Original design playground - 7 wonderful examples you have to visit

original playground The playground is a very important part of daily life not only of the children small, but also their parents who accompany them inevitably. Of course children are always fascinated by all these fun facilities: slides, swings, slides and many more, but parents are also often attracted by the fantastic design of some of these places.

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It is not mandatory to be a child to entertain and enjoy the original forms and structures that designers have created to surprise us and immerse us in a magical world. The same magical world of childhood that all of us often long for and now, thanks to our own children, we can go back there for a few hours a day, even if only as spectators.

playground for the disabled In this article we are going to take you to some of the most interesting playgrounds in the world. Enjoy!


1. The Gulliver Park in Valencia, Spain

The playground in Valencia that bears the name of the protagonist of the famous novel by Jonathan Swift was built on the basis of an episode from the first part of the book. The huge figure of the doctor of a stranded ship is lying on the ground and tied with ropes entangled by the natives of the island called liliputas.

Gulliver playground

The giant body has numerous slides, stairs, ropes, swings, hills and caves. The playground was a joint project of the architect Rafael Riviera, the artist Manolo Martín and the designer Sento. The surgeon of Swift's ship here has little resemblance to the illustrations of the usual books or the actors of family movies. Thanks to its harsh facial features this Gulliver is rather similar to the figure of a Lego man on which children in the role of small liliputas can do their pranks.


2. The Belleville park in France

This is a unique playground for the amount of challenges it offers to children of all ages and skill levels. The most famous and popular attraction in the park is the climbing course that incorporates the natural slope of the terrain and offers a variety of slopes for children of all levels of climbing abilities.


For those who prefer more traditional play structures, there is also a large gym / playhouse at the top of the hill.

Takino-Hillside-Japan playground

3. The Takino Hillside playground in Japan

This amazing Japanese park was designed to develop children's interest in nature. However, many of the game structures bear no resemblance to anything else on Earth, but hey, making kids use their imagination is not a bad thing either.

Japanese playground The main theme of the playground is the nests and the most famous attraction (and the most beautiful) in the park is the rainbow nest designed by Fumiaki Takiko Macadam. In addition there are many other areas of fun in the park, including inflatable hills made of plastic and foam.


4. Nishi-Rokugo, Japan

If as a child you were a big fan of tires, swings and tunnels made with old wheels, then you would probably love Nishi-Rokugo, which literally means tire park in Japanese.


Virtually all gaming facilities are made of tires, including slides, swings, dinosaurs, bridges and more. There are more than 3,000 tires in the park, including some loose for children to pile up and climb on.


5. The St. Kilda Adventure Playground, Australia

This is one of the most popular playgrounds in all of Australia. St. Kilda presents a set of games in the shape of a submarine, a wooden castle and, most famously, a pirate ship.

St.Kilda playground

It also has a wooden labyrinth and an incredible view of the ocean that evokes marine life.

6. The children's playground for fruits in Sweden

Are you sick of trying to convince your children to eat fruits? Well, then, maybe with a trip to Fruit and Scent Park you'll see the light in the tunnel.


There you will find swings in the shape of cherries, a seesaw that resembles an orange slice and a watermelon gym. If you do not achieve something else, at least you will teach them how to play with their food.

water park-in-Poland

7. The water park in Tychy, Poland

Water parks are quite common, but this one stands out for its intelligent design and incredible LED lights that change color and transform the fountains in a refreshing way into a magnificent nighttime aquatic show.

water park-Poland

The park was created in the form of peanuts to fit in the natural landscape and avoid cutting the surrounding trees.

The monsters incredible of Monstrum

When it comes to playground designers Denmark's design firm MONSTRUM creates some of the most amazing and charming game patterns in the world. Unfortunately, if you want to see part of your work in person, you probably have to travel to Sweden or Denmark. These are some of the best works of the group:

Whale-blue-of-Monstrum The blue whale in Sweden This huge blue whale, the seaweed and the six smaller sharks entertain the children of Gothenburg. To go back down, they have to climb up to the slide at the top of their back.


The gigantic spider

For those who do not suffer from arachnophobia the gigantic spider is also a fun option, which offers children the opportunity to climb inside a playhouse equipped with LED lights, so it even lights up at night. Under the spider there is a large net that allows children to climb on and around the spider's body. The mushrooms provide additional play equipment and the largest one even has a slide. It is located in the playground of Brumleby in Denmark.

playground in-Copenhagen And this playground is designed to reflect the history of the neighborhood in which it is located. The playground is made up of three small houses, all painted to resemble the local housing complex, but built with an inclination to be more fun. The park has rockers, monkey bars, climbing areas and a rope bridge.

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