Modular furniture for the redesign of small spaces by Bicbloc

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Many times space issues are one of the main limitations when designing or decorating our home. Today we will show you some examples with the use of modular furniture that take advantage of every inch. While they are achieved interiors functional and pleasant. Just Bicbloc creations that show that in architecture it does not take a large space.

Creative modular furniture with great functionality

modular furniture spacious storage

In a few square meters you can also achieve a comfortable life. Without limitation at all and with all modern conveniences. To prove it, the architects have redesigned a four-story Victorian townhouse in London in 18 square meter apartments with similar designs and a standard modular system.

modular furniture wood chairs

The design of each apartment consists of a group of volumes that cross each other. As a whole and with modular furniture each space includes all the necessary functions: bed, kitchen, bathroom and a large storage system. While all the amenities are configured as a large block of wood.

modular furniture sleeping area

The location of the bathroom is precisely ingenious, the bathroom is arranged as a separate space right next to this volume. To reduce costs and execution time, Bicbloc has designed the module to fit each of the 14 apartments in the building.

modular kitchen furniture exposed

The property also offers options for studio apartments, shared social spaces and a large back garden. Prior to the combination with the modular furniture the existing property consisted of a four-story Victorian townhouse divided into 11 bedrooms with a back garden.


The client wanted to turn the property into a new concept of coexistence to meet the strong demand for rent in London. At the same time it was decided to change the habits of life. The answer to these specifications was a high quality development that would work as apartments with service and that we see in the photographs.


Bicbloc managed to reconfigure the original design in 14 apartments of 18 square meters with services as mentioned above. As in every bedroom, the bed is the center of design in the options of modular furniture. Towards the double bed is accessed by a set of stairs that also hide a removable table for the dining room or the desk.

Modular furniture different storage spaces


A kitchen with a fridge, hob, microwave oven and shelves are hidden behind a pair of folding doors. The occupants benefit from a large amount of storage under the bed, side cabinet and additional units. Everything you need to keep the space organized.


Something that we know is fundamental when it is not a broad space. A bathroom with porcelain tiles with shower cabin is next to these main volumes. Each volume has been made from wood panels veneered in smoked walnut or black oak.


The uniformity of the volumes in wood It is complemented by an elegant tone wall clad in a contemporary design wall paper. Together, each detail brings to this space a high quality, warm, comfortable and specially ordered image.

Kitchen area next to the lower part of the bed

small apartment furniture style

Laura Encinas, designer and founder of Bicbloc studied Architecture Technology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain and completed her degree at the University of Vitus Bering in Denmark. In 2003 he moved to the United Kingdom where he studied Interior Architecture at the University of Oxford Brookes.


With more than 10 years of experience, Laura has worked in international projects located in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia in the environment of award-winning architecture practices such as Hamiltons Architects and Bogle Architects. He also has experience in high-end commercial, residential, cultural and educational projects.


He has worked in private commissions related to the marketing strategy, the brand and the design of commercial furniture. Including modular furniture solutions. In the two thousand and sixteen he decided to establish his own studio. It focuses on the development of spaces thought through imaginative solutions adapted to the end users.


As we have seen in today's example, the goal is always to improve your experience within the space. Her interest in the link between practice and academia led her to collaborate as a lecturer at the Metropolitan University of London. As well as at the University of Hertfordshire, and as a guest critic at the University of Oxford Brookes.


The studio offers a complete interior architectural design service that works as the main design consultant or as a collaboration. To all this the option of graphic design is added from the concept to the development in the necessary supports both physically and digitally.


In general, modular furniture helps create very refined environments. As in the spaces that we see in the images, they are perfect to transmit amplitude. The best of all is that without interfering in the order and style of our design. Areas like the living room are really unique for the use of these furniture.


Creating spaces or defining a specific environment. There are pieces that are used to compose a sofa that properly distributed do not hinder transit through the room. In practice there are many options that are easily applied even to bathrooms or bedrooms.


No matter the shapes or styles, starting with the modern and ending with the rustic. Each structure is part of a whole that is taken advantage of even for contrasts of colors and materials. In the same way, playing with the sizes, the result becomes surprising. Other advantages have a direct relationship with the decoration of the home.


As we already mentioned, harmonizing Styles and combinations of one or more modules. Following the ability to adapt to the size of any space. If you prefer to change the image of your home every so often they are the perfect solution. A change in the structure and the whole aspect can be achieved with a simple relocation.