Party makeup - take your most daring side with these ideas

party makeup

Each occasion requires a different makeup, dress, hairstyle and behavior. At work, we usually wear more elegant clothes and a more discreet makeup and attire, we compensate during the night outings adjusting to that occasion.

The night outings give us much more freedom in regard to costumes, hair, shoes and party makeup. At night, we can play with trends, colors and materials, since the night outings are to relax and enjoy the way we want. After daily tasks, relax in a club or restaurant with your family, friends or a loved one is our valve and how to spend free time in the best possible way.

Party makeup

pretty party makeup

When we make up, it is not a bad idea to know some basic rules to hide what we want to hide and emphasize what is good and what we want to emphasize. He makeup It is there to embellish, emphasize and hide a little. When we go out into the night, we can freely use all our creativity. No matter it's the afternoon and we can go where the lighting is weakest, we can look glamorous. Adjust your style to make your party makeup more fun. Play with colors, stamps, use artificial lashes, eyeliner... Choose what you want to be: vamp, sexy seduction or a sensual girl.

Party makeup - ideas

original party makeup

Before doing each makeup you must clean your face. Use the haircut to remove the bangs from the face. The cheapest way to fight dark circles is by putting bags of chamomile tea that you will keep for about ten minutes. If you like to make up and do it often, in the bag you should always have a base for dust, powder, concealer, pencil for shadows and eyebrows, eyeliner, highlighter, mask, shadow and lipstick. Think about the costumes that you plan to use and make makeup so it does not seem incompatible. One of the classic forms for eye makeup It's the one with the smoky eyes. This form of eye makeup suits almost every woman, and if you can do it well, the result will be great. Arab makeup is also a trend that is always popular and combined with cat eyes. However, in this way, you must be very skilled in the use of makeup brushes.

party makeup trends

Make sure to emphasize your eyes, except for the shadow and eyeliner, with a mask, or even better with artificial lashes. The novelties in the world of party makeup are magnetic eyelashes. It is profitable to use them because a pair can be used up to three months. Its use is very simple and there is no glue. Of course, the way we make up our eyes depends mainly on whether they are small, large, or if we have a drooping eyelid.

trends in party makeup

In our gallery, enjoy images of some party makeup ideas and find your ideal combination. To obtain a glamorous look, the tapes are indispensable. The color red is to be noticed, definitely. The blue color will give freshness to the brown and black eyes and will open the view. Try a blue eyeliner.

ideas for party makeup

To properly apply the eye shadow, it is important to choose the correct shade that matches the color of your eyes, but also apply the shadow and eyeliner according to the size and shape of your eyes. The smoky style is a classic in the makeup world, it is ideal for all occasions.

Night makeup

Brave women wear eyeliner. If you're not very skilled with shadow brushes, check out several tutorials on YouTube and listen to the tips. The effort will be worth it.

nice evening makeup

The golden color is never less modern and unpopular. Everything is done to make your appearance look glamorous, be it in jewelry, makeup or costumes...

great evening makeup

Although the hot summer days have been left behind, the yellow color is still popular. In a way, this is an inevitable color in the winter...

eyes make up

If you draw another line of glitter eyeliner on the black eyeliner, you will make your eyes more open and fresh.

simple makeup

We are fascinated by the idea of ​​combining two different colors on the eyelids, one color on the upper eyelid and the other on the lower eyelid. The gold part in the inner corner of the eye will give it a fresher look but also a bit shy.

matte makeup

Matte tones are still very popular. Spring is coming, so the dark purple and red will be a great choice for the lips.

lip makeup

Very creative. The upper part is adorned with brightness, and the lower is in the matt tone with a bright line. You have to copy this because it is very tempting.

yellow eyes makeup

The black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn in 2018. Drag it to paint a thick line around the two lashes, place it at a dramatic angle or create graphic shapes with it; just do not draw a thin line on the lashes.

Eye makeup with eyeliner

The brightness will have increased its amount in 2018 if the tracks are an indication. Precious stones, gems and sequins are the new way to wear a bright look, attached to the eyelids and around the eyes with eyelash glue. It takes a little patience, but the reward of creating the statement is worth it.

eye makeup with shine

No wonder we are feeling that it is the best time to raise the brightness factor, we are here for this trend to remain long after the holiday season has arrived and gone. Whether it is a subtle shading wash on the eyelids, a thicker gloss on the inside corners, or a shiny eyeliner on the upper or lower lash line, you no longer need a special occasion to use the shine.

nice eye makeup

Are you looking for another simple way to raise your eyes without spending tons of time? Create a vinyl finish for your eyeshadow. We are obsessed with how some products can transform any shade to make it look damp. Just think of this as a shelter for your shadow!

