Recipes of easy and rich desserts with watermelon to enjoy in summer

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The watermelon It is the favorite fruit of summer that doctors advise to take every day. This food provides us with a large amount of water and very few calories.

Thanks to the properties of watermelon, our organism can enjoy a healthy heart, a body without muscular pains and great hydration, among other benefits. That is why it is so important that they include it in their diet. Next, I'm going to present you some easy dessert recipes I have selected to make your menu more interesting and interesting.

Easy dessert recipes to prepare at home with watermelon

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The first recipe with which they are found is a delicious cream that combines the taste of watermelon with the taste of melon. The disposition of the products and the ingredients is better done in a glass of crital to be able to offer a beautiful and original presentation to the people who are going to consume it. The ingredients that you will need to make the creams are the following:

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To prepare the cream with watermelon you need a cup of watermelon puree, a teaspoon and a half of gelatin powder, a little cold water, a quarter of sugar and vanilla, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and half a cup of cold cream . On the other hand, for the melon cream they need the same ingredients and the same proportions, but changing the watermelon puree for melon puree and the steps they have to follow to prepare it are the same for both creams.

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To prepare it first you have to mix gelatine with cold water in a bowl. The watermelon puree should be placed in a pot along with the sugar and juice lemon and they have to heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves. When it has dissolved they have to cool it in the fridge. Meanwhile the cream have to beat it with the vanilla and add it to the watermelon. If necessary, they can add more cream, but remember that the mixture must be homogeneous. Then just pour the mixture into glasses and leave them in the refrigerator for at least 45 minutes to cool.

Easy dessert recipes for making watermelon muffins at home

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To prepare these easy and rich desserts, you need the following products for four muffins: 50 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of flour and butter, 1 egg and a half envelope of yeast and a slice of watermelon. The first thing you have to do to prepare these easy homemade desserts is to mix sugar and butter. Then they have to add the egg, the yeast and the flour and they have to crush the watermelon.

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To the mixture that has left them they have to add the crushed watermelon and mix and when they have mixed the products well, they have to fill the molds and put them in the oven for about 35 minutes. In general, the temperature at which they have to be made is at 200 degrees. When this time has passed, they have to take them out and continue with the decoration.

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When you unleash the muffins, the decoration can be made to your liking. The cream will combine very well with the taste of the watermelon inside the cake. The decoration with leaves and blackberries will give them an attractive and pleasant image that combines perfectly with the hot summer days.

A cheesecake and easy dessert recipes with watermelon

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The easiest way to prepare this dessert is to make a watermelon cake with cheese. For that, first they have to remove the crust from the watermelon and cut it into slices. When they have finished with the watermelon, they have to proceed with the preparation of the cream cheese. To do this, they have to mix the cheese with condensed milk and cover all the slices of watermelon.

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Then, they have to introduce the slices with the cream in the fridge to cool and for the cream to reach a more uniform and solid texture. Afterwards, they can use other pieces of fruit or nuts to decorate the slices. Once they have reached this point, the slices can be placed on top of each other or with them they can make small cakes.

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The most appropriate combination in terms of colors is the placement of red fruits on the top of the cake or the cake. Do not forget that you can also place some green leaves to complete the decoration of the cake. Then, they just have to put it in the fridge and serve it cold. This is one of the easy cold desserts to serve.

A watermelon and mint slushie to make some easy dessert recipes at home

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Now, I'm going to present you two easy cold dessert recipes to make granita with watermelon and mint at home. The difference between both consists in the final result and in the way of consuming the dessert. The products you will need are about 800 grams of watermelon, a bag of mint infusion and some mint leaves.

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When they have removed the seeds from the watermelon, they have to liquefy it and prepare the infusion. Then, they have to add the infusion to the watermelon and mix well. They have to let the mixture cool to put it in the freezer. If they want to consume it as ice cream or ice cubes, they have to find the appropriate molds for it.

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On the other hand, if they want, they can also prepare a slush for drinking in the same way. To do this, they have to follow the same steps, but in the end, when the watermelon and mint cubes have been frozen they have to be removed and crushed. The mint leaves have to be used to decorate the dessert. Then, I leave you with other recipes to make homemade desserts with very original watermelon.

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I hope the dessert recipes have been interesting enough for you to try them at home.

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