Modern stairs made of wood, iron and glass for the interior

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In today's article we will talk about a topic that may be of great importance to people living in a home of two or more floors or for those who want to make reforms inside.

It is about the images of some modern stairs that we are going to leave you and a series of information that you can use to decorate your interior.

Modern stairs and decorated interiors

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The stairs can be of different types and with different accessories, by calling them in some way. Actually, the staircase is a constructive element that, when elaborated in a correct and appropriate way in relation to the interior, will become a great source of decoration.

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To be more specific, we are going to divide the stairs Indoors and outdoors and in this article we will deal with the first ones. Then, as you know, depending on the material used to make them, they can be of different types. However, in this article we will focus mainly on three construction materials for the stairs that are metal, glass and wood.

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In turn, we will also integrate the accessories of this interior decorative element that are quite important to give the final touch to the interior as the handrails, the landings and the shape of the steps.

Types of modern stairs according to their shape

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Depending on the shape of modern interior staircases, we can basically divide them into two groups that are straight stairs and curved staircases. Within each of these categories you will find a series of subcategories that will help you to better define the style of your interior. However, we will only deal with the two main categories because for the others it is important to know the constructive method that has been followed.

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The curved staircases are probably one of the most beautiful interior constructions we know in this area, since the oval shapes give a soft touch to the construction and contrast with the straight lines of the walls and the floor. Between these stairs there are many types among which you can choose and adjust to your home, such as spiral staircases, in a semicircle, etc.

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In addition, these interior staircases are very well in the houses that have higher ceilings, since in this way the construction of the building offers more space to the staircase and its forms. At the same time, you can choose the staircase of the material you want. A little further down we will see more in depth three of the different materials that you can use.

Modern straight stairs in the interiors of houses

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Another of the variants in stairs are the straight lines, where there are also several subcategories. At first, this type of stairs are the most used in homes because their construction is easier and, usually, are attached to the wall with a railing on the free side.

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However, the interior stair railing is a very important decorative element that we can not ignore. You have to bear in mind that this decorative element can have a completely decorative, functional function or its use can combine both terms.

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Normally, handrails that are glass have a predominantly decorative function because the point of support they offer when it comes to climbing is quite uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very possible that this type of stairs have a metal railing on the wall, when they are built near it.

The basic principles for the choice of modern stairs

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The truth is that modern interior stairs can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they are very elegant and encourage the decoration of our house, but on the other hand, they can be a danger if they do not follow principles of comfort and protection.

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The basic thing that you have to know about them is that regardless of the construction material used or their style, whether they are floating or not, there are a series of measures that will make them more comfortable and safer. The inclination of the indoor and outdoor stairs is very important, because if it is excessive they will create a steep slope that will tire us and the descent will be more dangerous.

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At the same time, the riser, which is the part of the vertical steps that separates them from each other, must be between 15 and 20 centimeters. In this way, when we lift our feet, we will not trip over the steps nor raise our feet excessively.

Creating our modern staircases based on the principles of comfort

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Another very important principle is the measurement of the footprint, which is that part of the step on which we support our foot. This has to oscillate around 28 centimeters to make it safe. Otherwise, we run the risk of creating steps too wide or too narrow, which in both cases are a danger.

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When the steps are too narrow we do not have enough surface to support the floor of our feet. In this way, the climb will have to be done mainly on tiptoe and the descent will be quite uncomfortable and dangerous, since we will not have space for the front part of the foot, which is what gives us the point of support.

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On the other hand, if the steps are wider, they will offer us a surface that is too large, which makes both the ascent and the descent uncomfortable.

The principles related to the height of modern stairs

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Continuing with the other construction elements, we arrive at the handrail for interior stairs. The height of this component is also very important and it has to be taken into account since it is the surface on which we will place our hand when going up and down.

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It is very important that your ground measurement reaches 83 centimeters more or less to avoid that our hand is in a too high or low position, in the best of cases. This decorative element can often be seen hanging on the wall on the stairs that are attached to it.

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On the other hand, you also have to take into account the height of the staircase to the ceiling. In the first place, the roof has to have an inclined position so that it allows to maintain the same height in the whole section of the staircase. The ideal measure to avoid the blows of head has to be of about 215 centimeters from each step to the ceiling.

A spacious modern staircase that guarantees comfort and safety

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Whether it is an interior metal staircase or any other material, the space provided as a corridor is important to avoid claustrophobic environments. Thus, stairs with a width of at least 65 centimeters will guarantee enough space for a quiet ascent and descent.

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In addition, this space will avoid shocks and waits when more than one person wants to go up or down. Instead, you have to bear in mind that in curved staircases, the width measurement changes, since there is a moment in which the circle closes and the space is reduced. Therefore, if you want a spiral staircase, make sure that the space of the staircase is not less than 150 centimeters.

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Another important principle that you should not forget is the number of steps. The stairs with more than 15 steps become a source of fatigue. Therefore, if you need more steps to create the unifying zone between the different floors, it is best to bet on the landings.

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This area will provide you with the rest you need to take during the climb and it is also a place that will help the aesthetics and decoration of your staircase. All these principles are very important and you have to take them into account, because as we mentioned earlier, stairs are a double-edged sword.

Modern stairs and different construction materials

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Once arrived at this point, you can choose the material you want and what will best combine with the rest of your interior. A wooden staircase for interiors will illuminate the interior space and also fill it with naturalness.

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Apart from the choice of material, you can also choose the shape and design of the stairs. Nowadays there are some impressive designs that introduce a lot of originality and style in the interior. In this way, you can create unique stairs that will stand out in your home.

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On the other hand, the combination of materials in interior iron stairs is also allowed, so you can also take a look at these decoration variants. You can use this combination on the handrails, on the steps or in the construction of the staircase itself. In this way, a few touches of metal will give a pretty fine finish to the interior.

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Next, we are going to leave you with more images of modern and elegant staircases that you can include in the renovations of your home. We hope that the information has been of great help to you and that you ensure the protection and comfort to your family with the principles presented.

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