Personalized gift ideas for teens - 7 amazing tutorials


Looking for the best gift ideas for teenagers made by hand. Here we have prepared some crafts to surprise your teenager with something special. To the teenagers They love making and receiving fun gifts, so we put together the best list of creative ideas for them. The years of adolescence are the most beautiful, fun and happy part of our lives simply because they are the phase of a person's life in which we are children and adults at the same time. This means that we can do children's things but decide as an adult. How to choose something to give to a friend? For example, we can ask what present would you? What are your favorite colors? What interests do you have? If you are a teenager looking for gift ideas, you are in the right place! And if you are a father trying to find the best gift to give to your teenager, do not look for another place because here we have a list of the best gift ideas for your teenagers!

Gift ideas for teens - Macrame easy friendship bracelets

gift ideas-bracelets-macrame-teenagers-crafts

The first idea that we present to you is a very easy to make macramé bracelet and it is perfect to become a friendship bracelet although it is very different from the traditional bracelet. This two tone woven bracelet can be made with any string or embroidery thread and can be easily removed by adding a button closure. This fun little piece is proof that the best crafts can be simple!

What we need to make our own macrame friendship bracelets:

Thread or rope of the colors that you like



Glue (optional)

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First, cut the thread the length depends on you but you will need approximately 2 meters of thread. This will be a little longer than what you need, but it is better to have more than in the end to see that you do not have enough! They can be the same but better done in two different colors.

Now, measure approximately 30 centimeters and bend the thread. This will give you two lengths of 30 centimeters and 2 of 180 centimeters. Tie a knot that will be the cycle for the closing of your button, so make sure your button fits this cycle.


Now, secure your bracelet to your work surface. You can stick it with adhesive tape, fix it to something: we advise you to use a clipboard to keep it fixed while you work.

Personalized gift ideas for teens - 7 amazing tutorials

Easy macrame friendship bracelets Separate the threads, leaving the two short in the middle, and the two long ones on the sides. Now, take one of the long threads and tie it around the two middle threads. If you made friendship bracelets when you were a child, this will be a very familiar knot for you.

Then, make a second knot with that same cord.

Now, alternate with the other thread (in this case, the green). Repeat the process, making two knots. Keep the sides alternate, making two knots on each side.

gift ideas-bracelets-macrame-adolescents-knots

When you have enough length (approximately 15 centimeters long woven bracelet, more or less if your wrist is larger or smaller than the average), tie a knot on top to tie the bracelet. You can add a small point of craft glue to help secure it if you wish. If you stick it, you can cut the two ends near the knot.

Personalized gift ideas - bracelets

gift ideas-bracelet-macrame-different-designs

Then, take the remaining two threads and use them to tie the closure of your button. Tie a knot in your strings under the button, and again, you can use a glue stitch to help secure this knot. Here is your bracelet!


The fashion changes and lately they are very fashionable striking necklaces that are an element of statement and are a fun way to animate an outfit. We show you an idea that combines some of the most popular trends for the summer to create a colorful ombre fringe necklace with golden details. The bohemian style is perfect for this summer and this is a fun and easy way to add a touch of boho glamor to your wardrobe or make a fun gift to a friend. It's simple DIY necklace that anyone can do no special skills are required. If you can tie knots, you can make this fun necklace!

Personalized gift ideas - Precious necklace


Materials needed to make your own DIY fringe necklace:

Embroidery silk (3 colors each)

6mm gold beads

Jewelery chain



Begin by measuring a 30-centimeter thread of each thread color and set it aside. Cut the remaining thread as shown in the photo.


Then repeat with the second thread of the second color. It will leave you with many individual threads that are the same size. Thread a pearl in each thread.

gift ideas-necklace-threads-pearls

Begin to tie each strand to the longest piece that you first cut. Make sure that the heel is at the top and that the two ends of the thread are even at the bottom.


Here you can better see the knot that is made to tie this necklace.


After all the threads are tight, repeat this process with the other two thread colors, creating three layers of fringes. When the three fringe sections are complete, trim the bottom edge of each layer to shape it.


Be sure to stagger the length of each color so that they overlap. The one above is the shortest, the one in the middle is longer and the one in the back is longer. When all three colors are trimmed, place them on top of each other and tie the upper threads on each end. The arrows in this image show you where to join the layers.


Trim the excess length of the upper laces to the sides, then place the jewelery chain with the clips at each end. And voila... You have a bohemian fringe necklace, colorful and to give your best friend!

DIY personalized gift ideas


As your friend's birthday is getting closer, you feel more overwhelmed looking for handmade gift ideas to surprise. Here is an interesting and special gift that you can do without losing a lot of time. Your teen will like this colorful calendar of wooden blocks with metallic gold details. It is modern and fun, and can be used for many years so it will surely remain a good memory.

