Rustic farms: stylish design ideas

Rustic farms all wood furniture leather

He summer Is just around the corner and it is inevitable not to think where we will spend the August holidays that we have waited all year although the winter seems to be very far but if it is as in our images you will not be able to wait.

If you have a farm in the village here we show you some ideas for furnish The taste and touch and if you do not have these images will make you want to have a place so comfortable and cozy where you can escape on the cold days of winter.

Rustic fincas with chimney for the cold summer nights

Cottage white wall furniture fabrics

Take a look at the photo collection we show you and find the inspiration you need. There are things that can not be lacking in the rustic farms like for example the skins of wild animals or if the hunting is not his thing also a skin of cow or goat will not be bad thing. Another thing that we find in the rustic estates are the chimneys that historically were used in interiors for heating of the house and for the kitchen.

Rustic farms with wooden ceilings

Fireplace stone living room wood ceiling

But over time that changes imminently in the modern houses and the rustic estates the chimneys are used to create a place of entertainment in the cold days of winter that better than to meet in front of the chimney and to have a glass of wine in good company While enjoying the colors and the warmth of the fire. The wooden walls can not be missed in your rustic farmhouse are also very useful if you have problem in the coordination of the wall can also be used in the bathrooms if they are put away from the bathtub.

Rustic farms with kitchens that combine rustic and modern

Modern style

The wooden walls will add to your estate sobriety and naturalism do not think even a second when choosing wood wall for your farm rustica. Always using high quality wood can use different types of wood such as maple, cherry, ash, walnut etc... If you have moisture on the wall put vinyl sheets first. To make the color of the wood even brighter you can take varnish and mix it with water and paint the wall it is advisable to sand it ande to put the mixture.

Very modern rustic room with white tables

Bedroom design rustic carpet white heat

There are several ways to put wood on the wall you need to first find boards to coat the wall there are in many materials most are screwed to the wall and on them the wood is nailed so you can do it yourself. For your country estate you use particular pieces that combine beauty with functionality. Use leather furniture or furniture of leather and fabric that will finish the decoration of your country estate. The wooden furniture is another very good option. The chestnut trees are the most used. You can also add gloss to your furniture by painting them with varnish or enamel.

Very spacious bedroom with exit to the balcony


The beauty of the forms and a finished with all luxury of details will make that the elegance of your property lasts in time. For the illumination of your finca you can use candelabra or glass lamp lamps or bronze lamps to put them on the fireplace and create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere on frosty winter nights. A carved wood clock for the wall or small jars can also be part of the decoration.

Bedroom with wooden walls and large bed

Bedroom light leather bed wood

If you have free time you can find authentic treasures in the antique shops to use in the decoration of your rustic farm you can also use restored pieces or restore yourself some old things. Do not cut yourself and use your imagination, we are sure that you will make your farm a true work of art. You can inspire yourself with the following photos.

Bedroom with fireplace very cozy

Bedroom rustic bed comodo windows view

Bedroom with very modern rustic style

Bedroom rustic sparse decoration white

Very rustic finca with furniture and walls in light colors

Rustic country style decoration light colors

Rustic finca with stone walls

House many rustic style stone wall

Rustic style bathroom with wooden furniture


Very spacious rustic bathroom with stone walls

Fincas design style rustic decorated stones tub

Rustic finca with large stone fireplace

Real estate

Rustic style dining room with table perfectly decorated

Rustic farms dining table decoration flowers table

Bedroom with rustic style and furs on the beds

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