Modern luxury bathrooms, a whole spa at home.

Modern luxury bath-tub platform luminaires

In the bathroom is the place where we are alone and at rest. The idea is to feel completely comfortable with everything around us is its main charm. The modern luxury bathrooms are designed to give us all that we deserve today.

The design according to the space Is one of the fundamental premises of modern luxury bathrooms today.

Modern luxury bath tub designs

Modern bathrooms luxury whirlpool bath ideas

The reason is that today the bathroom is not that secondary space, which lacked personality or dynamism several decades ago. At present the details are well taken care of and included from pots with plants Even works of art such as paintings that enhance luxury. The technology on the other hand has led to the appearance of new functionalities such as showers with effect of rain or whirlpools. Oriental and industrial themes are two popular choices for modern luxury bathrooms.

Modern luxury bathrooms with pool view

Modern luxury bathrooms

In keeping with the industrial style, exposed plumbing gives great authenticity to space. Showers simulating rain or natural wood combined with porcelain give that oriental feel. The materials have also changed over time. Relief tiles are currently in demand, but the trend is aimed at achieving greater dynamism with the use of textures. The point of attention in the modern luxury baths gives the bath. Today they move away from those of rather classic forms with a more modern aesthetic.

Modern Luxury Bathrooms and Exposed Blacksmithing

Bathrooms modern luxury wood design ideas

The showerheads mentioned above are adapted according to space in a practical way when using shower trays. We can find spectacular designs that incorporate LED lighting according to the water temperature. Others with a more industrial trend with exposed smithy like the previous photo of Danelon Meroni. The variants are dissimilar and adjusted to each space or personal taste. The rounded forms or the most innovative sanitary can not be missing if we look for innovation. Take your bathroom to the next level and create your spa at home. Dare to adventure!

Designer bathroom with panoramic view and plants

Modern bathrooms luxury glassware plants

Modern bathroom with wooden floor and panoramic wall

Bathtub lighting modern furniture decoration

Example of decoration with orange in the furniture


Modern style bath in platform

Wood design shelves luxury modern ideas

Luxury metal bathtub

Marble bathtub modern crystal lamps flowers

Marble design with glass bottom

Modern bathroom glass marble design ideas

Modern lighting flower pots ideas

Furniture bathroom design bath plants modern

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Bathroom oriental decoration ideas whirlpool

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