Recipes of antioxidant drinks, blackberry lemonade and its benefits

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The health issue is one of the most current today and that is why we are talking about him lately. In today's article I will focus on the blackberries and the benefits that we can draw from them and we will see some beverage recipes with lemons and you dwell. Remember that the combination of vitamins taken from fruits is the best immune solution for the organism. Keep reading and you will discover more about the subject.

Beverage recipes with blackberries and their benefits

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On the benefits and properties of lemons we have spoken in many of our articles, so today I will not pay much attention. You should know in advance that lemons are one of the citrus fruits that contain many vitamins and, more specifically, vitamin C. In addition, this fruit also contributes to detoxification and has a great antioxidant power.

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On the other hand, blackberries also stand out for the antioxidant vitamins they contain, such as C and E. In addition, blackberries also help and control the level of cholesterol in the blood and, in this way, improve our cardiovascular system. At the same time, they give us a lot of iron, a very important substance for hemoglobin and also for the composition of the blood.

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On the other hand, blackberries help the digestive system, through the contribution of other vitamins and substances that promote this action of the organism. The reason why he can help our stomach in this way is by helping him to digest and crush the heaviest and most difficult foods. This makes it a very appropriate food for people who after eating often have heaviness or stomach pains.

More benefits of blackberries and drink recipes with them

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Another benefit that these fruits give us is related to the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, whose effect can interfere with brain function. Our whole blood system is connected to the brain, so if it works well, the risk of suffering a stroke is significantly reduced.

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In addition, of all these benefits, the berries also help with vision and could prevent cancer. This is due to the high content of antioxidants that provide our body. In this way, they help to cleanse and purify it. At the same time, they are very beneficial for premature aging.

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All these factors and benefits are closely related to the immune system and hence prevent and help the flu and viruses. These properties also apply to the respiratory system against asthma, cough and any type of respiratory condition.

Recipes of drinks with blackberries and lemons

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After having seen the most significant benefits we can obtain to protect our health, the time has come to move on to recipes for cocktails and drinks prepared at home. Keep in mind that homemade products are much healthier than those we can find in the market, even if the products are obtained from there.

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The recipe that you will see below is prepared with a cup of blackberries or raspberries that is preferable to be frozen and with five lemons. First, they have to squeeze the lemons and leave their juice aside. Then, they have to fill a jug with a liter of water and they have to add the juice of the squeezed lemons.

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To savor exotic drinks a little sweeter, they have to add some sugar. The proportion of sugar they have to pour into the water is one-fourth of a cup. However, to make sure that the sugar has dissolved, it is advisable to first dissolve it in a little hot water that will have to throw the rest of the water in the jar.

The rest of the steps in the preparation of drinks recipes with blackberries

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Then, to complete the salor and essence of the drink, you have to add strawberries or whole blackberries. If they want they can also be crushed or squeezed but the classic way to prepare the drink is with the whole fruits. Also, they have to keep in mind that when they are crushed, the seeds will remain floating in the water and they will have to strain it.

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Once they have followed all these steps and have prepared their drink the way they like it most, they have to put the jug in the fridge to serve it cold. As you can see, these are soft drinks that are very easy to prepare and in a short time. From the steps explained above, you can experiment and add the components you want.

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On the other hand, this recipe can be used as a basis for other types of alcoholic beverages. Instead, they have to remember that alcohol usually transforms the substances in fruits. This means that the amount of vitamins and the level of properties they will absorb from them will be much smaller.

An easy way to acquire vitamins from beverage recipes

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At the same time, these drinks are very refreshing for the summer and, after cooling, they can add crushed ice or, this step can even incorporate it in the preparation of the soft drink. In this way, you will be enjoying some natural vitamins that will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals you need.

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If you want, you can also serve glasses decorated with lemons placed on the edges of the glass or can also make decorations with spikes with nails. All this will depend on your imagination and your desire to decorate the glasses.

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In addition, the mint leaves will help them in the decoration task and they can be introduced both in the liquid and placed in the form of an ornament. I hope that the recipe has been interesting for them and that they are encouraged to prepare it and to try it in their homes. You can also take a look at the other articles related to the topic to increase their ideas about it.

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