaning that likewise makes it something that we can not miss in our pantry. Himalayan salt effects

To understand the reason that salt from the Himalayas differently, we have to see its origin. So you have to do a little history now. Two hundred million years ago there were many beds of crystallized sea salt and covered with lava. With the passage of time this salt was covered with snow as well as ice. This created a protective layer that covered her with contamination.

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In this way they spent millennia conserving themselves in an isolated environment. The fact that the Himalayas pass through Asia and reach India is considered the purest salt on our planet. Its advantages for our organism have a lot to do with minerals and how they influence our energy.

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Many of these elements include sodium chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium of great importance to the muscular system. With the consumption of salt from the Himalayas, less sodium is ingested for each portion. This is another difference with table salt because it is less refined and has larger grains. What guarantees that salt from the Himalayas has less sodium per serving, is that its crystals They occupy less space than other salts subjected to further processing.

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In the same way it is necessary to mention the structure of this wonderful salt. It is capable of storing vibrational energy, something that makes it truly unique. The minerals are located in colloidal form, an extremely important aspect so that our cells absorb them better because of their size. The list of benefits is really extensive. If the salt of the Himalayas is consumed instead of common table salt, it will help us maintain an adequate respiratory function with healthy lungs. At cellular level we improve the pH balance making it more stable.

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The signs of aging are reduced while improving the quality of sleep. According to several studies even libido is increased and muscle cramps are avoided. Hydration problems are avoided in the same way because it increases it. The effect of the benefits even reaches the bones making them stronger.

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The conditions of high blood pressure will not be a problem either because this salt decreases them. Something of equal important form is that it helps to detoxify the organism. Especially of heavy metals improving circulation.

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Comparison with other salts

Sea salt

It is a better option if compared to common table salt. However, there is a tendency to subject it to further processing. Added to this is the increase in ocean pollution. The isolation conditions in which the Himalayan salt has been maintained makes a big difference in terms of its purity and cleanliness.

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Table salt

This is a salt that due to its extensive refining process lacks a large amount of minerals except sodium and chloride. In this long process the salt is subjected to a whitening. Cleaning is done with chemicals and then subjected to high temperatures. Synthetic iodine is usually added to table salt, which makes it much harder to absorb by our body.

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This is due mostly to the anti-caking agents that prevent it from dissolving in water. Another function is to avoid agglutination in the container where the salt is placed. Precisely are these elements that prevent it from being absorbed in our body. Over time this causes an inevitable accumulation in the organs. In the long term this deposit translates into health problems that can be serious.

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Several studies have focused on this sense showing that for every gram of table salt that our body does not process our body will consume twenty times more water in the cells. This is necessary for the chloride to be neutralized sodium which is present in the chemical treatment of this salt.

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It is perhaps the biggest cause for which he has obtained such a bad reputation in recent years. On the other hand processed foods should be considered. These already contain salt and in large quantities. In practice the solution is not even in limiting the salt intake. We must pay more attention and consume natural foods.

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So we can add salt while we are cooking without having to think about blood pressure or other problems. The great versatility of the Himalayan salt makes it perfect for healing. For example salt slabs are able to give a better taste and mineral charge.

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Under fruit, vegetables or cheese acquires a different flavor. If necessary, there is the option of heating the slabs to give a golden tone to some foods. Fish fillets or vegetables are a good example.

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With higher density, the salt blocks are good heat conductors. Another different use are detoxifying baths. They nourish our skin while stimulating circulation and soothing muscle aches.

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