Outdoor games for children 21 ideas to take advantage of

Games for children outdoor children happy ideas

Today we have ideas for outdoor games for all of you. Play is the best of childhood, and an inspiring outdoor playground can give kids children Many hours of enjoyment. Many parents do not have time to get their children to play air free .

Fun outdoor games for kids

Games for kids outdoor badminton ideas

In an article published by the American magazine Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine almost 50 percent of the children of the United States do not spend an hour of outdoor play with their father or mother.

Competitive Outdoor Kids Games

Games for kids outdoor basketball ideas

It is no secret that an active lifestyle will help the growth and health of children. Children should spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Games for children in the garden ideas of a war with sponge balls

Games for kids outdoor sponge balls ideas

In addition outdoor physical activities are beneficial for motor development, vision, cognition and mental health. With the good weather they make in summer the garden is the ideal environment for children to unleash their imagination and spend all the energy they have.

Games for kids in the garden ideas of bubbles

Games for kids outdoor ideas bubbles

The garden is the perfect setting for children's outdoor games. We have had to live in an era in which technologies advance by seconds and our children seem to have been born with the mobile or the tablet.

A path with obstacles in the garden for children to have fun

Games for children outdoors paths obstacles ideas

Many times we are amused by the fact that our son, although he does not know how to read, knows how to watch cartoons or download games on the tablet or Smartphone.

Comfortable and original swings for big and small

Games for kids

There are many applications and games on the internet that can entertain your child besides adding the hours that are spent in front of the TV these things make them forget to go out on the street play in the real world and communicate with other children their age.

Ideas for children to cool off on hot summer days

Games for kids outdoor create rain ideas

All these reasons have inspired us to look for these ideas that you can see in outdoor children's play images. These are games that you know very well.

Why not do a football game in the garden

Games for kids outdoor soccer ideas

It is simply a little help a reminder since we have all played these games as children. Being aware of all the benefits that the game has in the garden or anywhere in the outdoors we can not waste time.

A war with balloons filled with water to cool off in summer

Games for kids outdoor balloons full water ideas

It is advisable to try to change the habits of the little ones and the daily routine that they have forcing them to leave the tablet and to leave outside.

One more idea to make outdoor bubbles

Games for kids outdoor make bubbles water soap ideas

There are many parents who think that if children are at home nothing bad can happen to them. This is a way to protect them.

Throwing hoops is a perfect game for the garden because you can not break anything

Games for kids outdoor game launch hoops ideas

You should not leave them without care, but if you have a garden you can combine the two things to take care of your child and spend a good time outdoors having a coffee for example.

A perfect three-in-a-row game for slab gardens

Games for kids outdoor chess three in line ideas

Overprotection is not good because when your child grows up he may become a fearful and closed person.

Very interesting balance and competition games

Games for kids outdoor games balance ideas

To make your child happy communicative and get tired enough to fall asleep at 9 o'clock invites all children from neighbors to play together in the garden.

The twister suit adapted to the outdoors

Games for kids outdoor game twister ideas

Let them run, jump and have fun with your favorite games or the ones you have proposed yourself thanks to our article today.

Options for gardening enthusiasts

Games for children outdoor planting plants ideas

Another good thing about outdoor play is that it helps children connect with nature and respect it. This connection and contact with nature can arouse your curiosity and your desire to explore and better know the world around us.

The hopscotch a very classic game that should teach your children

Games for children outdoor hopscotch garden slabs ideas

If they spend more time outside, they will start to look forward to the summer. Plus there are plenty of great ideas to turn your garden into a fun park.

An option of water play but very funny because the water is of different colors

Games children outdoors spray water colors ideas

In our article you will find the type of activity so that you and your children enjoy the summer vacations spending time together. And why not playing together since it is always good to remember childhood and what better way than a game of basketball, volleyball, hopscotch and so on.

One more option of competitive game

Games children outdoors jump sacks ideas

Those who spend playing outdoors with their children one day will possibly become their best memories and yearn for this wonderful and happy time. It is the best way to connect with your children and have a good relationship with them.

A tent in the garden to entertain the children


Now we let you review these outdoor play photos again and inspire you to spend more time with your children.

Playing volleyball in the garden

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