Modern lounges with seats in lower levels.

Modern living rooms terraces modern furniture outdoor cushions

When we design or decorate either an outdoor space or outdoors we always try to achieve a greater visual contrast. Sometimes the patios or terraces to be completely flat lack a geometric appeal that allows us to play with the forms.

For today we are going to give a new air to our modern salons in the exterior with seats in lower levels. When creating modern and design It is about adding a level below the floor for creating a living room creates a cozy, private space.

Modern lounges on the lower level of the terrace

Lounges modern terraces wood plants garden cushions

This variant helps define individual spaces in a generally large area, and being at a lower level makes the outdoor living room the central attraction of the landscape. Exclusivity and comfort are the keys to modern halls abroad and our furniture Must cover these premises. A selection of large or other semicircular furniture would accentuate the effect of intimacy. Besides being ideal for sharing with family.

Modern lounges and seats at lower levels

Lounges modern terraces plants deck chairs design

Ideal for summer evenings or outdoor dinners, the seats at lower levels make our halls modern and unique. A magical detail can be to place a bonfire and design the space around it. The charm is captivating and we could say that even jungle. Lounges with lower-level seating are very common near the pool area. Although it is not the only place to locate them, it is an option that creates a center of attention that can not be ignored.

Modern lounges outside with fireplace in pool


For this case the entry point to move to the lower level may be one of the steps. A much more daring and modern design could be for example a wooden bridge. Also this other daring of the image below by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes If it is located in the garden a change of level may not seem visually striking, but the effect is achieved in the general context of the yard. Let's move to a new level! Give yourself a unique and just space for you.

Modern lounges with lower level seating in pool


Lower Level Seats in Backyard

Garden plants furniture outdoor design

Lower level seating with garden and lawn

Patio terrace garden furniture outside terrace

Modern furniture in lower level with bonfire

Terrace furniture wood decoration modern

Terrace with furniture in lower level and luminarias


Lower level in pool area with plants

Swimming pool terrace deckchairs modern cushions

Lower level seats with pool cushions

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