Origami with towels - creative ideas for all

Pretty design origami caramel towels

Have you ever Entered the room a Hotel and found Towels folded fit from origami ?

Origamis are very Fun to watch And maybe now you Is asking How difficult could be Create them . There is a lot of Ways in which you can Fold the Towels Creating shapes and are not As difficult as you think .

Origami with towels - 38 fun shapes

Pretty swan orange towel

Here are some steps to make a swan, one of the Designs More classy origami with towels but also one of the most beautiful. Start with Place the bath towel on a rigid and flat surface. Be sure to orientate it in a good position. Fold the top two corners down and inward so they meet in the center. Keep in mind that since it is not a perfect square, it will not line up with the bottom edge of the towel. Pull the two outer edges inward toward the center. The resulting shape should be that of an upward pointing arrow.

Original blue towel swan

Swan blue towel swan deco

Fold the resulting arrow into a Z. Make sure that the bottom two points of the arrow end at the bottom of the Z and the top point at the top. Set Z down and tighten corners to adjust curves. The Z should look like a swan. Repeat the procedure to form another swan whose neck can be attached to the first to create the shape of a heart.

Origami in the shape of a bunny

Cute bunny white towel deco

The origamis of towels in the form of animals can be great to surprise your guests or to brighten the hours of the bath to the smallest of the house, besides it is always good to learn new Crafts Who can later teach his own. Now we leave you with more images of curious origamis with different forms, enjoy the tour through our gallery.

Beautiful origami with animal shapes

Animal towel yellow flowers deoc

Folded towel in the shape of an elephant

Pretty design elephant deco towel

Folded towel in snail shape

Pretty design snail pink towel

Origamis of towels in the form of babies

Babies origamis towels colors deco

Folded towels in the shape of a pig

Piggy head towel red green

Dinosaur-shaped folded towel

Dinosaur decorative white towel

Pineapple folded towel

Design pineapple flower white towel

Origami in the form of animals

Original designs

Origami designs with towels

Original designs origamis towels

Folding white towels fan pockets

Two rabbits decorative towels

Two teddy bears colored towels

Great design swan towel

Great peacock origami

Super elephant towel white shape

Walrus deco white towel

Doll towels watching TV

Origami animal color marillo deco

Origamis animal shapes colors towels

Origami red flower shape towels

Original crocodile shape white towel

Original design teddy bear pink

Original origami towels deco bed

Original design frog deco towel

Original design flower color orange

Original pigs origamis towels benches

Original origamis white towels

Original mono origami towel

Original doll towel sunglasses

Original rabbit yellow towel

Original origami deco rabbit shape

Brown ears puppies white bow

Chicken animal white towel

Pretty swans of towels