Pools: give yourself an unforgettable summer

Blue white pool two levels spectacular view

With the advent of summer When the weather gets hotter they feel like putting on the swimsuit and spending the whole day in a cold and refreshing pool. When we do not live near the sea the pools are our escape from the heat and the storm.

Not everyone is blessed with having a pool in the back garden but for those who are already can think of one or more accessories for the space Which surrounds your pool to make this season unforgettable.

Striking color mosaics for all types of pools

Deck black sun loungers garden mosaic waterfall

The architecture Modern has revealed and has offered several different and irregular forms of pools depending on their space. We show you some of the most popular trends that will transform the landscape next to your pool. There is nothing like the glow of an impressive waterfall or fountain for your pool. Also a bridge that gives you the possibility of crossing the pool without getting wet.

A bridge as a pool decoration

Garden pool bridge plants hang wall

The market has many new tiles and tiles for your pool. Equip your pool with underwater lighting so you have the opportunity to use your pool When the sun goes down. Add color and texture to your pool decorating it with stones The best options that we present are: pavers that you can find in different colors, use boulders for the space that surrounds your pool you can create with them interesting formations you can also use stones of river or Colored polished stones to liven up the landscape even more.

Small pools in the back garden

Wall swimming pool decoration cobblestones precious

Feel like on the beach adding sand to the space surrounding your pool along with a beach-themed decor bringing the sea in your back garden. We can not forget the vegetation a palm trees will give a tropical touch the evergreen trees and climbing plants are also very good idea.

Swimming pool surrounded by palm trees that give a tropical touch to your garden

Small pool

A very large pool with underground lighting

Pool large mosaic lighting large deck

Pools with lots of vegetation around which create a very natural environment

Pool shape interesting lawn palm trees back garden

A refreshing place for the family near the pool

Large pool large back palm trees garden

A rural garden with round shaped pool

Round pool rural water plants around

A pool with several falls and very large river stones

Pools fall many levels night interesting Pools fall stones large vegetation edge Pools basket fall fountains children bright Swimming pools garden waterfall design underground lighting Pools palms water palm trees tropical staircase Bridge swimming pool color stairs lawn interesting