Plants, a touch more than tropical for your garden.

Tropical medicinal plants flowers garden

Do you live in a part of the world where hot summers are the norm, and winter temperatures can fall below zero? In other words, is not it a tropical climate?

Well, we can turn the thing around and add some tropical vegetation. These plants add a large colorful And give contrast in the environment. Although it is most convenient that they be planted only in containers that can be moved to the most comfortable places when time fluctuates. This may be the perfect solution for climates that are less tropical.

Plants combined with paving stones

Plants gardens fountain modern landscape Potters that are not large can be moved indoors during the winter or move into the shade during the hot summer. There is nothing like a garden full of tropical plants, one of the variants that we can employ would be vertical gardening. The Begonia is ideal for coating Walls Or some structure of wood that we have as a ceiling or partition wall. This option is especially appropriate for hot months because it provides greater freshness and at the same time as design is very elegant. Tropical plants in pots Natural plants interior decoration aromatic patio To add height, consider sturdy plants with a tropical look, such as bamboo. Bamboo is difficult to extend to other areas of the patio but gives great beauty. To highlight the shapes of plants, whether vegetation tropical Or not, consider the use of lighting. Bright colors and tropical plants are enhanced by the strategic use of lighting. Bamboo in contrast to wall Plants plant flowers parts landscaping garden Color is an important component in any garden. Try painting an outer wall with a vibrant color. For example, an orange wall is a radiant focal point in the open space over which the plants would remarkably stand out. While designing our dream garden we enjoy the design of these beautiful outdoor spaces. Plants with decorative rocks in wavy style Tropical plants outdoor aquarium indoor garden Flowers at low height highlighting window Tropical garden flowers gardening modern landscaping Garden with waterfall in the center Plant exotic garden natural gardening decoration Lagoon with plants and rocks Modern patio decoration aromatic gardening Wooden furniture with plants in the background Patio plants decoration wood furniture flowers Cactus in pots with colored background Plant cactus types marble decorative pots Dynamism through a wavy design Planting tropical landscaping patio plants photos Plants artificial gardens modern flowers landscaping Tropical Tropical patio photos plant outdoor landscaping Plants tropical lighting patio garden landscaping