Platform in the garden, new ideas for relaxation.

Platform furniture terrace pool loungers luminaires

Sometimes we need to bring some life to our old garden or just make it more functional and attractive. An easy way would be a deck-shaped deck for the garden.

They are easy to build and can replace the cover of a cracked concrete yard. The platform gives us the opportunity to have in our own garden or patio a beautiful and new outdoor space.

Table on wooden platform

Table garden chairs table rustic ferns

Wood is the predominant material in the construction of the platform. The beauty and texture that transmits to our garden Is unparalleled. In case of having space we could locate it near fountains or ponds in the backyard. Another variant would be to add a roof also made of wood that could be covered only with plants of our choice. The positive aspect of being roofed is that it would allow us to enjoy our platform in the garden regardless of weather conditions.

Garden platform with metal chairs

Platform garden umbrellas metal chairs table

You can also walk barefoot and enjoy the relaxing effect of the wood under your feet, which is always warm due to sunlight. You can also make a covered deck, near the pool to lie down To the sun, or create a space to eat outdoors in the garden. On the platform we can add some plants in pots that in combination with some lights would create an amazing effect.

Garden and outdoor dining area


The larger trees in the garden besides enhancing the environment could serve to design a platform around them specifically. If you are looking for romance a jacuzzi and a plate for garden fires near the deck would be ideas to keep in mind. Find the platform that suits your garden or patio, but without doubt you can venture into the unequaled pleasure of Build it . If you are fortunate enough to enjoy one here, you will find some designs to take to the next level.

Platform with lounger in backyard

Platform garden loungers flowers outdoor curtains

Stepped garden with platform

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Platform in backyard with wicker furniture

Garden wood furniture wicker back roof

Covered platform with sunlounger

Garden wood furniture outdoor roof sun lounger

Garden with outdoor dining area

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Luminaires in jarin with sun loungers

Garden deck chairs luminaires patio wood platforms

Covered platform and outdoor furniture

Modern garden platforms cushions outdoor wood

Garden with platform decorated with pots and cushions

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Modern design with pots and furniture for outdoor

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