Plans of houses and apartments in 3 dimensions

Flat house green garden large

Today we present fifty House plans And apartments in 3d of different types of architecture. The examples we have collected can serve as a model for the location of furniture and rooms in your new home, or simply to give you innovative ideas to transform your current home.

Plans of houses and flats in 3 dimensions

Nice flat flat small terrace
As we can see, in smaller spaces and in small flats the visualization of 3d house plans is quite useful. We can appreciate more space by adopting a macro view and this will serve to make the most of the resources available to us. In addition, the models we have chosen for you can also help you choose a style of architecture More concrete for your home.

Floor plan with one bedroom

Snow white house

In the picture above we can see an apartment looking youthful and modern. The living room is the largest floor space, and is attached to the kitchen and dining room without a wall separating them. In this way you can get a feeling of greater breadth if we also choose clear colors for the Interior decoration .

Plans of family houses

House corner flat white heptagono

Let's look at some of the plans for one-story family homes. In this example we appreciate a good use of spaces. The structure of the house itself is geometrically irregular and narrows in certain areas creating corners and small corners that have been used intelligently to place small washbasins or cabinets.

Family house with four bedrooms

House flat flat white

The following model shows a large house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms . The living room is on one side and extends to the other end of the house thanks to a large corridor that is used as a dining room or living room so that on both sides this space is very well lit thanks to the terraces.

Plans of houses with four rooms

House flat large white three

The next apartment also has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, although the appearance is of a more compact space, and is that in this case each cabin is separated with the exception of the dining room, which is the first thing we will find when accessing from the front door.

Flat of house with two large terraces

Flat house garden umbrella two

Next, a house in which much importance is given to the balconies and Terraces Outside. Although the interior has been used to great advantage, we are struck that the two terraces together practically reach the same volume as the whole interior. The house has two large and two small rooms, all separated by a large hall with long corridor.

Plans of houses of different plants

House flat link black floor

The plans of houses will also serve to know the structure of constructions of several plants, so that we also present some examples of floors and plants separately. In this image we are on the ground floor of a multi-storey house. Here you will find the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, small terrace and laundry room, where the refrigerator has been placed so as not to eliminate space in the kitchen.

Plan of house with garage

House garden large green flat

In the following example of ground floor, instead, the location of meeting places has been chosen. In it we can find a living room, a living room, a large dining room next to the kitchen with bar, and another smaller and closed, for more formal and busy meals. The next apartment consists of two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Two bedroom house with small terrace

Small flat Again we find a large dining room that ends in a small terrace taking advantage of its natural light. Space has been used in a very functional way and nothing remains in disuse. In the same way in the following example we can see that the larger spaces have been allocated to the rooms and the living room, leaving a smaller cabin to be used as a gym or storage room, a great idea.

Modern style house with two bedrooms

Flat white house skys young Modern minimalist design house plan

Flat Flat of house with two rooms and garden

House flat irregular shape garden Flat one-bedroom apartment

House flat many colors small Floor plan of three rooms

House plans small patio flowers Flat house with garden and garage

Luxury house flat garden Flat of house with two rooms

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