Neutral colors - Ideas to incorporate neutrals in home decoration

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Do you think neutral colors are boring? Â In our article today we intend to end the myth that the audacious is better. Of course, there is always room for the outbursts of color in your life, but there are many good reasons to follow a neutral color scheme for your interior design. Check our ideas of spaces with decoration in neutral colors to be inspired.

Neutral colors in the interior design

Neutral colors do not have to be boring! In fact, a calm and neutral backdrop allows you to highlight some pretty bold elements in your design that would otherwise look garish. Then, leave this sofa red, at least for a moment, and first read this...


The monochromatic style is gaining positions in the world of fashion, but appearance can be difficult to create indoors. For many of us, the spaces in which we must use a few shades and especially the black and white rooms may be too sober.


Their interiors must lean towards a reduced palette, however, they must be attractive. When you have one or two colors, it is much easier for the gaze to relax. It is more discreet than a lot of shadows, but it can be more elegant and beautiful.


Sometimes you think you're creating a peaceful retreat with muted tones, but what you end up with is a beige and boring place. Effective neutral interiors feature many different elements, combined with subtlety, to create interest without color.


Get the right basic elements (like rugs, paints and furniture), but it's not just about filling your room with art, books, plants and personal touches this is about filling life with the use of these elements.


Neutral colors - Beige is beautiful

To find the right color for a room, inspire yourself with the same space. For example, if your living room has a beautiful view naturally, your gaze is focused outwards, so you do not want to add a strong color in the room that distracts you. The simplicity of this color keeps the focus on the people you eat with, in the views you have.


There is a special ability to get a rich looking interior with many layers, but using neutral makes it much easier. A natural woven rug (the bigger the better), for example jute, will help enrich your decoration, adding softness and texture.


Choose works of art in coordinated or complementary colors, and do not be afraid to expand your furniture and accessories. As long as they are in proportion to your room, few larger pieces often give a better effect than many smaller ones if you are looking for an aerodynamic and classic look.

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Seek balance When working with neutral colors in a contemporary kitchen, opt for glossy cabinets and sharp edges with more organic elements. The wood finishes amplify the beauty of clean lines while providing touch. A countertop or wooden table would be another way to bring softness.

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It incorporates color. Even if you want to keep your neutral scheme feeling clean and serene, you can not deny the effect of improving mood with a little color.

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In a relaxing bedroom or living room you can use bright raspberry colored cushions. The choice of colored curtains can also give life to a space loaded with neutral colors.

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Never get tired of neutral colors

Did you ever paint a room in a daring and bold color? If you did, how much time did you spend before changing it with a more tranquil color? Bold colors can not stand for many years, right?


This is the best feature of neutral colors: you will never get tired of them. The neutral will always be a classic. If you feel like the mood and decide that you need some vibrant nuances in your life, simply add some elements in a striking color or buy a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers.


Think of a neutral color scheme as an investment, which allows you to avoid remorse and guarantees an interior design that will never age. The interior design of the house with a neutral palette is a matter of philosophy and personal taste.


Create simple harmony

With a base of minimalist color, making the rooms relate to each other is very easy. There should be a harmony between the spaces of the home: the dining room, the kitchen and the living room. You do not have to choose the same color for each room, but you must have a subconscious feeling of continuity.


Let the furniture speak for themselves

Do not try to do too much to cause a stir. If you spend your money on furniture and good fabrics, you will get an elegant and textured feeling without the need for color.

The wood gives depth to any color

Anyone who thinks that a neutral palette could lack attractiveness should check the neutral spaces with wooden elements so that the space acquires a great bright energy. Wood is often all the contrast you need.


Do not forget the rustic charm. If you fear that your neutral design will deviate into a sterile image, consider incorporating unrefined materials. As for example cement tiles, stone, painted walls and natural wood to create the kind of contemporary rustic interior that works in any modern house.


Add some life The impact of plants in the home can not be underestimated. They have the ability to transform a regular scheme into a haven of tranquility, creating a healthier environment in the process.

A room designed by K Taylor Design Group


Do not fill your room with only small indoor plants. Give the full jungle effect with large flower boxes on the floor. Anything that reminds us of a tropical environment is fashionable this season.


Define with accessories

To avoid neutrals from becoming tasteless, it is useful to include a small delineation between the features. An example is furniture with a metal frame with dark lines or sculptural lights.


Work with the monochromatic style. Black and white is a combination that will always be modern. If you do not know how to revive a totally white space without needing a general change, begin to introduce elements of black accessories such as side tables, vases, carpets. Soon you will see that your scheme comes to life.