Modern Outdoor Kitchens, Current Designs

Modern kitchens interesting idea two areas bonfire stones

We all like things Cool Here we show you some ideas for modern kitchens in the garden or the terrace of your house. People are constantly looking for ways to expand living space outdoors so there are new trends in home design.

Modern outdoor kitchens give you the opportunity to have a drink or dinner under the stars.

Modern kitchens with ceramic worktops are an excellent idea

Ceramic counter use black umbrella divide two spaces

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to outfit your garden , Backyard or deck to entertain and entertain hungry friends and family. Modern outdoor kitchens can occupy small areas with a bit more of a barbecue or grill but also come fully equipped with one or more grills, countertops, sinks, bars and storage cabinets.

Kitchens Dernas with fireplaces built with large stones are good option

Stone fireplace perfect place outdoor furniture pillows

There are several options for building the outdoor kitchen or whatever will be the base you can use wood or steel brick. You also have to think of a structure that covers your kitchen outdoors and protects it from the sun and rain. For kitchen countertops you can use materials such as concrete, stainless steel, ceramic tiles and stone. Appliances must be made of stainless steel or granite so they will not be damaged since they are outdoors.

Outdoor kitchen near the pool

Kitchens modern pool ingenious idea high chairs

There are a variety of ideas for counters with built-in drawers for your outdoor kitchen. The grill can be incorporated into the exterior walls or simply choose a stainless steel grill. The ideas that we show you will help you in choosing kitchen furniture, grills and bars will also help you in the choice of colors and the composition of the furniture. At the end you will only be able to enjoy your kitchen outdoors preparing a dinner for friends and relatives.

Outdoor kitchen with stone countertop construction

Contemporary kitchens table wood grill steel

Kitchen with furniture and wooden floor

Kitchens three areas spacious open wood floor

Kitchen with bar built with tiles and steel appliances


The interior and exterior space are used for this modern kitchen of Danny Broe Architect

Modern kitchens creative idea interior exterior

Contemporary wall mounted kitchen

Contemporary kitchens built in wood wall

Modern kitchen with floor in your garden

Modern kitchens floor black steel two garden spaces Kitchens modern spacious wood lighthouse outdoor Contemporary kitchens Modern kitchens fabulous fireplace construction protects Contemporary kitchens porch bar roof top light colors Idea kitchen outdoor furniture perfect steel