Restaurant design and style of a surprising ceiling by Pulpas

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Often when it comes to restaurants, we are not only struck by the quality of the service or the food. The atmosphere, the decoration and all the design of the space are points that can not be ignored at any time. Today we have an excellent example of that combination of restaurant design and good decor that make a visit an unforgettable moment for each client.

Restaurant design and roof style from the outside

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It is La Pilar Asador in Murcia, Spain. The Pulpas architecture studio has carried out the interior design project of this impressive restaurant. The result can be seen in the images and besides being beautiful it is always amazing. So much so that this work has earned him a candidacy as a finalist in the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2018, in the Roof category.

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As the basis of the project and all the design, the client asked the designers to use wood as material inside the grill, since it was their first memory at the time of eating a steak as a child. Restaurant design and all the beauty in the interior highlights the attractive roof of the restaurant.

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As you can see in the pictures, it is covered by a mixture of logs of wood cut in a rounded way. With an excellent combination with green glass bottles, creating an organic and wavy accent. A combination of materials that besides being beautiful is unusual, while creating an excellent combination with the natural light of space.

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To create the wavy roof, the designers digitally designed the roof, before working with local artisans to bring it to life. All the magic of La Pilar Asador does not end in this space, both restaurant design and all the decoration extend to the back. In the back of the restaurant as we mentioned other details steal our attention.

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The stairs lead to a second dining room, however, the bright white walls and hidden lighting create a completely different atmosphere compared to the main floor. It can be said that both the hidden lights and the white color of the walls are responsible for marking a different personality in one place.


Exuberant requested by our client, the project is a continuous dialogue between contemporary digital design, the manufacture of local artisans and an awareness of the local organic economy using low-tech resources.

Restaurant design and combination in wood and bottles


We focus on a striking element that could be specifically flexible lighting with the visions of our clients and could create at the same time a environment Immersive and sensible. A serene movement of the ceiling tries to overcome the duality of the past and the future by merging old material memories of the bars and contemporary digital aesthetics.


In general, the restaurant design solutions and all the beauty of the interior designed by the Pulpas architecture studio is not only aesthetically. This environmental installation on the roof in the same way solves the acoustic, luminous, climatic and aesthetic issues. As it is evident and it is appreciated in the photos, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the needs of our clients, while awakening the curiosity of the user.




Undoubtedly much of this attractiveness in the finish of the roof is the wood. For any restaurant design and space as interior finish is a material that has a unique character and warmth. As we have mentioned on other occasions, environments With walls or wooden floors tend to increase all our need for privacy and comfort.


Many times combined with details such as fireplaces and the warm effect of fire. All the texture on the surface and the regular details of the planks when repeated create a pleasant sensation of touch and rhythm. To all this we must add that wood is one of the most versatile materials.


In addition to its innate physical characteristics, we can not overlook that it is at the center of the range of hard and soft materials. As a material it covers a fairly extensive list of different species. All grouped in the nobles, or hard or soft or recognized conifers.


Each of them has unique characteristics that often determine the use for any type of project. Both for interior spaces or exterior finishes of any building. In the case of the hard ones we must mention oak, teak or mahogany.


These are among the most prized for their solidity and resistance to the passage of time. Actually the variety is much greater than in the case of so-called softwoods. Something that tends to make them interesting is that they differ widely in color and texture. It must be mentioned that they are more expensive and more difficult to obtain. The banks are usually less durable but as advantage have a faster growth.