Natural environment and a luxury experience at the EcoCamp Patagonia

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For the care of the environment there are several sites that do an excellent job. Parks dedicated to conservation are a great example of this.

The Torres del Paine National Park of Chile is one of the most amazing in the whole world. Equally famous is the Cordillera del Paine located on this site. With great wealth natural the valleys, rivers and glacial formations attract attention. Surrounded by all these wonders we find the EcoCamp Patagonia. Another space dedicated to the care of the environment.

Natural environment and incredible views

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It is not a hotel or a campsite in one hundred percent of the word. It is attractive for its composition based on a series of domes that encompass many tastes and needs. Starting with luxury domes suite style, standard lofts and a common use dome. To relax, the Yoga Dome dedicated to groups and individual classes is designed. EcoCamp's commitment to the environment is total starting with the use of energy.

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It is operated entirely with renewable energy and other sustainable methods. The supply of food is part of this concept using local resources. Added to all this approach to respect for nature there are other options for vacationers. From the hotel there is excellent access to cycling or hiking options. In terms of prices, a one-week stay is around $ 2,500. Otherwise there are no major differences in terms of domes and photos can be seen on the official website.

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The Domes Suite has wood stove heating, private bathroom with heating and terrace. The domes of the quadruple suite share these characteristics. On the other hand the standard domes have shared bathrooms without heating or electricity. As we mentioned for the meal there is a special treatment. Ecocamp shares the concept that the food should be of good quality for an optimal vacation.

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The entire menu is composed of innovative and high quality meals. Best of all, it is mostly made up of local ingredients. Achieving a rich fusion of foods Chilean, from the Patagonian highlands and the international.


The food at the Ecocamp is an opportunity for socialization. The groups eat together in the common domes, in the mountain huts or on the hiking trails, they are also abundant. If you have a special diet or are a vegetarian you just have to give advance notice. It is equally possible to consult the menu on the web.


The food is bought from the agricultural suppliers near the place. There is a wide variety of eggs, cheese, meat, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables or bread. The hiring of horses is done with the local owners of the ranch.


All the decoration on the other hand comes from local craft markets. This ensures that a fair price is paid to every farmer or fisherman in the area whenever possible. Ecocamp maintains a very close relationship with the community in terms of collaboration.

Environment and design integrated with nature


Beginning with hiring and purchasing or partnerships with local organizations. Especially those dedicated to the cultural and environmental preservation in Torres del Paine. The reputation gained by this beautiful site has been growing thanks to its ecological policies.


In addition to being leaders in the use of technologies of this type and the concept of travel. It is necessary to add the design of low impact and the continuous work to increase the conscience of the guests in the care of the environment. The whole philosophy is based on conservation and is evident in each of the actions carried out by Ecocamp.

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