Natural stone washbasins a different collection by Miguel Herranz

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The bathroom is one of the spaces that should always be designed and furnished carefully. It depends not only on its beauty but also on its functionality. The sink is one such detail that can not be overlooked. That is why we propose a series of models that are not only differentiated by their shapes, but also by their material.

Natural stone washbasin

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It is natural stone, a material that we have already seen in different designs. Especially when you want to accentuate the appearance of the spaces. The series has been created by Miguel Herranz as we mentioned in natural stone for Nerinea using robotic machining to highlight the elegance and purity of the original blocks.


Something interesting is that a new vision of the conventional white oval washbasin is offered on a rectangular worktop, or column. The Essence, Flow and Erosion collections are adapted to the spa-like styles in which modern bathroom spaces are currently becoming.

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Just the words of designer Miguel Herranz give us an accurate idea of ​​the material and the project in general: 'Stone and water are an inspiration for me', explains the Spanish designer who has composed different types of minerals for sculptural pieces, including the Golden Noir of Zaragoza, Spain; Gris suave de Burgos, Spain; and Calacatta de Carrara, Italy.

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design, continues Herranz, who is also responsible for the creative direction of the brand.

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Changing the standardized form of the sinks, the Esencia collection is based on elementary forms that emphasize the power and volume of the stone natural. In order to look with absolute fluidity Miguel Herranz has created several fresh models with a slightly recessed base. This is a resource that allows you to rest on countertops of only 35 cm deep.

Washbasin on wooden furniture


With these characteristics it is necessary to mention that it turns it into an ideal solution for small spaces. Saving space and making the most of every square meter we have. In the collection Erosión, the beauty of the stone is emphasized with a sculptural gesture that evokes the movement of water and all its fluidity.


In essence the design of the sinks is based on elementary forms to emphasize the power of the stone, starting with its original volume, its strength and its essence. The friendly and accessible design adapts perfectly to all types of environments. The robotic machining of the piece highlights the elegance and purity of the original block, with its shape that reveals the natural essence of the stone.


Within the entire collection we started with Flow, we can say that it is a sculptural piece with surfaces that flow smoothly and harmoniously. In addition they are in a fascinating way, highlighting the practical characteristics of the sink and reflecting the light with a beautiful effect. The unusual design gives the sink a light and elegant appearance while providing plenty of counter space.


All surfaces and shapes highlight the practical features of the sink. With the combination of the light reflection it simply becomes a fantastic effect. Undoubtedly this and other aspects make Erosion a truly unique collection. The Erosion sink just with which we began the selection of photos emphasizes the beauty of the stone with a sculptural gesture that evokes the action of water.


This is because with its continuous action and step it gently causes the natural erosion process. This idea shapes the design of both the basin and the tap hole. This has a great relationship with Unique another collection that was likewise made from a series of pieces made of stone blocks where natural erosion has revealed Jurassic fossils in relief that are 150 million years old.


Something special and that will surely make these sinks central pieces that will steal the attention of any modern bathroom. Each piece of the Unique collection is made to measure according to the needs of each individual client. Chiselled in blocks with original and unique shapes with surface textures.


The pieces have not undergone mechanical processes to preserve their incomparable natural beauty. Pebble is another great model, remember the pebbles, molded by water, time and nature. There is no doubt that they are a true reflection of its long relationship with water. The pebble sink can be fixed directly on the wall or can be placed on top of a piece of furniture.

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It is complemented with a series of furniture countertops, shelves and variants that contain sidewalks and auxiliary cars. In essence, Pebble is naturally integrated into the bathroom, always related to water, such as pebbles. Now the creator details the style of work that we mentioned above.


The Conceptual Nebula is the name I have given to my creative process for product design, creative direction and design management. The Conceptual Nebula is an analytic-anarchic process that allows creating conceptual tools for real solutions based on the analysis of the three central elements found in each project: culture, industry and society.


Each individual nucleus consists of an infinite number of concepts interconnected that are full of nuances and often overlap. They constitute a conceptual nebula of infinite connections that unites the three nuclei within a closed circuit. I like to imagine the nebula as something three-dimensional and intangible in which all these concepts move and interact constantly and to observe how these concepts evolve over time.





Photos by Gerald Kiernan