A red lip

makeup of eyes and lips

Choose shades of cherry, brick or ruby, a murderous red lip will never go out of style. What's different for 2018? There is no need to make it the star of the show and minimize the rest of your makeup look. Do you want to have a smoky eye, highlight and highlight, and a bold red lip?

Geometric eyeliner

golden eyes makeup

For those days when a full-eyed look may not be in the cards, we are discovering new ways to use the eyeliner (not just its thin black line) to make a statement. Take your cat eye eyeliner to the next level by extending it into its crease for a more graphic design. If you are using a Kohl pencil, make sure it is always sharpened to get the most accurate lines, and it never hurts to have some cotton balls on hand to clean any stain.

Stroboscopic lip

makeup of lips and eyes

Although the Lip Strobes were released last summer, it seems that people are finally understanding why we love them so much. The iridescent pigments of the lip gloss focused on the middle of the mouth reflect the light to give a filling effect to the lips.

eyebrow makeup

Textured eyebrows that look natural and defined have been favorites on the runways of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Spring Summer Looks 2018. The tendency of eyebrows 2018 consists of creating textures on the eyebrows by brushing hair. This has to be done without them looking messy. This style works best if you have thick eyebrows to brush and create textures.

colorful eyes makeup

The beauty of mixing layers of shadows over the eyes can be a challenge. Color coordination can not be corrected, at least in 2018. Inspired by the beautiful shades of the sun's rays, shadows of eyes bathed in the sun will be a popular trend this year. This aspect will present colors like warm orange and yellow in a wax finish.

shine on the eyelids

winged is going to be one of the festive makeup trends. But then, it's not news to anyone, or even revolutionary in makeup trends because winged eyeliners never go out of style year after year we see the winged look that dominates the eye makeup game and is here to stay this year as well.

glitter and glitter

The inner corners of the eyes may be tiny, but they can create a great impact. Adding brightness to this area makes the eyes look brighter and more awake. It's the easiest makeup trend you'll see this year.

ideas with glitter and glitter

The long, thick lashes make your eyes look bigger and are so dramatic. Therefore, if you want to add some glamor to your makeup routine without deviating too much, this trend is for you. It is also great to create the wrist effect. You could opt for the false extension or the volumizing mask to give you the ideal look.

eyes and lips

The party makeup for 2018 should be brighter than the day if the event will take place indoors with light off, use a lighter face tone than usual. If the light is bright enough, the tonal media and the powder with a flickering effect will adapt to the festive version, but in this case, it is better to use dull shadows, the accent in the evening makeup, like the day , it must be in the eyes or on the lips.

ideas for eyes and lips

The ideal tone of the face is the guarantee of an intelligent makeup. First clean and moisturize your skin with cream. After waiting a bit, apply a tonal base with a brush. If your skin has noticeable defects, use a concealer. It will hide the visible defects, making the tone of the face impeccable. If the skin is greasy, use powder. A very important role in the 2018 party makeup is that of the eyebrows, especially without an explosion. The eyebrows must be neat, combed and well colored. In the evening makeup, the eyebrows may be brighter, so black and dark brown pencils are allowed.

colors for eyes and lips

If you decide to focus on the eyes, you can use the brightest shadows. Do not forget that the tones should be in harmony with the color of the eyes and your clothes.

tones for eyes and lips

After applying an eyeliner and an eye shadow, make sure they are highlighted with a mask or artificial eyelashes. The artificial lashes can be permanent (they last almost a month) or lashes at one time. The mask is applied in two layers, it is better to use a black one. If your eyelashes are not very thick and long, you can paste artificial ones for the night.

clear lips

If you want to highlight your eyes and leave the rest more natural, use pale beige lipstick or a lip gloss that is barely perceptible.

beauty ideas

The final touch is the application of rouge on the cheekbones. Blondes should choose an apricot, peach or pink shade with a little beige. For the brunettes, bronze or beige shades with some brown are ideal. The brown and beige shades with pink shades are suitable for women with brown hair. Redheaded girls need a blush of terracotta, beige or brick.

makeup ideas

We hope you have taken note of our ideas for a daring party makeup and according to the latest trends. Keep visiting our website to learn more news and updates, see you soon.

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