Rugged outdoor plants - the easiest to care for

Resistant outdoor plants cactuses round

For those gardens that have to overcome very high temperatures we offer a variety of outdoor plants resistant to the sun that will brighten the free spaces giving them life and color, because no matter the conditions in which it is, everything garden Needs living plants, therefore, we will always try to find the most suitable outdoor plants for our environment and our capacity for care.

Sun-resistant outdoor plants: Mexican plume Resistant outdoor plants rainwater Mexican plume

We will start by showing the Grass"Mexican feather" And easy care, since once it has roots it only needs to be watered occasionally. As we can see, at the beginning of its life this plant is totally green, but when it ripens it acquires a more golden tone that later will end when the ends emerge clusters of flowers.

Sun-resistant outdoor plants: the blue agave

Resistant agave blue outside plants

Later we can see the blue agave, commonly ornamental plant that does not require much care. It is often confused with the cactus, although it is actually related to the lily and the lily. The agave tends to acquire a large size although it grows slowly, which makes it more suitable for courtyards and gardens .

Outdoor plants: silver ear of silver mouse

Resistant outdoor plants dichondra silver waterfalls

Next we see the plant"silver mouse ear", also called"silver cataract"in other languages ​​since it tends to grow falling and letting itself hang forming a waterfall Of silver effects when the sun reflects on its leaves. It does not require practically water, so it can perfectly survive long periods of drought. It is appropriate to direct it directly towards the sun, although it also allows a partial shade.

Sun-resistant outdoor plants: cactus Plants outdoor large sun cactus

We are all familiar with the cactus plant and the diversity of its family. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, they are simple enough to look after. We can play with decor Choosing the exterior plants by size and shape.

Resistant outdoor plants: yucca with flowers

Outdoor plants yucca tough sun flowers

Finally, we will talk about"yucca parviflora", another plant that does not need practically water in summer, and none in winter. We can plant it in pots as well as directly on the floor of our garden. This beautiful plant blossoms from spring to late summer.

Outdoor plants: blue agave Outdoor plants blue agave sun

Sun-resistant outdoor plants: silver cataracts Outdoor plants silver falls

Outdoor plants: golden Mexican feather grass Outdoor plants mexican feather grass

Sun-resistant outdoor plants: Dwarf yaupon Outdoor plants yaupon dwarf

Sun-resistant outdoor plants: yucca in a pot Outdoor plants yucca planter

Plants outside cactus resistant sun flowerpot Plants outdoor resistant sun yaupon green Plants exterior tough sun dwarf yaupon Outdoor plants pink yucca