Personalized gift ideas - wooden calendar


When you prepare the gift you can also make a funny card to accompany the calendar.


The materials needed to make this wooden calendar:

Wood block calendar

Handmade acrylic paint


Gold adhesive stainless paper

Adhesive tape can use washi tape

Envelope and blank card set

Printed numbers


The first thing we must do is to paint both cubes and the three rectangular blocks that will show the months. We advise you to paint each side of a different and fun color. Next, you should look for templates on the Internet of numbers and letters and print them. Everything depends on your taste and imagination. Print your numbers and letters on adhesive sheet. Cut out the numbers and letters. Remove the excess and leave only the letters on the paper. Press the adhesive tape over the letters. Apply the months to the small blocks.


For the calendar to be functional, apply the numbers according to the order shown in the following photo. Place the numbers 0 and 5 on the top and bottom of the first cube. Then place the numbers 1,2,3 and 4 on the sides of the first cube. Place the numbers 0 and 8 in the second cube. Then place the numbers 1,2,6 and 7 around the sides of the second cube. This diagram you see in the next image illustrates the correct location of the numbers.


Since the cubes and rectangles are very colorful you can leave the outside of the calendar without decoration but this depends on personal taste.


A modern and easy-to-make cool idea that you can use as a gift or for yourself.

ideas-of-gifts-teenagers-calendar-beautiful-colorful ideas-of-gifts-teenagers-calendar-beautiful-colorful-gift

A classic gift idea is tea or coffee cups. We know that everyone needs to have a cup that differs from the others. Why not give a cup that can not be confused with someone else's cup? A cup that has been customized especially for that wonderful friend of hers.


Also if you like to draw even better.

What is exciting to use the colorful markers? No matter how old everyone likes to color.


The materials we need to create this beautiful gift cup

Permanent markers package

White or other color mug that you like

Isopropyl alcohol

Paper towel


I cleaned the surfaces of the cups with alcohol and then with a paper towel, just to make sure there were no residues left that could interfere with the markers.


You can draw something on the mug or write an appointment for your friend to start the day with a smile when you are having morning coffee or tea.


We continue with a beautiful gift that can also be a decorative element. A buna way to give another use to the pencils creating an adorable decoration. You can embellish your friend's pens and pencils and desk with this original gift. Many times although we have 1000 pencils and pens we do not find one. But to always have one on hand we advise you to create this small organizer to decorate the desk.

Perfect gifts for home-made teenagers


The elements we need to create this organizer of pencils and pens and to decorate your desk

6-7 sharp pencils

Paper flowers in purple, fuchsia and cream or colors that you like

Small green leaves

Floral ribbon

Metal pot

Glue gun

A bit of gravel or precious stones whatever you like


Begin by gluing the flowers on the erasers of the pencils. We recommend that you wrap floral cable around the pencil for greater stability. Be generous with the glue: remember, teenagers will use them a lot! And he does not want to be taken off while doing homework.


Once the glue has dried, wrap the sheet around the pencil.


Beginning with the eraser, wrap the pencil with floral tape. The floral ribbon is a bit difficult to roll because it moves a lot, so take your time and squeeze it well. We advise you to turn the pencil in your hand and let the ribbon wrap around it as it will be much easier for you. Continue until you reach the tip of the pencil and cut. The floral ribbon will stick to itself.

ideas-gifts-pencils-decoration-flowers-different-colors ideas-gifts-pencils-decoration-roses

These cute candy baskets can be filled with candy depending on the season in which it is the birthday. In this case they are full of carrots. We show you an easy project to do which is also the perfect Easter gift. They can be done in a short time once you have gathered all the materials! The hardest part may be deciding which candy to use.


And finally a very aromatic gift. This option that we show you is perfect for a summer birthday to make you dream of spending time on the beach. We share with you our idea of ​​sailing that you can give to a friend.

Personalized gift ideas for teens - 7 amazing tutorials

Materials needed to make your own DIY candle:

Natural palm wax

Wide mouth flask

Fragrance oil

Tint if you want to color your candle


Begin by melting the wax over medium heat in an old pot. At first it will be heavy. Continue heating until the wax looks clear and smooth.


Remove from heat and add approximately 20 drops of fragrance oil. Then add dye. If you think you are not mixing with the wax. It's okay! That's what gives DIY candle the original and unique color variations after it cools.


Put the wax in a taro or in the container you have chosen for your project. In the center add a wick while the wax is hot. When the wax cools you will have your candle ready.